Friday, 8 March 2019


Today is International Women's Day 2019, so I thought what a better way to spend it than sharing the women who have inspired me and continue to do so.

First up is my mam, Florence:

Devastatingly, my mam passed away in 2013, but throughout the 20 years I was privileged enough to spend with her I learnt so many things. I learnt about unconditional love, support, kindness, strength, determination, tenacity, courage and - along with a helluva lot more than I could even put into words.

She was more than my mother, she was my best friend in the whole world. She showed me exactly
how a mother should be and how strong a woman can be and I'll miss he every day.

My sister, Becca:
When we were small(er, as we're both only diddy still) we were like chalk and cheese. But as we've grown Bec has become my best friend, my surrogate mother and a person who truly inspires me.

Becca is one of the most determined, strong, independent and courageous women I know. She's continued to be a strong source of support for me and she's been through so much and constantly shows me that we've made it through every life-altering and world-shattering day we've ever had and will continue to.

My best friend, Jenny:

In the 14 years I've never failed to be surprised and inspired by this woman. Jenny has always been a determined and amazing woman. Whatever she puts her mind to she can do from pole dancing to conquering the nuclear world she's head first in it.

Jenny is the person who decided to dive deep into ultramarathons - before even doing a half - and she's doing it all while planning a wedding. She never ceases to amaze me and I know she never will.

Of course, there are loads of other women who inspire me - Anna Quindlen, Marie Curie, Marina Ginesta, Virginia Woolf and many more) but these three are incredibly personal to me.

Recently, I was bullied to a point I was anxious and often suffered from panic attacks due to being overly scrutinised and I forgot what a good journalist I was and what a strong, independent and talented woman I am. But now I'm at a point of healing and remembering all those amazing things I am and I can do.

So, if there is women out there feeling similar to how I am remember you are stronger than you think and if someone is making you feel less than you are it's them that's wrong, don't let them think its you.

You are all amazing women and, for me, International Women's Day isn't about saying women are better than men, but just as amazing and should be treat equally.