Sunday, 22 February 2015

LOVELY, LOVELY, LUSH - Bubble Bar Reviews.

My First lovely Lush Haul
Recently, I've become very aware of my beauty products and if they're tested on animals etc - with this in mind I'm trying to cut down my use of products that may be tested on animals in place of cruelty free products - which gave me a very good reason to let myself loose in Lush! (This said, I must make a point now, not all of my beauty products are likely to be cruelty free and some I will review in future may not be cruelty free - but I am trying!) This is just some of the lovely, lovely Lush products I've been purchasing and reviewing.

I won't be reviewing all of the products in this post as that would be a lot of info to take in all at once, so today it's just the Bubble Bar's.

Right to left: Mother Superior Bubble Bar, The Godmother & Rockstar Soap Stack, Full of Grace Serym, Cupcake Face Mask, Bright Side. Bubble Bar.

Mother Superior Bubble Bar: RRP £3.75.
The first thing I noticed about this is it reminded me so much of a character called Finn the Human from my little brothers favourite t.v show Adventure Time, that and it really does smell heavenly. Mother Superior is from the new Mother's Day range and I was quite happy to have gone in the day of the launch a Carlisle and got this little madame before she hit the shelves.

Pros: It is such a cute, fun and cheerful little bubble bar. It gives loads of bubbles, an icy blue colour to the water and smells divine with floral scents with hints of citrus. The camomile gives a really calming scent and feeling, meaning you can truly relax. My skin ended up feeling really soft and there was no irritating to any sensitive patches. It last's about 3/4 baths (depending on usage.)

Cons: I had to break this little beauty up was my only con here!

Brightside Bubble Bar RRP: £4.75
This is a repurchase for me, I LOVE brightside. Not only for reminding me of my first "nightclub" song, but also because it perks up my day with it's invigorating scents and beautiful colours.

Pros: The citrus scent is really uplifting and invigorating, yet the gardenia extract allows florally hues to seep through and give relaxing and happy bath. I literally can't be miserable in a brightside bath. It lasts about 4/5 baths. Again no irritation to sensitive skin patches.

Cons: Again none! Always a happy chappy with Brightside.

I hope you enjoyed my little review on these bubble bars and I have influenced any future purchases, because I know I'll be buying these bad boys again.

Look out for the other product reviews.


  1. I think it is a wonderful thing that you are trying to cut back on product that test on animals. That is a very difficult thing to do (as so many companies tend to test on animals these days) - and I applaud you for it. Lush is great because everything looks cute, smells great, and works well!

  2. I LOVE Lush! I also really like the Bright Side Bubble Bar

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  3. Great post! Love all the products you mentioned myself :)

  4. I love their bubble bars! But the "honey i washed the kids" soap is to die for too :)


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