Friday, 31 May 2013


So this is my final entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition with TravelSupermarket... The competition is simple, fun, but challenging - Basically all you do is you design different outfits that you think will fit in with the five different activities that are set in five different places - with a budget of £200 per outfit - If one of your designs is selected by the judges as a winning outfit you'd win a trip to the place you designed the outfit for plus £200 to spend on that dream outfit!

I'm a bit disappointed this is my last as I've thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with different outfits and of course with every different category I've had tonnes of inspiration for holidays and what I should wear for them!

My final entry is for the fabulous Full Moon Party in Thailand:
Kimono: ASOS, Bag: Topshop, Anklet: River Island, Rings: Topshop, Nail Polish: Models Own, Shorts: Topshop, Shoes: ZARA, Sunglasses: ZARA, Bikini: ASOS

Aaah Thailand - Fine cuisine, glorious sun, crystal blue waters, AH-MAZING parties and of course, thoughts of a certain Mr. DiCaprio making love on THAT Beach (Swoooon! Yep I heard The Beach was filmed there ARGH - Is that reason not enough to make you go?)... Yup, sounds perfect to me as is is - so You DEFINITELY need an outfit that will interoperate the ideas that spring from all of these...

To start with, those crystal blue water and glorious sun means a smoking hot swimsuit. Now instead of going for a one piece, I decided you need something modest so you don't get burnt, but shows enough flesh to give a sexy edge, where a cut-out swimsuit would do for some ladies, this high wast-crop top bikini combo covers up enough to keep modesty, but has a built in bra for support. Plus with a bikini, you can take the bikini bottom's off to avoid a soggy bottom (urgh!) When you're finished in the water you'll need to cover up a little to get the party started so why not slip on a cool and airy white kimono? It's perfect for the hot sun as the white will reflect and the knit will allow air to get through. To show off those pins still these high waist shorts are just THAT different as the subtle giraffe design gives them a bit of colour and chic! On your feet you need something that'll take you all night, but give glamour, so these white, studded sandals will do just that! Too keep the sun off your precious peepers, and to cover that fact you may have one to many at the part a pair of graduated lense sunnies are perfect to match the calm colours of the outfit, not taking away from the striking bikini. This River Island anklet will add glam to your pins as will these pandora-esk rings to catch the lights when the party begins! Of course a bag is a must, but if you really want to party a beach bag won't cut it, as it's too big, this suede across body bag is perfect to keep all your important things in, plus whatever bits and pieces you pick up on the way... To finish the outfit and compliment any tan you may acquire Models Own Tropical Sun was practically made for a tropical beach with subtle metallic shine it's just screams glamour and chic!

So, that's it, my final entry! Argh, definitely sad it's over! But it has really gave me inspiration for outfits and style co-ordination for this summer to get creative with - not plain ol' shorts and t-shirt's for me! 

There's a couple of days left to enter, so if you fancy it head over to TravelSupermarket, have a read and enter! Plus if you do enter don't forget to leave me you links as I've really enjoyed seeing other bloggers interpretations!

Send me your links and tell me what you think - argh only a few days until it's over - I really can't wait to see the results... Fingers Crossed...


Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Since the closing date is on the 5th June, I thought I would post a couple more of my dream outfits for the Worldwide Wardrobe 2013 competition with Travel Supermarket... 

If you didn't catch yesterday's entry I'll explain what it is; basically, Travel Supermarket, have created a competition for us bloggers to get creative and have a chance at winning a holiday to one of five different destinations... All you have to do is come up with an outfit for each destination, with a of £200 per outfit, and submit; this means you're in for a chance of winning a holiday to the one destination's with £200 to spend of the dream outfit for the destination... Today I'm tackling Shopping in London and Cocktails in New York i.e. two of my FAVOURITE things in the world!

Shopping in London:
Culottes: Topshop, Umbrella: Topshop, Blazer: ASOS, Zara Taylor Rigg, Crop Top: Topshop, Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: Zara.
Since coming from the Northern county of Cumbria, which is so far away from London, shopping in London is not an everyday thing, you wear your jeans and converse to, it's a planned and organised event or special occasion spending a weekend feeling like you could really buy anything from Harrods and you obviously need an outfit to reflect that. London is something that I connect with bright airy colours, floral's and and modern chic. So this outfit is a more modern take on an outfit to wear comfortably and stylishly while cruising up Oxford Street that could easily be worn around english summer tea (Even if it is in English rain!)

