Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Whilst out shopping, I went on a search for the new Maybelline Babylips, I was dying to try the Lip Balms that colour lips like a lipstick - now they'd finally been released in England - But, I was all out of luck as they weren't in any shops... But when I was looking I came across the new Maybaeline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipsticks... These beautiful bright's reminded me of my MAC Up the Amp, bright and eye catching, so I definitely had to try one... I originally wanted Hot Plum, as it was sooo similar to my MAC (UTA), so I left it, then I wanted Electric Orange, but it was out of stock (boo)... Then this gorgeous coral caught my eye.. After a million swatches and a pink/coral/red stained hand it was mine...

It's a brilliant summer colour, highly pigmented with pink and orange which gives a vivid opaque colour from the first glide. I loved the range of vivid bright colours available in this collection, which, in my opinion is bang on trend this season. I loved how the cute sleek packaging gives a high end look, but you don't have to worry about breaking it or getting it grubby for the more affordable price, plus the outer shell of the lipsticks vary in colour depending on the bright shade, i.e they pretty much match... so you don't have to open them up to tell which you've picked up... (Or maybe that's just me being lazy and picky?!)

Infused with honey nectar it nourishes lips with a creamier feel when applying. It gives a hydrating feel like a balm, but with a stunning vivid lippy colour. It doesn't bleed and doesn't dry your lips even after 6 hours of wearing. It gave a long lasting and gloss like finish. My favourite thing has got to my lip biting didn't fade it! I tend to bite my lips, as thought not many people notice my two front teeth are bigger, so I was chuffed when I found I was doing this I didn't actually have to reapply! The only thing I would want to improve is the orange pigments; I expected more orange pigmentation for a coral, though with two applications the bright vivid shade last's ages...

Long lasting opaque vivid colour.
Sleek high-end-looking case.
Nourishes and hydrates lips due to the nectar infusion.
Highly pigmented.
Slow fading on the brightness of the colour.

I would've liked more orange pigmentation in a coral colour...

It's a fantastic lippy and really does remind me of the MAC brights, when it comes to opaque colouring, pigmenting and time scale, but for half the price, meaning it's a right bargain... I'll definitely going back and buying the orange online as I'm dying for an orange this season...

Tell me what you think of this Shocking Coral, and if it a colour your looking for to brighten up your lips? Have you tried Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids? If so which would you recommend for me? Tell me your thoughts....


Monday, 22 July 2013


To start with, sorry this  is a bit pic heavy but, I really wanted to show it up close with all the details... Anyway.... Well a week or so ago, the world famous 75 year old hair care company; Denman, got in touch with me... Now I was more than shocked when they got in touch, so imagine how surprised I was when they asked if I would like to review a product if theirs. I agreed, obviously - as their an awesome brand when it comes to hair care (even my hair dresser uses Denman) and I got sent their Bright Detangling Brush, in yellow... (Though there are several colours to chose from)

It's a circular massage brush to be used either when showering, to stop hair from tangling or to detangle dry hair... It reminded me a bit of the Tangle Teezer, expect it's less bulky and usable in the shower - As I don't recommend you use the Tangle Teezer Original in the shower, as mine got water in (Boo!) - though they do have an aqua one the Denman version retails for nearly £10 less - which is always a bonus! It comes in several colours including, pink, purple, blue, orange and green and I simply loved their bright boldness of the colours, it really gave an 80's bright upbeat feel to it!

In use, the Be-Bop (as I've been calling it!) is a really good product - the extra soft plastic pins are great to give your head a wee massage during showering and evenly distributing shampoo and conditioners ect I've used it in both the shower/bath and as a regular detangling brush. It's great for girlies like me that have rather 'complicated' hair (it's curly/messy/wavy at the best of times!) so the need for an in-shower brush is absolute!

The Be-Bop is also fabulous for styling - I've traded in my usual comb for back combing for height and volume, as this baby, due to the shape and spacing of the brush pins is great for this - it's also great for styling guys hair i.e. with waxes and gels; I know this as I've been seeing my guy pinching it to help style his mane (Gosh he can have his own for £3.50!)

Brilliant in-shower brush that gives an even distribution of Shampoo/Conditioner. 
Massages the scalp during use.
Detangles curls/messy/tangled hair efficently and quickly.
Great even for guys to use.
A range of 80's style pop colours,
Amazing value for money!

The only con I had was the easy grip handle kept popping off - maybe due to my heavy-handedness, but it was easily enough popped back on!

All in all, I'd say the Denman, Be-Bop Bright is a pretty awesome in-shower detangling brush. It's a must if you're in need of one, especially for the cost-effective price of £3.50. I've recommended it to everyone! Though I LOVED my Tangle Teezer, I think (I definitely have) I have found a new/better replacement... And yes, I will be buying the black men's version for my chap, so he'll stop pinching mine!

Tell me what you think! They are abfab and worth a quick lil spend! Just visit the site HERE and don't forget to tell me if you've got any hair care tips of a curly haired girly like myself - as this weather is doing a job and a half on my hair!


