Thursday, 13 June 2013


Oh Gosh - I know, ANOTHER MAC lipstick - But I simply can't resist!

This time I've traded in my vampy Up the Amp for something a bit softer and more flowery... This cooler toned lippy is right up my street to keep fresh and girly for a more everyday look than Up the Amp.. But I adored the similar blue tones and pigments it gave with slightly less purple impact. It averagely retails around £14.50 (From Selfridges) and is perfect for light/bright lip in the sun... If we ever get anymore!

This is a fabulous option for the warmer weather as it's guaranteed not to dry your lips as it gives moisture and is light weight. It gives the a combo of a colour impact of a Mac lippy with shine sheen of a Mac Lipglass. Which gave it a perfect combo to be a versatile lippy. I picked it as it gives a lipgloss-esk shine without leaving any sticky residue and last's just as long. It doesn't quite have the staying power of the likes of Up The Amp - but that didn't really bother me. Its a great lippy because after a bit of layering it gives a completely different intensity - so you could use it as a girly pink or make it a cool purple... It's a creamy lavender which is a lovely lil colour to dash on in summer - without the worry of dry lips... The application is lovely as it glides across with the angle cut shape and sits well with or without a lipliner... Asian Flower is good for those who want a pop of colour, without going all out (as brighter purples, like up the amp, may not be for everyone) because it is light but pigmented (if that makes sense???)

Lovely moisturising lippy that doesn't dry you lips like some lippy's can, with the shine of a gloss, without the sticky residue.
Needs some layering to get a bright oomph...
Doesn't really have the staying power of a standard MAC lippy - but for a lovely shine and colour is this not worth a little bit of reapply?

So that's a new lippy that's now in my collection - to be honest I'm loving brights at the mo - I think next I'm going to brave and orange - wish me luck!

What do you think of MAC Asian Flower? Is it the colour for you or do you like something with a bit more oomph?


Saturday, 8 June 2013


I'm LOVING coords at the moment - for a long time matching was a major no-no, so I'm excited as it feels like I've been blasted back years when coords were all the 'rage' meaning I can get matchy-matchy as much as I likey-likey!

Topshop have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to coords this season - they've got it just right for my taste - So my favourites are all from there at the mo - But I have been Expanding my views - but I have a fear I may go coord crazy at this rate with the likes of ASOS at my finger tips!

I just can't seem to get enough of these babies from florals to whites and even the most daring (for me) patterns and fluro's!

Cotton Circle Broderie Shell Top and Calf Skirt: I loved the white combo to really show off a tan in summer, plus this ariy outfit would do any lovely garden party or a more casual wedding party!
Stamp Patterned Blazer and Culottes: Argh I LOVE culottes, this bizarre pattern will make me think of holidays and travel, even if I'm not heading anywhere - YET - plus it screams unique work wear - who else will be rocking this round the office?
Paisley Jacquard Crop Top and Shorts: This would really do you for a night out, shopping or ligging on the beach abroad (can we guess I'm hinting to go yet!?) it's such a versatile combo and has a hint of fluro throughout with this vintage-esk pattern making it great for nearly every skin tone...
Fluro Lace Crop Top and Skirt: This is true summer party fashion - short skirt, lacy top, shows enough skin to give you a sexy edge with a daring and eye-catching colour what more could you want in a matching outfit?
Forest Leaf Print Crop Top and Skirt: I've been drawn to this from the beginning - the 90's pattern and midi skirt give the perfect look for a fabulous summer day. Add a pair of gladiators and your sorted!

So that's just pretty much a small selection, because if I started on my extensive list I think my bank card may have a heart attack! I just simply adore the different styles of coords you can get; from midi's, to culottes, and floral's to fluro's; there's definitely something for every fashionista and every occasion!

Coords really have made an impact this season and they seem a true must - plus how easy is it to find an outfit that goes in your wardrobe, in a hurry, if you've got a coord i.e date nigth rush sorted ;-)

Have you hopped on the coord bandwagon? Or still on the fence about matching? Either way tell me what you think of my pick's....


P.S good luck for everyone that entered the #worldwidewardrobe by TravelSupermarket!