Wednesday, 4 March 2015

LOVELY, LOVELY LUSH - Face Care Reviews!

This is the second segment of my Lush haul review - today's is all about face care!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and Full of Grace Facial Serum.
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My skin is very sensitive and naturally prone to a blemish or two. So I need to take special care and attention when I'm choosing products to use on my face. These are just a couple of the facial care Lush products I've acquired recently.

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask: RRP: £6.50
Infused with Linseed oil, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla and Fresh Mint, this is like a relaxing, zingy and calming face mask that smells good enough to eat, but leaves your face feeling cleansed, soft, fresh and oil free, yet hydrated skin. After regular use, and a combination of other products I've seen a huge improvement in my skin.

Pros: Smells delicious, you needn't use loads at once as it goes along way, made full of natural ingredients, preservative free so nothing harsh is going on my sensitive skin and has really contributed to clearing my not-so-teenage skin.

Cons: As it's free of preservatives it's got to be kept in the fridge. Though this isn't that much of an issue.

Full of Grace Facial Serum: RRP: £8.25
This solid serum bar has done wonders and replaced my night cream. It's deeply moisturising, without leaving my blemish prone skin oily or dry. It's very balancing due to the blend of portobello mushroom and calamine powder, and leaves a delicate scent thanks to the beautiful infusion of fresh rose petal and murumuru butter, which also aids the moisturising effect.

Pros: Fantastic used in combination with other products, such as a base to the cupcake face mask, as it helps the skin absorb all of the amazing oils. It lasts ages and it's great to help moisturise skin overnight. Gentle on combination skin, acne prone and oil skin. Very balancing.

Cons: Probably only the price for me as I've had no problems with it so far.

I have a few more Lush reviews to squeeze in between other post's- as I'm spreading them out, not to bombard you all with Lush review; even though they are amazing and addictive products!

I'd love to know what you all think of these products! Have you tried them? Any similar products you recommend to me?

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  1. I have sensitive skin too so this might be a good idea for me :)


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