Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Perfect Smooth Curls? Hello Mr.Frieda!

When you've got natural curls like me, that tend to tangle and your mane needs some taming; you're always on the look out for something to keep the beast at bay. I've always been impressed with John Frieda as a brand. So when I was approached to test some products to use I couldn't say no!

I received full size products: John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner - both retailing at £5.99 each at Boots. I also received the John Frieda Dream Curls Enhancing Oil - which at Boots retails at £9.99. I've always thought highly of John Frieda products and I was sure that with these I wasn't going to be disappointed...

Initial thoughts?

Upon first using the shampoo and conditioner I was rather impressed. You didn't need to use much shampoo to create a lather and upon using it, it didn't leave a heavy residue after. The conditioner was also something we didn't need much of to cover my hair from mid-length to ends. It left my hair feeling soft and feeling more hydrated. The smell of my shampoo/conditioner is something that's important to me, so I was pleasantly surprised with this. It smells rather luxurious... It's hard to describe, but it was fruity or young and has a nice sleek shine to it...

The dream curls was a shocker. I'm ALWAYS sceptical about products that claim to tame curls. But It had quite an instant change. My curls were slightly more defined than usual and any frizz was definitely tamed. The oil felt really luxurious to apply to my hair. It was thicker than a usual hair oil. Think the thickness of macadamia or argan oil', but along with being thick it drag down my hair or add any heaviness; it in't a sticky oil and felt lightweight on my hair.

After a couple of weeks?

After using it for a few weeks there was definite improvement in my hair. It felt smoother and I found the needs to adjust the curls the straighteners after drying less necessary! To sound cliche my hair does feel healthier. Plus theres lots of less flyaways when styling my hair. I've also noticed that my dip-dye hair is less coarse than usual - even without a serum applied after washing. It's seriously hydrated my hair since using - also I've found that I my hair doesn't get greasy as easily in between washes... Highly impressed....

I would definitely recommend these products for someone that has wavy, curly or frizzy hair and needs it tamed. I also tried the dream curls it on a friend who has naturally straight hair and was wanting curly hair on a night out; she was impressed how she felt it helped keep the curls for longer, rather than dropping. The lightweight feeling of the products was one of the best things. it meant that curls have more of chance of maintaining without dropping under the weight.

Will I repurchase?

Definitely! It's been a treat, I've still got LOADS left, so it's good value for money. It seems like a really high-quality product, that could be on any high-end shelf along with the likes of Bumble and Bumble or Ojan, but with a fraction of the price - so great for bargain hunting students like myself!

So if you're looking for either natural or created perfect smooth curls, with high-end quality, but for drugstore prices, John Frieda is definitely something I'd recommend for you to try!

Have you tried any of these John Frieda Products? 


  1. You are too cute. I love your hair! Mine's just straight... lol. I've tried one of the John Frieda serums, but it was a while back, and I can't remember what it was called. I know I liked it though!

  2. I love john frieda products, especially his frizz-ease line, it's an absolute life saver for me, my hair's crazy! Very jealous that you got the opportunity to try these!

  3. nice hairstyle !! :)
    maybe you check out my blog too

  4. I have tried quite a few JF products and I have always liked them - I will have to go these a go :) x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  5. I adore your hair :) It is so darn pretty and you look so adorable :)
    I need to see if I can find those products cause my hair gets crazy frizzy :/

  6. Your hair is beautiful!!!! I am very jealous- sadly my hair is extremely flat!!!


  7. Love your hair and I'm glad to hair the amazing benefits of this product. Definitely going to try it out soon :)


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