My name is Rachael, I'm 24, 5'1, a graduate of drama, an MA graduate of Journalism, Media and Publishing, a  NCTJ gold standard journalist, Cumbria's youngest Newspaper Editor (literally living the dream!) and a complete enthusiast of everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

5'1 is the new 6'2 started way back in 2012 as I hopped on a journey of finding out about fashion and beauty, during my time at uni, in Staffs.This journey made me discover a world I'd never even dreamed of before (I didn't even know what MAC was people!) and when I heard I plucked up the confidence my little baby blog, i was at the time, was born.

My blog is named in honour of my height being the enormous five feet and one inch tall - but, as my Mum always said, "who needs to be a 6'2 model to be a model?!" 

Back home I tend to get known locally as "the reporter with the red lipstick" - so living life in a red lip has become quite the favourable trademark for me and as they say "a red lip never dates".

During my time at uni, as I was based in Stoke (halfway in between Manchester and Birmingham) I've been quite a fortunate little blogger as I've got to attend some wonderful events and really meet other bloggers out there in the real world. Now my main goal is to get out there with my blogging, but in the base of my lovely Cumbrian home and discover what blogging adventures lay ahead for me here with my fellow Cumbrian Bloggers (Yes, there is a community of us up here - we even have a Facebook group!)

If you want to contact me I'm open to suggestions, comments, recommendations, ideas for blog posts or just general banter I'm always up for a chat so if you do get in touch I will always give my best to reply. I love hearing from all of you and each time I read I have a new message from you all I genuinely 'eek' with joy and excitement! 

I also have another blog called Counting Cows, which follows my life outside of fashion and beauty - which shockingly I do have.

Thank you for reading/liking/viewing 5'1 is the new 6'2! This wee blog and I have been through some incredible adventures together and we can't wait for more.

Rachael (With an 'ael' not 'el')