Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Beauty Aside: Perfectly Imperfect!

I hate my arms, I hate my bum, I hate my tummy, I hate my legs, I hate my nose, I hate my boobs, I hate my shoulders, my feet, my chin, my knees, my ankles, thighs, shins, cheeks, etc, etc, etc, the list is literally endless as I'm pretty sure there's someone out there that hates the slight webbed bits between your fingers and toes. The list really is endless of what people hate about themselves.

With summer at the doorstep there finally comes the moment to shed off the turtlenecks and put away those poncho's in favour for some short-shorts and a bikini crop top, right? However this can be a rather dreaded moment for women all over the world (and men), because whether you've been sticking to a strict regime of exercise since January first, or not, there is always something we dread to show off in the summer.

This obviously isn't helped by all those magazines we see with sexy ladies in they itty-bitty bikinis looking all golden and toned, whilst in reality we're sat at home possibly half a stone heavier than we'd like to be with the milk bottles beaming.
They were a bit on show, but why not?

However today, I'm not hating on the magazines or the models - because good on them for looking fab and having the confidence to be seen by thousands of people daily. I know I bloody couldn't - I'm angry about all the women, who're equally as imperfect as me, yet feel they have a right to comment on my body. I started a series of posts titled 'Knowing your Shape' - which are making a comeback soon (it seems the stresses of being an editor of a newspaper seem to come before my blog sometimes!) - where I literally couldn't give a sh*t what size or shape a women is, as long as she knows it, rocks it and dresses for it. And that is the only time I ever think about other women these days.

However, I was on a night out on Saturday and I was wearing a body-con plunge LBD, which I fell in love with. Buuut, I don't have the smallest boobs and I thought: 'Well if they're going to be out, in for a penny and all that!' So they were rather on show and I got some rather judgemental comments about my body. What gave these girls the right to? They weren't perfect, but I'm expected to be for them?

Me in my running kit; told you, I'm working on it.
There was also when I was bullied by my Fiance's ex and her friends, most of which are similar sizes to myself, but they called me all sorts of things and made me rather self conscious about certain aspects of myself. What gave them the right to? They certainly weren't perfect, but why was I judged because I'm not.

I'm not perfect, but I try my best to make the best of what I have. I'm 5'1, 9 st and 9lbs, wear a 32E bra and dip between a 10 and 12 pants as I have a bit of junk in my trunk (yerr, I cringed at that one too!) and don't have the thinnest thighs. But I dress well, ok, sometimes I now shy away from brighter colours (I'm working on it) but I won't sit and pretend there isn't anything I dislike about myself - But I'm working on it.

So I have one thing to say to all those girls that judge other girls' bodies and then sit thinking they're perfect - You're not perfect, no one is, in the slightest! But by being judgemental, you're not even a nice person. and to go back to an old school ground favourite - I can lose weight love, but you'll always be a massive bitch!

Just remember ladies, you hate you bum, someone would die for it. You hate your small boobs, hey, I'll swap you for a day! But whatever you dislike, remember those judging girls, they aren't perfect, they hate things about themselves too. Because no one's perfect, we're all perfectly imperfect!

So I leave you with a picture of me literally not giving a shit and just relaxing, all judgment-free!

Remember, you're not perfect: you're perfectly imperfect!