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Since the closing date is on the 5th June, I thought I would post a couple more of my dream outfits for the Worldwide Wardrobe 2013 competition with Travel Supermarket... 

If you didn't catch yesterday's entry I'll explain what it is; basically, Travel Supermarket, have created a competition for us bloggers to get creative and have a chance at winning a holiday to one of five different destinations... All you have to do is come up with an outfit for each destination, with a of £200 per outfit, and submit; this means you're in for a chance of winning a holiday to the one destination's with £200 to spend of the dream outfit for the destination... Today I'm tackling Shopping in London and Cocktails in New York i.e. two of my FAVOURITE things in the world!

Shopping in London:
Culottes: Topshop, Umbrella: Topshop, Blazer: ASOS, Zara Taylor Rigg, Crop Top: Topshop, Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: Zara.
Since coming from the Northern county of Cumbria, which is so far away from London, shopping in London is not an everyday thing, you wear your jeans and converse to, it's a planned and organised event or special occasion spending a weekend feeling like you could really buy anything from Harrods and you obviously need an outfit to reflect that. London is something that I connect with bright airy colours, floral's and and modern chic. So this outfit is a more modern take on an outfit to wear comfortably and stylishly while cruising up Oxford Street that could easily be worn around english summer tea (Even if it is in English rain!)

These Culottes are perfect around London, stylish, airy (as it get's so cramped and warm) and far off the ground meaning they won't tread in any water from the rain. The high-waist allows it to go perfectly with the floral crop-top, meaning you're covering up enough to keep the typical British modesty, but showing off enough flesh to give you a sexy edge. The blazer is a must as even in summer it get's nippy in England, plus is a fabulous pastel colour to compliment the pale airy culottes and top. Heel's probably aren't the most practical, but the thick heel and the fact their not too high, means you'd get hours of walking time from them with no troubles. The dark colour of them offsets the light theme of the outfit making them stand out. (Which Zara shoes should) The necklace is a sheer statement piece to break up the light colours of the outfit, while complimenting the more blue/turquoise pigments in the floral top - it matches perfectly with the Zara Taylor Ring, which looks expensive while handing over the cash on Oxford Street, but is inexpensive and makes it's own statement. Last, but not least is the most practical, but not plain; an umbrella - if you get the option between sunnies and an umbrella in Britain, pick the umbrella. We're famous for our rain, but we shouldn't be stuck with the plain ol' black, meaning this floral umbrella will help you stand out in the sea of black cooperate umbrella's!

Cocktails In New York:
Midi Dress: ASOS, Metallic Clutch: Zara, Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: Zara, Rings:Topshop, Nail Varnish: ASOS.
Cocktails in New York is something close to the heart as I love the culture, Broadway ect and of course I'm DEFINITELY partial to a Cosmo and Woo Woo Cocktail or, well, TEN! With the Millions of people walking round in New York, you need an outfit that'll make a statement, without having too much with you... New York is glitz, glam, fashion, culture and of course, THE city from Sex and the City. So an outfit worthy of Miss. Carrie Bradshaw and the girls is sheerly a MUST. With this in mind I decided to make it high heels and DEFINITELY dress that will make a statement!

Like I said, the dress MUST be a statement piece within itself, so it's no surprise I blew a HUGE chunk of the budget on this fabulous shoulder detail midi. The dress is eye catching and definitely worthy of being worn to ANY cocktail bar in New York. The sparkles and glamorous detail really makes it a work of art. To compliment the dark dress and the bright shoulder detail white shoes are needed. The light shoes will elongate nude/pale pins and offset from the dark dress making it light and airy. Silver jewellery is needed to compliment, but keeping it simple, as to no stray away from the striking dress. Of course a glitzy metallic clutch gives it a contrasting futuristic edge to the more Gatsby-esk dress. The nail polish, I think compliments the colours and breaks up the whites and the dark with a cute pastel.

So that's entries 3 and 4, last up tomorrow will be Thailand - which frankly, I can't wait to get myself over to... If you fancy a go nip over to Travel Super Market or find out how to enter HERE. Have a go, you never know!

Tell me what you think... Are you an English Rose or a New York Yankee..



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  2. I am in love with that royal blue dress! Great post!

  3. Wow your dress is amazing, looks gorgeous with those Zara shoes..

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