Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Barry M Limited Edition Summer 2013 Nail Paint in Pink and Green
So summer's here (Ok, even if the weather doesn't agree) and that means brighten up my look for the season and nothing screams brighter for summer that fluro's and neon's and I've even shocked myself by filling my wardrobe and dressing table full of neon items... Neon's and Fluro's are bang on trend this season and since discovering them I've wanted to really invest in loads of it before I have to pack it away and hide my digits under gloves when then season changes...

What really took my fancy was Barry M's Limited Edition Summer 2013 Fluorescent nail polish's In neon Pink and Green (RRP £3.99). It came free when I bought £6 worth of Barry M products. Which gave me the excuse to buy even more nail polish. I know I'm addicted! But I can't resist a bargain where nail polish involved!

When I was the sure owner of both I decided to copy the dip-dye style nail art I saw on the model in the pictures in Superdrug - though it proved rather tricky when it came to painting my right hand - though, I think I 'nailed' it in the end (oh bad pun?) It turned out to be as simple as painting the bottom half colour first, wait for it to dry then do the top - and carry on that way until you get the strength of colour you want... The only part I found hard was getting the separation between colour straight (i.e. shakey hands) I wanted quite a bright neon for my night out to compliment a monochrome outfit, so I used about three coats of each - but with a top coat they lasted days!

I've pretty much fallen for neon's and fluro's this summer - the only tricky thing is when I come to co-ordinating my outfits - this was perfect with my monochrome outfit, but I wasn't to sure showing up work with bright nails... So if anyone's got any tips when it comes to piecing neon's and fluro's into everyday - don't hesitate to send the tips my way...

Great staying power, Bright colour which are perfect for summer and have easy application and quick drying time..

I'm still not sure how to incoperate them into my every day outfits :-/

Also, sorry I've been a bit AWOL from the Blogsphere, but playing teacher to get so experience working has taken up so much time - but it's AMAZING! So I'll defo have to try and get on top of blogging a bit more frequently!

Tell me what you think of my neon/fluro #NOTD and tell me if you've got any more bright nail recommendations or tips on how to style a bit of fluro this summer - because I'm defo in love with this and intend to take advantage before the deep reds and greens hit for autumn!



  1. These are such nice colours. Reminds me of watermelons :)

    Great blog.


  2. I love the two tone color! each color is a very pretty color!


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