Sunday, 5 May 2013


I suppose it is a woman's prerogative to be fashionably late - and I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't slightly lacking with my punctuality - so here it is my late April Favourite's... 

I've fallen in love with so many beauty products this month it was impossibly hard to narrow them down to so that could actually fit on my blog... With the #BrumBloggerMeet to interviews and finishing uni, I've constantly been up and down the Bull Ring of Birmingham and up the high streets of Stoke and have been constantly coming home with more and more fabulous new products! 

One of the most obvious things I LOVE this month has got to be the Urban Decay, Glinda Oz Palette; this is definitely the most amazing pallet I've ever had! I love Urban Decay the quality of their pallets is second to none! These creamy shades go together well, blend well and can really brighten up your day! (I blogged about it HERE) Along with the theme of eyes is something that keeps them in line (Bah Dum Tsh!) My L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster... I liked the thin super liner, but I like to make bold line and some dramatic flicks - so when I heard about the thicker pen I had to have it. It made it so easy to have thicker and bolder lines, meaning I don't ever need to be without my flicks! Now, I may only be 20, but I suffer from dark circles from stress; so when I heard about Fake Up I HAD to have it! It does just what it says on the tin! It doesn't crease at all under your eyes and stays put for hours. Fake Up has a nice creamy hydrating texture; so you can bet I was excited when I received a free on from the #BrumBloggerMeet!

My face doesn't seem to think I have left my teens so I tend to get a couple blackheads and blemishes now and then. So I thought new season, new routine! I'd previously known the benefits of Charcoal on the body, so when Garnier brought out PureActive Intensive Charcoal Scrub I thought I'd give it a try, and it's actually proven well over the last month. No side effects and leave my skin feeling cleansed and smooth! But, like every other lady, I'm always on the look out for the perfect blusher -so when I got this SEVENTEEN Oh So Spring Cheek Stamp Blush free in Boots, you can't help but be skeptical of a free product; but its been a lovely light a delicate product to give me a rosy look for spring. It can be applied and left, but I blend and contour to give fabulous colour and definition - bit gutted it was limited edition now ha!

Nails are something I love, but since having treatment for the Cancerous tumour I had in my thumb, my cuticles and nail beds are ridiculous (Which got pointed out by a fellow blogger harshly, that's why I explained now!) so I'm always looking for something to help. The Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle and Nail Refiner has been doing just that. I apply it twice a week on bare nails and it helps smooth out the nails - without filing and helps calm cuticles that are a bit unruly! Again, I love nails, and I'm a sucker for a good nail varnish - but as soon as I saw this Illamasqua I'mperfection Nail Polish in Fragile it HAD to be mine! This speckle blue nail polish is now a sure favourite of mine that I WILL be repurchasing! (Read my review HERE) Lastly on nails is something that hit a blast from the past for me; Models Own Fruit Pastel Nail Polish in Blueberry Muffin is AH-MAZING. It smells so edible! I bought this and two other's, but this has been a sure favourite by far! It reminded me of my favourite 90's smelly gel pens that everyone had and it certainly does make me think of simpler days - plus it has fabulous application, drying and staying power!

I'd been trying to get hold of this lippy forever - So when I finally got it, I made it my own! MAC Up The Amp is a fabulous creamy purple lipstick with such fabulous blue and pink undertones that screams modern and bright! I won't go on about it as I have reviewed it HERE - but it's definitely the favourite of this months favourite's!

So that's my late April favourites - again sorry it's been a bit late, between deadlines and job interviews I have't had time to think - but I promise not to lack again - especially on fabulous beauty products!

These are the products I've loved this spring, how about you guys? What're you lovin'? 
Tell me what you think...


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  1. Love that Illamasqua polish and lipstick! What a beautiful shade! Haven't tried any of the prodcuts you mentioned though :)
    X Deja

    Deja Zu

  2. Nice favourites ;)

  3. I really want to give the UD palette a go, the colours are gorgeous and I love the lipstick,so many great products

    A little bit Unique - Blog


    Oh, also I'd love if you'd vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer, thanks :)

  4. Fab faves! Really want to try one of the UD Oz palettes



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