Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well I thought it was about time I got in gear and finally showed my post's for the Worldwide Wardrobe 2013 competition with Travel Supermarket....

Travel Supermarket have launched a competition that combines love of fashion and love of travelling - and I obviously had to be part of it because I simply adore doing both! All you do is get creative by putting five different outfits together to match the five different destinations with a budget of £200 per outfit... The destinations are:
  • Sightseeing in Paris
  • Clubbing in Ibiza
  • Shopping in London
  • Cocktails in New York
  • Full Moon party in Thailand

If you win a category you get the dream trip to the destination you'd entered and £200 to spend on a dream outfit for the destination! You can enter HERE! So for my first post I'm doing Paris and Ibiza!

Sightseeing in Paris:
Monochrome Dress: Topsop, White Blazer: Topshop, Mid-Heel Sandals: Zara, Red Bag: Zara, Turban, Asos, Stone Collar, Topshop
Thinking of Paris we all know it was beautiful and bohemian culture full of fashion and beauty in the swinging 60's and the ab fab 20's... So I wanted and outfit that incorporated both. But I simply couldn't choose one decade, so I decided to combine the two with a fantastic monochrome spin... 

Paris sightseeing (speaking from personal experience) is not something you do in your finest highest heels, so a pair of low sandals would keep your feet at top walking peeks, whilst looking like a movie star from 1965 round the river seine... The dress screams 60's with it's monochrome check pattern, plus is the exact double of one Audrey Hepburn wore for a photo shoot in Paris in the 60's! The turban gives that Gatsby 20's chic whilst the blazer gives a modern spin and sticking with the bold white print to help you stand out... Of course too much monochrome would be an over kill so a pop of colour with the Zara bag really helps you stand out from the locals and screams bohemian culture! The whole outfit is practical, yet chic and the bright bag and large statement necklace with the metallic sheen compliments this number perfectly...

Next up is something we all love doing: clubbing - But this isn't any clubbing this is:

Clubbing in Ibiza:
Macrame Top: ASOS, Vintage Shorts: Topshop, Hexagonal Cuff: Topshp, Bumbag, Topshop, Neon Bralett, Topshop, Neon Sandals: Zara, Neon Nail Varnish: Models Own.
Besides the bad Venga Boys 90's song, Ibiza SCREAMS clubbing... When you think clubbing in Ibiza, you think neon, bright, shorts and drink... So I tried to incorporate all these different thoughts to think of an outfit that'll take you from sun-down to sun-up!

When you're going for an all nighters with clubbing the last thing you'll need is heels, some gladiator sandals will see you looking chic by the bar and on the dance floor right to the sandy beach clubs... Being bright they stick right to theme of this neon look... Speaking of neon, a neon top was a must - but no one want's to be too warm or constricted whilst clubbing; so this bralett allows you to ditch you bra, whilst looking fab in a top that supports you all night and catches the neon lights - without being a neon over kill... If it gets chill at 6am this Macrame allows the top to shine through, so you can see the chic, whilst giving you a little cover up if it's nippy... High waist hot pants a practical yet set the outfit completely - skirts are nice, but a NEVER when clubbing, we don't want to risk a drunk flash. (Ooops!) The only flashes we want to see are the ones being caught on this fantastic metallic hexagon cuff, which will simply be complimented by the neon on your finger tips with Model's Own nail polish - which is a perfect pick as it dries quick if you're in a rush to get out and stays for ages... Lastly is a Bumbag - I know what you all think, but you can't be carrying a handbag around the clubs of Ibiza - this will keep your keys, camera, phone ect safe, and it'll always be around your waist... I thought the mix of colours and patterns was brave, but needed, especially if you want to stand out in Ibiza!

So these are like my dream outfits for Sight Seeing in Paris and Clubbing in Ibiza - two completely different places and two completely different outfits - making it that much more exciting to style!

Right so I have three more entries to do - but I'm really loving doing this as it's giving me so many ideas for different outfits for different holidays coming up! If you fancy a go enter at Travel Supermarket and definitely send me your links if you do I'd love to take a peek at everyone else's!

Tell me what you think, are you more of a sight seeing lover or a clubbing bunny...



  1. These are both fantastic. I LOVE the clubbing outfit! That top is so fun and unique.

    1. I've actually opted to but it myself haha it's too unique to say no! Xxx

  2. I love the white blazer and monochrome dress!

    Kimberley x


  3. I am completely in love with you Paris outfit, that dress is stunning! I am definitely more into sight seeing, I feel as though I've aged before my time and feel so out of place in clubs now - putting my generation to shame!
    Good luck and feel free to check out my entry.
    Jodie xx



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