Thursday, 30 July 2015

Is it all about that Squinch?

As I was sat with a free lunch time, I thought I would do a quick post about something that's had me puzzled and giggling these past few days: The Squinch.

Firstly, I'll answer the question that's been on everyone's mind around this new found phrase: What is a squinch/squinching?

Too squinch literally means to tighten one's facial or eye muscles. But what does it mean when it's at home? Well a rather famous portraitist, Peter Hurley (The man who went viral with the video it's all about the jaw) has deemed this look the way to make you look most photogenic, and is completely different from squinting (something I only do when I don't have my glasses on). As apparently confidence lies in your eyes and where squinting takes this away - squinching helps you 'ooze' confidence (His words, not mine). It's meant to make you appear more attractive.

Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Karlie Kloss seem to be the advocates for it on the red carpet at the moment bringing out tighter more defined jaw and more prominent cheek bones. 

This definitely took me back to the days of watching America's next top model with Tyra Banks and her  'smizing' - smiling with only your eyes. 

How do you squinch then?
Apparently it's as simple as lifting and tightening the lower eyelid and allowing the top one to only drop slightly. Though, it literally took me half an hour in front of my mirror and camera to get a selfie I could deem as 'squinching'.

So tell me what you think, does squinching really make you more attractive? But please bear in mind, I'm no Karlie Kloss!

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