Friday, 13 March 2015

thenew62 takes on #RND15

Thnew62 doing something funny for #RND15
Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the day, every two years, when people across the land can get together and do something funny for money at home, school and work.

Here on 5'1 is the new 6'2, I'm pulling funny face selfies, with my red noses for Comic Relief. I've also caught The Great Comic Relief Bake Off bug and made some red heart shape cakes - all whilst wearing a classic red lip!

So, have you been doing something funny for #RND15 and Comic Relief on your blog? Send me the links! Now, just to watch Comic Relief and enjoy the evening - don't forget to donate though!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

LOVELY, LOVELY LUSH - Face Care Reviews!

This is the second segment of my Lush haul review - today's is all about face care!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and Full of Grace Facial Serum.
(Photo's Copyright of HAILE PHOTOGRAPHY)
My skin is very sensitive and naturally prone to a blemish or two. So I need to take special care and attention when I'm choosing products to use on my face. These are just a couple of the facial care Lush products I've acquired recently.

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask: RRP: £6.50
Infused with Linseed oil, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla and Fresh Mint, this is like a relaxing, zingy and calming face mask that smells good enough to eat, but leaves your face feeling cleansed, soft, fresh and oil free, yet hydrated skin. After regular use, and a combination of other products I've seen a huge improvement in my skin.

Pros: Smells delicious, you needn't use loads at once as it goes along way, made full of natural ingredients, preservative free so nothing harsh is going on my sensitive skin and has really contributed to clearing my not-so-teenage skin.

Cons: As it's free of preservatives it's got to be kept in the fridge. Though this isn't that much of an issue.

Full of Grace Facial Serum: RRP: £8.25
This solid serum bar has done wonders and replaced my night cream. It's deeply moisturising, without leaving my blemish prone skin oily or dry. It's very balancing due to the blend of portobello mushroom and calamine powder, and leaves a delicate scent thanks to the beautiful infusion of fresh rose petal and murumuru butter, which also aids the moisturising effect.

Pros: Fantastic used in combination with other products, such as a base to the cupcake face mask, as it helps the skin absorb all of the amazing oils. It lasts ages and it's great to help moisturise skin overnight. Gentle on combination skin, acne prone and oil skin. Very balancing.

Cons: Probably only the price for me as I've had no problems with it so far.

I have a few more Lush reviews to squeeze in between other post's- as I'm spreading them out, not to bombard you all with Lush review; even though they are amazing and addictive products!

I'd love to know what you all think of these products! Have you tried them? Any similar products you recommend to me?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

7 Deadly Beauty Sins - WE ALL DO!

We moisturise, we cleanse, we pluck, we apply, we massage; as much as we care for our faces, sometimes we forget that our skin needs that extra care and attention, put into our beauty regimes, otherwise you'll see signs of damage and age sooner than you'd like.

My Mam would often scold me for rubbing moisturiser to vigorously or not taking my face off before sleeping - saying I'd damage my skin, lo and behold Mother knew best and I do have the odd fine line at only 22 and I have pretty sensitive skin anyway,

To combat this I've been doing my research at what the 7 deadly beauty sins are, that as much as we protest, all do!

1. Going to bed without removing make up!

I used to be sooo  guilty of it it's unreal, especially after a night out. My Mam would always say, "Always take your make-up off before you sleep, to avoid getting spots, wrinkles and damaged skin" It's true, when you don't remove your make-up your skin is marinating a whole days worth of debris, dirt and oil over night. This can go into your pores and cause blemishes. You can also damage your eyes by leaving mascara and eyeliner on overnight. No matter how tired you are or how late you get in, remove that makeup and let your skin breathe overnight.
Quick Tip: If you're bad at remembering to take it off, set an alarm on your phone for daily use and if it's after a night out, set up all you need to remove make up when you come in, so you can easily stumble and remove the make up before the wine-induced slumber ensues! 

2. Being too rough with our skin.

Whether it's rubbing in moisturisers or eye serum pulling downward, pushing too hard, or stretching skin will only lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Your eyes are the most sensitive area. As far as science goes at the moment, we only get one set of these, so treat them right! When rubbing skin use small circular and gentle motions - to sound weird, act as if you were handling a newborn! This applies for over exfoliating your skin, you do not need to scrub yourself raw to be exfoliated- be gentle!
Quick Tip: When holding eye-lids for example, when putting contact in, use your fourth and fifth fingers to hold them since these are weaker digits, skin won't be stretched as aggressively

3. Infrequent washing of make up brushes

Another I'm admittedly guilty of! Many experts say once a month is acceptable, but theres many of us that don't even do it that frequently. I once left mine for two and a half! I threw a few out, after that admittedly, however imagine all you skin goes through in a month. Blemishes come and go in that time, so what your skin goes through, so do your make up brushes! I endeavour to do mine every two-three weeks, if I've used them rather frequently. But also don't wash them too frequently as you don't want to damage your brushes.  
Quick tip: Only wash the ends, don't put the whole thing in the water or you'll have more chance the hairs will pop out!

4. Over plucked brows

Now, I've never fallen victim to 'scouse brow' (a common term for dark, high-arched pencilled in brow favoured by some Liverpudlian ladies - apparently) but I have been known to get 'tweezer happy' if doing my own. If you think you may fall victim, getting your brows done can cost as little as a fiver. Also remember our brows are sisters, not twins, so don't get obsessed with them.
Quick Tip: Only pluck below the brow and not above, be gentle, and steam your face before, this opens pores and follicles meaning the pain will be minimized!

5. Shaving everyday and too much!

Cosmo says "The average woman spend 72 days shaving her legs over the course of her life." Seriously?! That's like 40 more days I could've spent drinking cosmo's! Or as Cosmo states "in 72 days, you could spend a summer backpacking through Europe, or even get married and file for divorce (hey, if Kim Kardashian can do it…)" They also said "We can shave your armpits 10 times in one go!" Woah! Come on guys, we may think we are but we're not that hairy! You really don't need to shave everyday! All that shaving can do some serious skin damage if not just irritation. If you feel like you're shaving too much think of investing waxing - it's honestly not as painful as you think!
Quick Tip: Use your regular hair conditioner as shaving cream - the hair conditioner makes it super easy to shave because it makes your legs super smooth; and it moisturizes your legs at the same time. This trick saves a lot of time, energy and money, and leaves you with super soft, smooth legs. Great if you have sensitive skin!

6. Popping Blemishes

Don't give me the 'I don't do that, it's gross' - we are all guilty of this, at least once! One of the worst things you can do to your skin is pop your spots. Not only can you spread infection under the skin, causing more blemishes to come out to the surface, but you run the risk of scarring. When you pop a spot, it stops being a regular spot and becomes an open wound, which makes it more susceptible to germs and breakouts. Try and find a good facial cleanser instead, it may be dietary why you're getting spots, or any other sins above! 
Quick Tip: Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated and find a good moisturiser that agrees with your skin. Use sparingly, don't slather it on!

7. Applying anything or just touching your face with unclean hands!

Like your make up brushes, think what your hands go through each day... think... now think of them touching your face without washing first! This is like an open invitation for all germs and dirt to have a party in your pores! If you're applying cream, moisturiser serum, make up - anything to your face, always wash your hands before hand! 
Quick Tip: Instead of directly touching your makeup, as in sticking your fingers into the product, pour a little out into your palm or scoop a little out with a spoon etc.

So those are my 7 Deadly Beauty Sins - which we've all done at least once! Try and avoid these for a healthier skin care and make up application routine! Hope these helped! They've certainly kept this mug going ok!

I'd love to know if your secret beauty sins are similar -send me links and leave comments and tips below!