Thursday, 9 May 2013


Dress: Miss Selfridges
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Newlook
Clutch: Bodyshop
Jewellery: Various
Last night I got my glad-rags on and made this country bumpkin a bit glamorous for my Cheerleading awards evening! It was so fab - I never got a ball at school, so I decided to treat this as one... I bought the dress, the shoes, the bag and of course the tan (Courtesy of Fake Bake) - which looks sooo strange as I'm naturally pale - so I think I look a bit too dark, but I'm enjoying looking a lil less see through than I normally do...

You might think the title 'THE NAKED DRESS' is a bit strange - but it's because last night it was referred to as 'that pretty naked looking dress' because of it's nude/pink colour... SJP did say every lady needed a 'naked dress' well this lil pale number can be mine... It's got the perfect tones for summer seasons and compliments any skin tone - whether your fake baked or ghostly - both of which I've been whilst styling this dress!

The dress itself is from Miss.Selfridges - It was such a buy, because there was one size 10 and a million 6's and a 14 Now, I'm no 6 or 14 but I had a feeling from the online size guide a 10 may have been a squeeze - but, lo and behold, it fitted like a glove - it wasn't too tight on the ol' boobies and fitted a perfect floor length, well in a pair of heels, a shorty like me wasn't getting away with it that easy - but it's a good thing I'd just been treated to some new Zara combination heels!

I partnered the outfit with my blazer - which was a bargain from Primark; this made the dress feel a bit more casual as I didn't want to be too dressed up;and put a lil belt on to pinch my waist in a bit more than the dress gave... I finished the outfit off with some essential statement pieces I'd picked up from Miss. Selfridges, some dreamcast-esk earrings and a triangle pattern statement necklace.... They topped it with a lil up do I'm loving styling at the mo- as it's keeping my hair off my neck in this horrid/lovely sun... Plus I wouldn't be anywhere on a night out without a fabulous lil clutch - so I opted for gold to match my jewellery and shoes...

I love this dress for my body shape at the moment - as it was recommended by a bodyshape stylist - so I'll definitely be trying to rock it for a wedding or two I've been invited to over summer - well I might as well get a few uses!

So this was what I wore to look fancy, girly, pretty and a wee bit glamorous - and I truly love this dress and these heels - so please tell me what you think!
Have you got a fancy maxi planned for the summer season?


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  1. What a lovely dress! Adore the lace part on the top half, and such a pretty colour! :)


  2. The dress is gorgeous! You look lovely xxx

  3. Love your hair in these pictures and the dress is gorgeous! Lovely outfit.

    Samuel James Morris

  4. lovely dress, looks fab on you!


  5. You look gorgeous! that dress is so lovely.
    Hope you had a lovely evening.

  6. What a stunning dress - I wish I could wear nude, but I'm just too pale!

    I intend to invest in those shoes very soon, love how versatile they are!

  7. That dress is gorgeous, you look great!


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