Sunday, 6 March 2016

Reporter with the NUDE lip? Urban Decay Naked 2 and Stark Naked

I'm back my lovelies and for my first post of 2016 I've (VERY TEMPORARILY) traded in my beloved red lip in favour of a flattering nude.

I love red lipstick and I've become known, locally, as the reporter with the red lippy, now that's all good and proper but I fancied a change. This usually consists of a purple, pink or dark/brown red, but never a nude.

I was always a bit frightened of nudes as they always seemed so satin or glossy which made me look like I'd gone back to the days of 2004 discos where I, admittedly, favoured a shiny gloss - which now makes me cringe like no other memory.
Left: Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in Stark Naked and Right: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip liner in Naked 2.
But I recently came across the Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick and after many swatches I fell in love with they're beautiful Stark Naked and had to have it. Of course, I couldn't invest in a new lipstick without a trusty lip liner to match and made the wise investment of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip liner.

So what did I think, I head you ask?

Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick : RRP: £15.50
I'd been after a nude lip for ages but I couldn't find one that had a nice texture, finish and didn't shine. Having shiny lips is just not for me! I'd had a look at this one a few times, but after eventually swatching for the millionth time I bought it. It had such a cream texture and initially goes on as if a satin lip, but it has a beautiful matte finish which doesn't dry out your lips. The colour is very opaque, so no worries about coverage and it blends fantastically when paired with a lip liner. It lasts about 6hrs before I re-applied - bearing in mind I drink obscene amounts of coffee and tea in this time.

Would I repurchase?
Definitely, it's lovely and definitely competition for a MAC lip.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip liner: RRP £13.50
The staying power of this lip liner is second to none, it's fab. the shade I picked is ever-so-slightly darker than the lipstick which is perfect for slightly overlining the lip if, like me, you suffer having thin lips and dare not get lip injections for a fear of needles. Like the lipstick it's very creamy with a perfect matte finish. However I was slightly disappointed with usage; I feel it got two uses before requiring sharpening and as it's so soft I feared breaking it.

Would I repurchase?
Perhaps, it's definitely perfect for use, but I wasn't a fan of the need to sharpen so often. I feel like the value for money there is lacking.

I hope you enjoyed my comeback and my reviews. I'd love to know if you've tried these products and you have reviewed. Or if you can recommend any other nude matte lippy's and lip liners?

tata for now,

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