Sunday, 3 November 2013

From 'Beatlemania' to 'Honeymania'!

Honey really seems to be making a comeback this year; from Marc Jacobs' new Honey fragrance to Nuxe's Rêve de Miel enjoying the reception of their own and now The Body Shop has made me a buzzy bee (to be cliché) with their new collection! But I've definitely delayed my reaction and love for this for far too long; I have to finally express how much J'adore this fabulous product! 

The new Honeymania collection features honey-infused products such as: shower gel, soap, body butter, bubble bath melt's and even a perfume along with this perfect item: The Body Shop, Honeymania Exfoliating Body Scrub.

A bit about the products in the collection:
The Body Shop Honeymania collection is made with Fair Trade wild harvested honey from Ethiopia. It promises amazing benefits for the skin and the environment; wild beekeeping techniques used by the Beza Mar beekeepers works in harmony with the bees' natural cycles and so supports sustainability of the Sheka rainforest where the honey comes from and I pretty much love anything that'll benefit the environment and me all in one!

The Body Scrub has a texture that’s coarse enough to make me feel scrubbed and clean, yet fine enough to not make my skin feel raw or look red after shower. Though I feel scrubbed up and clean, my skin still feels hydrated, soft and smooth.
I expected the smell to be sickly, sweet and overpowering; upon using it I was pleasantly surprised that once I was lathering up with it, the smell was light, enjoyably sweet and almost that of like a honey blossom rather than a pot of honey.
It claims to to 'Lift away dead skin cells' and 'help stimulate skin surface microcirculation' - Upon using for over a month I have to agree! My elbows, knees and predominantly rough areas are a world of better! Softer than they have been in a long time. As for microcirculation; my skin feels revived since using this regularly. I can definitely vouch for the claims here!

I've really loved this, and I'm not someone that would've walked into a shop and instantly go for a sweeter scented scrub -I probably would usually go for a fresher scent - but this has been fabulous! It has such a luxurious high-end texture and smoothness that once combined leaves skin feeling amazing to help me start a day, get me feeling sensual for a night-out or truly relaxed for bed!
So, would I repurchase? Oh I intend to! That and a few other products from the range! I definitely want to try their body butter and maybe even a whiff of the perfume please!

Two years ago there was a completely bizarre honey scandal; where China was 'Honey Laundering' then there was the case of the bees disappearing. So honey seemed to slip out of the limelight, but it's great honey has now made it's 'comeback' into the consciousness of the public and even better that we're recognising the benefits of honey again and getting it from places that's benefiting the environment!

So have you tried any products from Honeymania? What's your favourites?



  1. This sounds so gorgeous! I have my eye on a few things from the Body Shop at the moment so I think I'll have to do a little online order, with this included! xo

  2. I have the shower gel and perfume from this range and I love them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. I saw this at my local Body Shop a while ago and I thought Id love it but I didn´t. Dunno why though cause I love honey scented things...
    I will have to go and try it again cause I think I had been sniffing too many other products at the store and my nose was a bit numb from that ;)


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