These Culottes are perfect around London, stylish, airy (as it get's so cramped and warm) and far off the ground meaning they won't tread in any water from the rain. The high-waist allows it to go perfectly with the floral crop-top, meaning you're covering up enough to keep the typical British modesty, but showing off enough flesh to give you a sexy edge. The blazer is a must as even in summer it get's nippy in England, plus is a fabulous pastel colour to compliment the pale airy culottes and top. Heel's probably aren't the most practical, but the thick heel and the fact their not too high, means you'd get hours of walking time from them with no troubles. The dark colour of them offsets the light theme of the outfit making them stand out. (Which Zara shoes should) The necklace is a sheer statement piece to break up the light colours of the outfit, while complimenting the more blue/turquoise pigments in the floral top - it matches perfectly with the Zara Taylor Ring, which looks expensive while handing over the cash on Oxford Street, but is inexpensive and makes it's own statement. Last, but not least is the most practical, but not plain; an umbrella - if you get the option between sunnies and an umbrella in Britain, pick the umbrella. We're famous for our rain, but we shouldn't be stuck with the plain ol' black, meaning this floral umbrella will help you stand out in the sea of black cooperate umbrella's!

Cocktails In New York:
Midi Dress: ASOS, Metallic Clutch: Zara, Necklace: Topshop, Shoes: Zara, Rings:Topshop, Nail Varnish: ASOS.
Cocktails in New York is something close to the heart as I love the culture, Broadway ect and of course I'm DEFINITELY partial to a Cosmo and Woo Woo Cocktail or, well, TEN! With the Millions of people walking round in New York, you need an outfit that'll make a statement, without having too much with you... New York is glitz, glam, fashion, culture and of course, THE city from Sex and the City. So an outfit worthy of Miss. Carrie Bradshaw and the girls is sheerly a MUST. With this in mind I decided to make it high heels and DEFINITELY dress that will make a statement!

Like I said, the dress MUST be a statement piece within itself, so it's no surprise I blew a HUGE chunk of the budget on this fabulous shoulder detail midi. The dress is eye catching and definitely worthy of being worn to ANY cocktail bar in New York. The sparkles and glamorous detail really makes it a work of art. To compliment the dark dress and the bright shoulder detail white shoes are needed. The light shoes will elongate nude/pale pins and offset from the dark dress making it light and airy. Silver jewellery is needed to compliment, but keeping it simple, as to no stray away from the striking dress. Of course a glitzy metallic clutch gives it a contrasting futuristic edge to the more Gatsby-esk dress. The nail polish, I think compliments the colours and breaks up the whites and the dark with a cute pastel.

So that's entries 3 and 4, last up tomorrow will be Thailand - which frankly, I can't wait to get myself over to... If you fancy a go nip over to Travel Super Market or find out how to enter HERE. Have a go, you never know!

Tell me what you think... Are you an English Rose or a New York Yankee..


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well I thought it was about time I got in gear and finally showed my post's for the Worldwide Wardrobe 2013 competition with Travel Supermarket....

Travel Supermarket have launched a competition that combines love of fashion and love of travelling - and I obviously had to be part of it because I simply adore doing both! All you do is get creative by putting five different outfits together to match the five different destinations with a budget of £200 per outfit... The destinations are:
  • Sightseeing in Paris
  • Clubbing in Ibiza
  • Shopping in London
  • Cocktails in New York
  • Full Moon party in Thailand

If you win a category you get the dream trip to the destination you'd entered and £200 to spend on a dream outfit for the destination! You can enter HERE! So for my first post I'm doing Paris and Ibiza!

Sightseeing in Paris:
Monochrome Dress: Topsop, White Blazer: Topshop, Mid-Heel Sandals: Zara, Red Bag: Zara, Turban, Asos, Stone Collar, Topshop
Thinking of Paris we all know it was beautiful and bohemian culture full of fashion and beauty in the swinging 60's and the ab fab 20's... So I wanted and outfit that incorporated both. But I simply couldn't choose one decade, so I decided to combine the two with a fantastic monochrome spin... 

Paris sightseeing (speaking from personal experience) is not something you do in your finest highest heels, so a pair of low sandals would keep your feet at top walking peeks, whilst looking like a movie star from 1965 round the river seine... The dress screams 60's with it's monochrome check pattern, plus is the exact double of one Audrey Hepburn wore for a photo shoot in Paris in the 60's! The turban gives that Gatsby 20's chic whilst the blazer gives a modern spin and sticking with the bold white print to help you stand out... Of course too much monochrome would be an over kill so a pop of colour with the Zara bag really helps you stand out from the locals and screams bohemian culture! The whole outfit is practical, yet chic and the bright bag and large statement necklace with the metallic sheen compliments this number perfectly...

Next up is something we all love doing: clubbing - But this isn't any clubbing this is:

Clubbing in Ibiza:
Macrame Top: ASOS, Vintage Shorts: Topshop, Hexagonal Cuff: Topshp, Bumbag, Topshop, Neon Bralett, Topshop, Neon Sandals: Zara, Neon Nail Varnish: Models Own.
Besides the bad Venga Boys 90's song, Ibiza SCREAMS clubbing... When you think clubbing in Ibiza, you think neon, bright, shorts and drink... So I tried to incorporate all these different thoughts to think of an outfit that'll take you from sun-down to sun-up!

