Monday, 6 May 2013


My name's Rachael; and I'm a shoe-aholic - (Insert applause here) - Well we all knew that... And we all know how many pairs of black heels I have - but these babies are B.E.A.UTIFUL (to take the words from Mr.Ventura!) - So different, yet classic, classy, simple and DAMN right sexy; and of course: all mine!

I'd been after a pair of single sole, ankle strap heels since well, 1997 when I first noticed my mum wearing a pair with a fab skirt suit. I used to walk round in them with my velvet 90's dress on. But at 5 they weren't really available to me... Years went on styles changed and now 15 years later; tah dah!

I'd been shopping round for ages! It's not like other stores didn't have them; in fact more do; Topshop, Newlook, Primark... Except; I was actually getting a better bargain on these Zara ones for £29.99 - than in Topshop for £62! Aaaand - what's worse - none of them for more had this fabulous gold heel; which in my opinion just give them extra class and status! The heels seem well structured and come with 3 replacement heels in case you wear the lil buggars down (pardon my french!) The sole appears to be hard but seems to have a nice layer of padding to avoid burning balls (of the feet I mean) and the ankle strap is sturdy to stop any feet slipage!  

After parading round in them they're dead comfortable and go with so many things from my fab jumpsuit, to tailored trews (trousers, if you're not northern), jeans and of course, my fabulous ball gown (yes, I'm going to a fancy night for cheerleading wait and see my OOTD!) They remind me so much of the 90's and of course of my beloved SATC girls and their love for shoes! I'm loving them and their versatility - they seem like a true wardrobe staple for SS13 - how did I wait so long to get some?!

They're just amazing and a fabulous quality - definitely a must have for the summer seasons!

Have you go these or any other single sole sandals?
Tell me what you think - and keep an eye out for the OOTD featuring them!


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  1. Ahhh I love Zara shoes! I have very similar ones to this (must be a year or 2 old now) but they have orange and beige.

  2. I am lusting after the coral coloured versions of these! So jealous! :) x

  3. I think I'm in love. I need these in my life!!
    Carrie xxx

  4. Oh these are beautiful! Love the gold detail.

  5. Ooh, I love them - and that is fantastic that they are comfy too!

  6. I always look at these shoes when I go in store, they are so beautiful. I'm so jealous!

  7. I am craving these so badly and I am actually looking for a pair of lower, comfy heels for my uni's End of Year involves a lot of standing and walking, so I don't want huge heels.

    I might have to invest, they are beautiful!

  8. ** Bruce Almighty

  9. I love that you say trews too - no one in Oxford knows what I mean when I say that! #northernforever

    x bexceptional x

  10. ooh..!!
    these are so beautiful..i love this style..!!

  11. Thanks for sharing awesome post.
    I loved your blog.


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