Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Channelling my 'Inner-Swift'

"I got that red-lip classic thing that you like" - Taylor Swift, style, 2014
After spending the day with my Sister, gossiping and browsing through older photo's I decided on a whim I should get a fringe cut back in (or bangs, whatever you prefer to call them.)- Well I say a whim, that and a girl we know decided that imitation was the best form of flattery and had her hair cut like my previous do so I wanted something different for that reason and for the change of season (even though it actually snowed the next day! It's meant to be April!)

It also turns out around the same time the one and only Taylor Swift had the same thought and got her's back in too - so I feel as though I've been channelling my 'Inner-Swift' with this blonde bob and bangs look.

I'd looooove to know what all you lovelies think - and if you have any tips on channelling my 'inner-swift' in other ways, because I'd definitely love to have her height and figure! Hahaha!

P.S. Sorry about dodgy lighting on the pictures - they were taken on Instagram's finest!