5'1 is the new 6'2 started way back in 2012 as I hopped on a journey of finding out about fashion and beauty, during my time at uni, in Staffs.

This journey made me discover a world I'd never even dreamed of before (I didn't even know what MAC was people!) and when I heard I plucked up the confidence and my little baby blog, it was at the time, was born.

The new 6'2 was started by me - Rachael - the 25-year-old journalist and newspaper editor from Cumbria (the proper north!).

My blog is named in honour of my height being the enormous five feet and one inch tall - but, as my Mam always said, "who needs to be a 6'2 model to be a model?!" 

I'm obsessed with red lipstick - and it's just my go to shade and as they say: "A red lip never dates."

Blogging really helped me discover my love of writing and definitely helped me on my journey to be a journalist.

If you want to contact me I'm open to suggestions, comments, recommendations, ideas for blog posts or just general banter I'm always up for a chat so if you do get in touch I will always give my best to reply. I love hearing from all of you and each time I read I have a new message from you all I genuinely 'eek' with joy and excitement!

Thank you for reading/liking/viewing 5'1 is the new 6'2! This wee blog and I have been through some incredible adventures together and we can't wait for more.