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Since I was 15 I've been super in love with the 80s - a decade, being born at the beginning of the 90s, was always just out of my reach. But I loved it - the big hair, the colour, the music, the style, what an age to have lived in.

For February Birchbox have a great theme: Beauty through the decades – ‘True Beauty is Timeless'  and offering boxes themed in style of the 70s, 80s and 90s, though I'd love all of them, I was secretly hoping the 80s. On an initial look I just loved the design, the colours and vibrancy of it.
1 - The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow Trio - Love You So Latte (RRP £7)
I am caffeine obsessed - so give me a trio eye shadow with highly pigmented, dreamy natural shades with coffee extracts, I'm all there. I've LOVE this little trio, it has two shimmery shades and one dark matte shade. They all work well together, or partnered with other eye shadows.

Repurchase? I love the colours, but we'll see how long it lasts, if that's a while then it'll be a yes.

2 -ModelCo Conceal and Correct Green Concealer (RRP £14)
A nifty little green concealer can always be found on me as a make-up staple. This has been a nice little add to my, ever-growing, collection and works a treat. It really does what it says on the tin: reduces redness and brightens skin and it a nice handy size - but is it any better than others I have? Not sure there.

Repurchase? It is a good green concealer, but, I have LOTS of good green concealers and for £14 I may have to give it a miss.

3 - Luseta Beauty Coconut Milk Hair Mask (RRP £26)
ANYTHING to make my hair soft, manageable, shiny and smell of coconut I'm ALL for. The coconut milk hair mask was lovely to use and I loved the fact it contained no nasties and was rich with vitamins. My hair and I have a love-hate relationship and I always love trying new products, but as nice as it was to use, it felt too light (if a conditioner can?) like it had me questioning whether I'd used enough on my hair - but other than my confusion it was a cute little sample (also feel a bigger sample would've helped me get the full effect).

Repurchase? No, but only because I won't part with £26 for it - maybe if I get a payrise?

4 - LAQA & Co. B'Lighter Blush + Highlighter - Peacher's Daughter (RRP £12)
I fall out of love each Autumn/Winter with powder blushers - they do not make it through the weather, so I'm all for a creme blush. Truthfully I often go for one that's matte - but as I've been all for the glowy-dewy skin at the mo, this blusher/highlighter mix is something I was eager to try. It's such a gentle colour, easily blended and the shimmer does give an instant pick-me-up. On a more casual day (where I don't want to contour, highlight etc, etc) it's nice to pop on and feel quite fresh. It's not replaced any of my strobe-effect highlighters, but I think that's what I quite like about it.

Repurchase? Not instantly, but I am growing quite fond of it - so maybe.

5 - Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish (RRP £10)
I've tried Percy & Reed many times in the past - be it with a Birchbox, or Glossybox, or from a blogging event goody-bag. But I've never actually bought any. When I tried this I wasn't sure why either. Putting this on my hair felt super glossy, stayed in it's style for much longer so I was rather impressed. You don't have to use a lot, and it doesn't make your hair greasy (bonus). It also tackles any of those stray or frizzy stands (some people could've done with this in the 80s).

Repurchase? £10 feels a bit pricey, but I feel like it would be a good investment - especially if they weather decides this is it until June.

I quite liked this box - I think Birchbox did beauty through the decades well, and I was super happy with most of the products. I liked they hit the nail on the head with hair products - as with 80s I think of big hair (and thanks to these products minus the frizz). There is a couple I'd repurchase and some, unfortunately, as a little pricey for me.

March is up next and should be here next week - I endeavour to get the March review up much earlier and if you follow me on Insta (@RachaelGrealish) you'll know I've been venturing back into vlogging. So maybe an unboxing/first look video might be just the thing? Let me know what you think, share, like this post (if you do like it) and leave me links to your February box reviews - I'm always super nosy to know what other people got.

Ciao for now,

PS. You can shop all the products HERE.

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