Saturday, 19 October 2013


Cardi: Primark
Top: Primark
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Newlook
Clutch: Primark
Necklace: Topshop
I thought I'd catch-up with you all and show you what I've been rocking on a night out recently!

I'm usually more of a Dress or skirt lady when it comes to dressing up for a night out, but I decided to go for a smart-casual look for my besties 21st. I basically had no idea what to wear, so after hours of trawling round the shops, in true 'Rachael style' I ended up going for clothes I already had at home - typical!

This is just a wee #OOTN I put together. The trousers were a brill Topshop buy. I turned up the bottoms - partially because I'm short, and I quite like the turned up trousers look. The top was quite the impulse buy when I was in Glasgow for another friends 21st and realised I'd forgotten my 'going out' outfit (I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached) and I thought it looked chic, expensive, but truthfully cost me the whole of £5!

I thought the outfit needed a statement piece necklace so I picked up this tin-whistle looking necklace from Topshop for £15 (with 20% off)  and added another Primark piece in the form of the stylish yet affordable clutch. I know, I have so many bag's, but it was £4 so I couldn't say no, and it fit's sooooooo much in!

I finished off with a pair of peep-toe wedges and a la'al cardi that was my Mam's. Along with the butterfly top, the bracelet's she gave me and her cardi - it was certainly a 'Florence inspired' outfit! (Florence being my Mam!)

So, what do you all think of my smart-casual look for a night out? I also used this look, minus cardi and plus blazer for for a job interview and got the job - so it's a versatile look - which is always my favey!

What's your take on 'Smart Casual'?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Body Shop: Smoky Eye Effect

Autum/Winter 2013 is all about wine lips, eye grazing fringes and of course autumn smoky eyes! BodyShop is bang on trend with this and they asked me to create a how-to video and written blog where I create a smoky eye effect using the colours and shades that are on trend for this A/W13. Brown's, chocolates, cream's and metallics are perfect for creating an autumn smoky eye.

And that's what Body Shop supplied me with: 8 Eye shadows in matte's, shiny's and metallics. 2 eye liners, 1 liquid and the other pencil with a smudger at the other end, an illuminating touch concealer and to top it off a brilliant Mascara.

But most importantly here's how I created this look with a 10 step system!

Step 1: 
I used the illuminator as an eye primer and covered the whole lid, up to the brow bone. This was to create and even surface to work with.
Step 2: 
Using 'Sand By Me' I covered over where I used illuminator, to create an all over even base colour, because I have freckles and pigmented skin. I used a blending brush to give a simple quick all over. 
Step 3:
Using 'Chocolate Linger' I covered the lower lid, up to the crease using a shading brush. Then using a blending brush I brushed the colour diagonally towards the end of my eye brows to start with the smoky look. This also helps open more hooded eyes.
Step 4: 
Apply 'Coconuts about you' with a shading brush along the crease but not on the diagonal. Then use the angle brush to apply the same colour 3/4 away across the bottom lid - usually to the other side of your iris.
Step 5: 
When starting with the metallic's you don't want to go too heavy so I first applied 'Melt my heart' along with 'Coconuts about me' along the crease, but instead of stopping, carry on up the diagonal. For this I used my shading brush.
Step 6: 
Using my Lip brush (yes a lip brush) along the eye line I applied 'Bronze Bliss' the creamiest and gorgeous metallic bronze. Then using the smudger on the end of the enliner smudges it up the diagonal.
Step 7: 
To create a high-lightened brow bone, I applied 'Golden Girl' with a blending brush, then swept in once over the whole lid - Lightly, very light I hasten to add. You don't want to ruin your handy work!
Step 8: 
With an angled brush, using 'Oh, Honey' I illuminated the water line and the corner of my eye to open the eye. This is important to do if you have hooded eyes.
Step 9: 
With the liquid liner, give a thin line across the top lid, but don't go into the diagonal - yet! Then using the eye pencil lined 3/4 of the bottom lid. Then use the smudger once more to create a smoky look and pull some the black liners into the diagonal for extra smokiness!
Step 10:
Simply finish off by adding a spritz of fabulous mascara and you're set for the night with this smoky look!

The Colour Crush eye shadows were perfect to create a smoky eye effect. They're creamy, highly pigmented and have an amazing staying power of a high end product, for an affordable price. But mos importantly they're completely ethical! They don't test on animals - yes I simply had to add that bit in!

Easy, simply and perfect for autumn/winter13 and all from Bodyshop!

Monday, 7 October 2013


I know, I've been a bad #blogger i.e completely AWOL from the blogosphere, but I've had a bit to deal with: being a reporter, going back to uni, a trip to Istanbul and of course setting up my lifestyle blog Pits to Pots! But I'm back with the cutest Lush haul ever! 

Argh, I can't believe I'm saying it's coming up to that time of year again, but it is and Lush have released their A/W collection, meaning I get all my goodies from last year, plus some I haven't seen before!

  1. The Christmas Penguin: Modelled on the smallest penguins in the world, from Philip Island, Australia, this isn't just cute, but smells amazing. It's infused with Sicilian Lemon Oil, which smells divine and not pungent. It's a fruity smell that I can't wait to bubble up, but I'll be sad to let Pop go!
  2. Candy Mountain: 'Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie' this not only reminds me of my childhood and 'shuuunning the non-believers' but it looks like it was shat by a pretty mythical unicorn - but fortunately smells gorge and is positively sparkly that'll hopefully give me a wonderful christmassy feel!
  3. Magic Wand: Arrrgh my Magic Wand is BACK! This is positively my favourite bubble bar - partly because it's the most wonderful smell and mainly because it's a bloody wand! What (sensible) adult can buy a wand for themselves without looking like a nutter?? Well I can once again! This will certainly be bought a few (or ten) more times before the season is out!
  4. The Melting Snowman: This is truly the only snowman in winter. This is another lil' treat I've been waiting to come back around, it makes your bath smell edible due to the almond oil, chocolate drop's and cinnamon leaf oil! NomNomNom!
  5.  Pumkin: Just to give myself an excitement for Halloween and to help me sleep as it's beautifully infused with Ylang Ylang oil - meaning I'll be of to bore-bores after this!
  6. Snow Globe: Another yearly purchase, I LOVE this soap, it's refreshing with it's fruity grapefruit scent and really gives you the get up and go for a dark winter morning. Why I loved it was because even with my sensitive skin it didn't dry my skin, it made me feel refreshed and hydrated.
Well, I have officially started my own Christmas countdown by indulging in Lush goodies a month or  two early- but this has also made me excited to start looking for other Christmas goodies! I do apologise for my lack of posting for a while, but I've got a few idea's, hauls, and reviews ready to go!

Have you picked up and Lush Halloween or Christmas goodies yet? Which one's. I'd love to know what you'd recommend?


P.S. Don't forget to check out my new blog Pits to Pots all about the comical, tragic and hopefully interesting scattered thoughts of a Twentysomething...