Friday, 31 May 2013


So this is my final entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition with TravelSupermarket... The competition is simple, fun, but challenging - Basically all you do is you design different outfits that you think will fit in with the five different activities that are set in five different places - with a budget of £200 per outfit - If one of your designs is selected by the judges as a winning outfit you'd win a trip to the place you designed the outfit for plus £200 to spend on that dream outfit!

I'm a bit disappointed this is my last as I've thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with different outfits and of course with every different category I've had tonnes of inspiration for holidays and what I should wear for them!

My final entry is for the fabulous Full Moon Party in Thailand:
Kimono: ASOS, Bag: Topshop, Anklet: River Island, Rings: Topshop, Nail Polish: Models Own, Shorts: Topshop, Shoes: ZARA, Sunglasses: ZARA, Bikini: ASOS

Aaah Thailand - Fine cuisine, glorious sun, crystal blue waters, AH-MAZING parties and of course, thoughts of a certain Mr. DiCaprio making love on THAT Beach (Swoooon! Yep I heard The Beach was filmed there ARGH - Is that reason not enough to make you go?)... Yup, sounds perfect to me as is is - so You DEFINITELY need an outfit that will interoperate the ideas that spring from all of these...

To start with, those crystal blue water and glorious sun means a smoking hot swimsuit. Now instead of going for a one piece, I decided you need something modest so you don't get burnt, but shows enough flesh to give a sexy edge, where a cut-out swimsuit would do for some ladies, this high wast-crop top bikini combo covers up enough to keep modesty, but has a built in bra for support. Plus with a bikini, you can take the bikini bottom's off to avoid a soggy bottom (urgh!) When you're finished in the water you'll need to cover up a little to get the party started so why not slip on a cool and airy white kimono? It's perfect for the hot sun as the white will reflect and the knit will allow air to get through. To show off those pins still these high waist shorts are just THAT different as the subtle giraffe design gives them a bit of colour and chic! On your feet you need something that'll take you all night, but give glamour, so these white, studded sandals will do just that! Too keep the sun off your precious peepers, and to cover that fact you may have one to many at the part a pair of graduated lense sunnies are perfect to match the calm colours of the outfit, not taking away from the striking bikini. This River Island anklet will add glam to your pins as will these pandora-esk rings to catch the lights when the party begins! Of course a bag is a must, but if you really want to party a beach bag won't cut it, as it's too big, this suede across body bag is perfect to keep all your important things in, plus whatever bits and pieces you pick up on the way... To finish the outfit and compliment any tan you may acquire Models Own Tropical Sun was practically made for a tropical beach with subtle metallic shine it's just screams glamour and chic!

So, that's it, my final entry! Argh, definitely sad it's over! But it has really gave me inspiration for outfits and style co-ordination for this summer to get creative with - not plain ol' shorts and t-shirt's for me! 

There's a couple of days left to enter, so if you fancy it head over to TravelSupermarket, have a read and enter! Plus if you do enter don't forget to leave me you links as I've really enjoyed seeing other bloggers interpretations!

Send me your links and tell me what you think - argh only a few days until it's over - I really can't wait to see the results... Fingers Crossed...



  1. Love this outfit, top looks interesting and I really like jean shorts!
    and good luck!
    x Deja

    Deja Zu

  2. Oh wow, stunning things! I am so in love with the bag, the floral bikini and the glasses! Want them!:D

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  3. love everything here, especially the bikini!

  4. You have done really well, hope you win this

  5. I really like this outfit. It's simple and comfortable and still manages to look so gorgeous at the same time! The print on the bikini is amazing and I love the kimono. Good luck with the competition!
    I really should finish posting my other entries - cutting it fine!
    Jodie xx

  6. That bikini *swoon* and a bit of crochet.. Take me to Thailand now! Haha. Good luck with the comp.




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