Monday, 22 July 2013


To start with, sorry this  is a bit pic heavy but, I really wanted to show it up close with all the details... Anyway.... Well a week or so ago, the world famous 75 year old hair care company; Denman, got in touch with me... Now I was more than shocked when they got in touch, so imagine how surprised I was when they asked if I would like to review a product if theirs. I agreed, obviously - as their an awesome brand when it comes to hair care (even my hair dresser uses Denman) and I got sent their Bright Detangling Brush, in yellow... (Though there are several colours to chose from)

It's a circular massage brush to be used either when showering, to stop hair from tangling or to detangle dry hair... It reminded me a bit of the Tangle Teezer, expect it's less bulky and usable in the shower - As I don't recommend you use the Tangle Teezer Original in the shower, as mine got water in (Boo!) - though they do have an aqua one the Denman version retails for nearly £10 less - which is always a bonus! It comes in several colours including, pink, purple, blue, orange and green and I simply loved their bright boldness of the colours, it really gave an 80's bright upbeat feel to it!

In use, the Be-Bop (as I've been calling it!) is a really good product - the extra soft plastic pins are great to give your head a wee massage during showering and evenly distributing shampoo and conditioners ect I've used it in both the shower/bath and as a regular detangling brush. It's great for girlies like me that have rather 'complicated' hair (it's curly/messy/wavy at the best of times!) so the need for an in-shower brush is absolute!

The Be-Bop is also fabulous for styling - I've traded in my usual comb for back combing for height and volume, as this baby, due to the shape and spacing of the brush pins is great for this - it's also great for styling guys hair i.e. with waxes and gels; I know this as I've been seeing my guy pinching it to help style his mane (Gosh he can have his own for £3.50!)

Brilliant in-shower brush that gives an even distribution of Shampoo/Conditioner. 
Massages the scalp during use.
Detangles curls/messy/tangled hair efficently and quickly.
Great even for guys to use.
A range of 80's style pop colours,
Amazing value for money!

The only con I had was the easy grip handle kept popping off - maybe due to my heavy-handedness, but it was easily enough popped back on!

All in all, I'd say the Denman, Be-Bop Bright is a pretty awesome in-shower detangling brush. It's a must if you're in need of one, especially for the cost-effective price of £3.50. I've recommended it to everyone! Though I LOVED my Tangle Teezer, I think (I definitely have) I have found a new/better replacement... And yes, I will be buying the black men's version for my chap, so he'll stop pinching mine!

Tell me what you think! They are abfab and worth a quick lil spend! Just visit the site HERE and don't forget to tell me if you've got any hair care tips of a curly haired girly like myself - as this weather is doing a job and a half on my hair!



  1. Okay, so I am definitely needing one of these in my life. My hair gets SO tangled.

  2. i really need one of these!

  3. My tangle teaser has seen better days and these look like a perfect replacement :)
    Love Em xx
    What Em Loves

  4. I need this in my life!! I'm constantly hearing about how amazing they are, but haven't yet taken the plunge despite the fact that my hair tangles ridiculously easily :( X

  5. Interesting!ive never even heard of these!:)


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