Friday, 11 October 2013

Body Shop: Smoky Eye Effect

Autum/Winter 2013 is all about wine lips, eye grazing fringes and of course autumn smoky eyes! BodyShop is bang on trend with this and they asked me to create a how-to video and written blog where I create a smoky eye effect using the colours and shades that are on trend for this A/W13. Brown's, chocolates, cream's and metallics are perfect for creating an autumn smoky eye.

And that's what Body Shop supplied me with: 8 Eye shadows in matte's, shiny's and metallics. 2 eye liners, 1 liquid and the other pencil with a smudger at the other end, an illuminating touch concealer and to top it off a brilliant Mascara.

But most importantly here's how I created this look with a 10 step system!

Step 1: 
I used the illuminator as an eye primer and covered the whole lid, up to the brow bone. This was to create and even surface to work with.
Step 2: 
Using 'Sand By Me' I covered over where I used illuminator, to create an all over even base colour, because I have freckles and pigmented skin. I used a blending brush to give a simple quick all over. 
Step 3:
Using 'Chocolate Linger' I covered the lower lid, up to the crease using a shading brush. Then using a blending brush I brushed the colour diagonally towards the end of my eye brows to start with the smoky look. This also helps open more hooded eyes.
Step 4: 
Apply 'Coconuts about you' with a shading brush along the crease but not on the diagonal. Then use the angle brush to apply the same colour 3/4 away across the bottom lid - usually to the other side of your iris.
Step 5: 
When starting with the metallic's you don't want to go too heavy so I first applied 'Melt my heart' along with 'Coconuts about me' along the crease, but instead of stopping, carry on up the diagonal. For this I used my shading brush.
Step 6: 
Using my Lip brush (yes a lip brush) along the eye line I applied 'Bronze Bliss' the creamiest and gorgeous metallic bronze. Then using the smudger on the end of the enliner smudges it up the diagonal.
Step 7: 
To create a high-lightened brow bone, I applied 'Golden Girl' with a blending brush, then swept in once over the whole lid - Lightly, very light I hasten to add. You don't want to ruin your handy work!
Step 8: 
With an angled brush, using 'Oh, Honey' I illuminated the water line and the corner of my eye to open the eye. This is important to do if you have hooded eyes.
Step 9: 
With the liquid liner, give a thin line across the top lid, but don't go into the diagonal - yet! Then using the eye pencil lined 3/4 of the bottom lid. Then use the smudger once more to create a smoky look and pull some the black liners into the diagonal for extra smokiness!
Step 10:
Simply finish off by adding a spritz of fabulous mascara and you're set for the night with this smoky look!

The Colour Crush eye shadows were perfect to create a smoky eye effect. They're creamy, highly pigmented and have an amazing staying power of a high end product, for an affordable price. But mos importantly they're completely ethical! They don't test on animals - yes I simply had to add that bit in!

Easy, simply and perfect for autumn/winter13 and all from Bodyshop!


  1. Such an amazing look! I'm going to have to try this out!

    Emma x

  2. ♥ BEAUTIFUL look! It looks awesome!


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