Monday, 19 August 2013


I was really surprised and excited when I got an email from the Sports Direct team asking if I would be happy to receive a product or two and then write a review? Happy to? I was thrilled; any excuse to induldge in some new swimwear... Especially with my holibob's just around the corner.

So here's what I got:
Left: Ocean Pacific Swim Shorts (RRP: £3.50)
Right: Ocean Pacific Swim Dress (RRP: £9.99)

I received the Ocean Pacific Swim Dress and the Ocean Pacific Swim Shorts, (which are high-waisted) which are both from their Ladies Swimwear Collection.

Firstly, I was really impressed with the postage. It was really quick and efficient. Next, of course was the products themselves. When I fist looked at the Swim dress online, it didn't mention a built-in bikini bottom's, so I was more than chuffed when I realised it had one! This is a perfect one piece for any last minute holidays this year. The dress hides a multitude of sins, and slims out any shapes. The shape and style is also very vintage-esk! It's perfect for a beach holiday, starlight from the beach to the bar in two shakes! I'll be styling it with some simple pieces and of course a pair of peep-toe wedges to turn this into a slimming gorgeous piece for any holiday.

Then you've got the high-waisted bikini shorts! I LOVED high-waisted shorts for this summer. These have a thick band, slimming out any tum's, but can be folded down to create a regular bikini look, or unfolded to give a high-waisted edge. I paired with a Bikini crop-top and a pair of high waisted jean shorts and a kimono - perfect if you're going to do some culture hunting - like I will be in Istanbul - or going for a girly cocktail on the beach bar!

I've been really impressed with Sports Direct. They're Ladies Swimwear is cost effective and high-quality, as the swim dress was perfect for a family fun day at Waterworld as well as my usual aqua-fit - where I got loads of compliments! The High-waisted lasted me a few miles in the pool, effectively staying on and not sliding down my bum and survived a windy day at the beach - so I say overall a great investment... I can't wait to be lounging by a Turkish pool with these babies on!

Tell me what you think of these lil beauties... Have you purchased from Sports Direct? If not take a peek at their 'Ladies Swimwear'.... 


  1. Hey!

    Well done at getting to review sports direct products! That's amazing.

    Love the high waisted bikini too :)

  2. Love them!

  3. These swimsuits are very beautiful ! :)

    from France :)

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  5. I like high waisted shorts too. I'm a tiny bit taller than you, I'm 5'1 and a half ;) lol, xoxo.

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  7. Can't believe they gave a fat bitch like you swim wear - at least it was high-waist, we don't need to see them wobbles! PAHAHAHA hilarious the idea you go to an aqua fit! Love how you got 'compliments' off who? Your mum? cos she's the only one that would love you and look what happened to her! Finally some karma - you tried to take things from people she was 'taken' from you. Basically you get what you deserve!

    1. Wow what a nasty, sad little person you are. If you believe in karma so much you should watch your mouth!!!!

      Lovely post, and lovely blog! Ignore sad little individuals like this!


  8. LOVE high waisted bottoms too, these suit you and that dress is too cute. Dont listen to the girl above- haters gonna hate.

    Ruth x


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