Sunday, 7 July 2013


Jumpsuits are right on trend this season and Toppers has some fabulous ones I really haven't been able to resist one - or four! (Yes, I've gone a bit craycray!) Well I was going to originally do a post of me posing in the famous leaf print one - but it seems everyone and their mum's - even J-Lo has had a wee pose in that so I've gone for my new bright favey: Pop Floral Jumpsuit!

I fell in love with this when I first saw it - I'm loving florals this season, they're bang on trend and the fact this is packed with literally 'pop's' of colour you can't go wrong with the mix! The great thing about this jumsuit is it's a statement piece of it's own and can be dress up: Like I have with a pair of heels and a lil blazer - or dressed down with some gladiators or converse - which is a look I'm loving sporting since the weathers finally got out nice!

The look I went for was for a meal and a few drinks - so my Zara combo heels were a must - I obviously had to roll the legs up at the bottom, because of my wee legs, but also, because I'm quite liking the rolled up look on trousers... The sandals were perfect for the look and the blazer was actually just to stop me getting chilly (Proof I'm getting older!) - I added a simple, but contrasting statement necklace and kept the rest of my jewellery pretty simple; trying to keep all focus to the statement piece that is this lush jumpsuit!

I've also had a wee go at styling it with my white blazer and it seems to work just as well, but that just show's I'm loving the versatility of it!

So are you loving jumpsuits this season? If you know any other nice one's send a link or ten my way to have a peek - I'd love to add a few more to my collection!


Friday, 5 July 2013


Skirt: Topshop
Necklace: Market 
I love the monochrome look - add a pop of colour or some statement jewellery and you've got the look down for the season- so when I went out the other night when my chap came home I was more than excited to style my new Topshop monochrome crop top... 

I'd originally thought of a nautical theme for the 'Maritime Weekend' in my home time. But when out shopping with my girls I came across this baby in the Topshop sale for £7 and thought it would go perfectly with my peplum skirt. I added the Barry M Neon Pink (which I did a review on recently HERE) to add a 'pop' of colour (to cringe and use the overly used term) as the little flicks of neon added flashed of subtle colour in order to make sure the outfit overpowered by monochrome - then I complimented the gold in my Zara heels by pairing up my statement piece and my new Rock's N Chains Marie Curie Charity bracelet - which goes with everything and for an amazing cause...

So that's my take on a simply monochrome look... simple, but effective and showing enough skin to give a sexy edge and a subtle tan to bring out the contrast in the monochrome clearly. I loved wearing this; the sheer arms were cool but covering as were the patches in the croptop... This was simple but a nice classy piece and certainly went down well that weekend!

Tell me what you think of my monochrome look? Do you love monochrome? Have you picked up any fabulous sale pieces?


Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Barry M Limited Edition Summer 2013 Nail Paint in Pink and Green
So summer's here (Ok, even if the weather doesn't agree) and that means brighten up my look for the season and nothing screams brighter for summer that fluro's and neon's and I've even shocked myself by filling my wardrobe and dressing table full of neon items... Neon's and Fluro's are bang on trend this season and since discovering them I've wanted to really invest in loads of it before I have to pack it away and hide my digits under gloves when then season changes...

What really took my fancy was Barry M's Limited Edition Summer 2013 Fluorescent nail polish's In neon Pink and Green (RRP £3.99). It came free when I bought £6 worth of Barry M products. Which gave me the excuse to buy even more nail polish. I know I'm addicted! But I can't resist a bargain where nail polish involved!

When I was the sure owner of both I decided to copy the dip-dye style nail art I saw on the model in the pictures in Superdrug - though it proved rather tricky when it came to painting my right hand - though, I think I 'nailed' it in the end (oh bad pun?) It turned out to be as simple as painting the bottom half colour first, wait for it to dry then do the top - and carry on that way until you get the strength of colour you want... The only part I found hard was getting the separation between colour straight (i.e. shakey hands) I wanted quite a bright neon for my night out to compliment a monochrome outfit, so I used about three coats of each - but with a top coat they lasted days!

I've pretty much fallen for neon's and fluro's this summer - the only tricky thing is when I come to co-ordinating my outfits - this was perfect with my monochrome outfit, but I wasn't to sure showing up work with bright nails... So if anyone's got any tips when it comes to piecing neon's and fluro's into everyday - don't hesitate to send the tips my way...

Great staying power, Bright colour which are perfect for summer and have easy application and quick drying time..

I'm still not sure how to incoperate them into my every day outfits :-/

Also, sorry I've been a bit AWOL from the Blogsphere, but playing teacher to get so experience working has taken up so much time - but it's AMAZING! So I'll defo have to try and get on top of blogging a bit more frequently!

Tell me what you think of my neon/fluro #NOTD and tell me if you've got any more bright nail recommendations or tips on how to style a bit of fluro this summer - because I'm defo in love with this and intend to take advantage before the deep reds and greens hit for autumn!