Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Whilst out shopping, I went on a search for the new Maybelline Babylips, I was dying to try the Lip Balms that colour lips like a lipstick - now they'd finally been released in England - But, I was all out of luck as they weren't in any shops... But when I was looking I came across the new Maybaeline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipsticks... These beautiful bright's reminded me of my MAC Up the Amp, bright and eye catching, so I definitely had to try one... I originally wanted Hot Plum, as it was sooo similar to my MAC (UTA), so I left it, then I wanted Electric Orange, but it was out of stock (boo)... Then this gorgeous coral caught my eye.. After a million swatches and a pink/coral/red stained hand it was mine...

It's a brilliant summer colour, highly pigmented with pink and orange which gives a vivid opaque colour from the first glide. I loved the range of vivid bright colours available in this collection, which, in my opinion is bang on trend this season. I loved how the cute sleek packaging gives a high end look, but you don't have to worry about breaking it or getting it grubby for the more affordable price, plus the outer shell of the lipsticks vary in colour depending on the bright shade, i.e they pretty much match... so you don't have to open them up to tell which you've picked up... (Or maybe that's just me being lazy and picky?!)

Infused with honey nectar it nourishes lips with a creamier feel when applying. It gives a hydrating feel like a balm, but with a stunning vivid lippy colour. It doesn't bleed and doesn't dry your lips even after 6 hours of wearing. It gave a long lasting and gloss like finish. My favourite thing has got to my lip biting didn't fade it! I tend to bite my lips, as thought not many people notice my two front teeth are bigger, so I was chuffed when I found I was doing this I didn't actually have to reapply! The only thing I would want to improve is the orange pigments; I expected more orange pigmentation for a coral, though with two applications the bright vivid shade last's ages...

Long lasting opaque vivid colour.
Sleek high-end-looking case.
Nourishes and hydrates lips due to the nectar infusion.
Highly pigmented.
Slow fading on the brightness of the colour.

I would've liked more orange pigmentation in a coral colour...

It's a fantastic lippy and really does remind me of the MAC brights, when it comes to opaque colouring, pigmenting and time scale, but for half the price, meaning it's a right bargain... I'll definitely going back and buying the orange online as I'm dying for an orange this season...

Tell me what you think of this Shocking Coral, and if it a colour your looking for to brighten up your lips? Have you tried Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids? If so which would you recommend for me? Tell me your thoughts....



  1. Saw your link on Twitter. You're gorgeous! I love this lip color as well. I do agree great things come in small packages - as I am 4'10" ;). Love your blog!

    A Beauty Moment

  2. such a pretty colour! suits you!

    new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  3. You are just so gorgeous!! i love this color on you! its perfect with hair and skin!

  4. The colour looks so so pretty on you. I keep hearing really great things about these lipsticks...I'll have to pick one up!

  5. Gorgeous colour, it really suits you! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  6. That colour is beautiful! I picked up the fuschia shade at the weekend and I'm in love. Such a great range x

  7. That lipstick looks lovely on you!

  8. your make up is flawless!
    Lovely shade lipstick!


  9. Love your photos! Love the lipstick! - DC


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