Sunday, 24 April 2016

MAC matte lipstick haul

I was recently very thoroughly spoiled by my other-half when he bought me not one new MAC lipstick - but three! I was keen on replacing my ruby woo which, after almost a year of ownership and using her almost daily, is nearly all used up. But when I was looking I couldn't resist a few other shades. And a new lipstick meant a new lip liner was also a must - so they were popped on the order too.
From L to R: Kinda Sexy,
Steady Going,
Ruby Woo
All RRP £15.50 from MAC
Kinda Sexy - matte:
I fell a little bit in love with a nude lip a few months ago - as I wrote in a in March - but I lost my last nude lippy and jumped on the chance to try one of MAC's famous matte lippy's in nude. I thought perhaps I'd go for velvet teddy, but I really fell in love with the rosy undertones in the kinda sexy. It glides on like a dream and has a lovely coverage. It has a great no-shine matte finish and is really flattering on paler skin tones.

Steady Going - retro-matte:
Since going blonde I opted to stray away from baby pink lipsticks - I've had purples and red's, but no pinks - this comes down not wishing to look like a Barbie lookalike. But I've put my inner-fears aside, channelled my inner-Barbie and invested in this lovely perky pink lipstick. When you initially apply it you don't think it's going to be matte, but seconds later it has a super-matte finish and blends really well with a darker or lighter lip liner.

Ruby Woo - retro-matte:
This shade is my baby, my signature look, the one thing I loathe to leave the house without. I purchased my first Ruby Woo in London May 2015 (I know, why did I wait so long?) and since then I've adorned the red lip. What's wonderful about this lipstick is, it's vibrant, creamy and glides on easily, but it's super-matte and super long wearing. Partnered with a lip liner it can help you take on the world - or at least it's helped me give it a go!

From L to R: Boldly Bare,
All RRP £12.50 from MAC
It may be obvious to state but I got Boldly Bare to go with Kinda Sexy, Soar to go with Steady Going and Cherry to go with Ruby Woo.

It's not the usual combinations for these lipsticks, I've been told, but I generally have my own way of doing things.

Boldy Bare has wonderful dirty read-brown undertones to it which give an extra layer to a nude lip like Kinda Sexy. Soar also has brown undertones, but it blends well Steady Going, meaning just bringing how pink it is down a notch - without losing that perky fun of it. I always pick cherry rather than the Ruby Woo lip liner to go with the lipstick because I prefer the blue/purple undertones of this slightly darker liner. The slightly darker pencils line my lip's better and allow me to give them more definition and shape - which I unfortunately lack thereof.

So here's what they look like on skin.....

Also, because I ordered online I got a free sample of their primer:

MAC Prep + Prime Skin RRP £21.00
This was absolutely lovely to try! It boasts to be "lightweight gel lotion that evens out skin redness and tone while adding radiance." I'm not sure about adding any radiance to my looks, but it certianly was a lovely base to my foundation - which, after using this simply glided on beautifully.
I was really impressed with the lightweight formula and the pore coverage - I would go as far as to say it rivals Benefit porefection and L'Oreal infallible matte primer, and that's saying something!
I may have to buy it on my next pay day!

Well my lovelies, you've come to the end of my MAC lipstick haul - I love lipstick I really think a coat of your favourite lippy can unleash any woman's inner-confidence, so go on, tell me your favourite MAC lippy's and which I should go for next, cos' let's be honest I'm addicted!

Ciao for now,

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