When you're going for an all nighters with clubbing the last thing you'll need is heels, some gladiator sandals will see you looking chic by the bar and on the dance floor right to the sandy beach clubs... Being bright they stick right to theme of this neon look... Speaking of neon, a neon top was a must - but no one want's to be too warm or constricted whilst clubbing; so this bralett allows you to ditch you bra, whilst looking fab in a top that supports you all night and catches the neon lights - without being a neon over kill... If it gets chill at 6am this Macrame allows the top to shine through, so you can see the chic, whilst giving you a little cover up if it's nippy... High waist hot pants a practical yet set the outfit completely - skirts are nice, but a NEVER when clubbing, we don't want to risk a drunk flash. (Ooops!) The only flashes we want to see are the ones being caught on this fantastic metallic hexagon cuff, which will simply be complimented by the neon on your finger tips with Model's Own nail polish - which is a perfect pick as it dries quick if you're in a rush to get out and stays for ages... Lastly is a Bumbag - I know what you all think, but you can't be carrying a handbag around the clubs of Ibiza - this will keep your keys, camera, phone ect safe, and it'll always be around your waist... I thought the mix of colours and patterns was brave, but needed, especially if you want to stand out in Ibiza!

So these are like my dream outfits for Sight Seeing in Paris and Clubbing in Ibiza - two completely different places and two completely different outfits - making it that much more exciting to style!

Right so I have three more entries to do - but I'm really loving doing this as it's giving me so many ideas for different outfits for different holidays coming up! If you fancy a go enter at Travel Supermarket and definitely send me your links if you do I'd love to take a peek at everyone else's!

Tell me what you think, are you more of a sight seeing lover or a clubbing bunny...


Friday, 24 May 2013


Claire's Accessories Hair Doughnut,
No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation
Illamasqua Fable Lipstick
Urban Decay Glinda Oz Pallet
Benefit They're Real Mascara
I've never really done a 'hair post' - well except for showing you all my fringe - So I thought it was about time to show you what I've been doing with my locks this spring/summer...

I love a simple versatile look with my hair - but, it tends to get pretty wild, as it's naturally curly, so I've been playing with straighter looks, to almost 'tame' it a bit, for things like interviews ect... So I've been cracking out my beloved hair doughnut again to make me look a bit more professional and a little less like I belong on a night out - especially as my new shampoo has no taming qualities - and is actually making my hair more voluminous and curly!

This was done after using my super amazing new Straighteners  a Claire's accessories hair doughnut (In mid-brown) and a couple (or DOZEN) curvy girps... It's so simple to do, but the important thing of this post: How did I do it?

  1. I straightened my hair first to give it a more sleek look, then swept it into a side ponytail.
  2. I pushed the pony tail through the centre of the hair doughnut the griped it in place on my head.
  3. After this I pushed the pony-tail around the doughnut, covering the doughnut, making sure non is shown, and clipped the excess hair round with some curvy grips...
  4. Secure and stray hair's with curvy grips and as I was putting it as a side-bun I swept my fringe to the side to give a more sophisticated pairing look...
See, perfectly simple! If you've any fly away's just spritz with a bit of hair spray and don't forget to pop some curvy grips in your purse in case of any worries whilst you're out and about... But it's so simple, but effective...

It's a lovely sleek bun for work, night-outs and especially for such summer events like weddings, which I've got a couple to go to, so I'll be sporting this for one this summer!

So tell me what you think of my simple up do and if you've got any other ideas for any other simple up-do's....


P.S. Sorry I've been a bit MIA with blogging at the mo, but I lost my Mam recently and I'm simply easing back in to it with a few simple post's - But, like they say, if in doubt - keep it simple!

Monday, 20 May 2013


With every loss we remember things we were taught and told - Well, since losing my mam, I've been remembering the fashion and beauty lessons she taught me throughout the years, as she was a true fashion and beauty Goddess- one of which was fashion co-ordination...

Now, I was reminded of it when I was in the most absurd place of a supermarket! I simply walking around when I saw a fashionista dress in Boot cut jeans, Converse, a red and pink plaid shirt a leather jacket and a bright yellow tote - it just simply didn't go... This Fashionsta was like the start of the Devil Wears Prada - you know, pre-amazing make-over? So this inspired me to think how I would wear the two key items of the outfit - the bright yellow bag and the plaid/check shirt....

This is my take on a look to go with the Bright Yellow Tote:
Cut Out Lace Jumpsuit: Topshop
Opportunity to Pop bag: ModCloth
Collarless Panel Jacket: Topshop
Ankle Strap Sandals: Zara
Semi Precious Shard Collar: Topshop
I went for the Monochrome look, i.e. the black jumpsuit paired with the white blazer, but I paired the bag as a 'pop' of colour really giving a bright zing to the outfit - making the bag the main focus, but making a strong monochrome statement. I picked this ModCloth bag because though it's bright, the flower details gives it a feminine flare to it and breaks up the constant block colours of the monochrome. Going for monochrome, meant the bag would be set nicely without any contrasting colours or patterns allowing it to be the main focus, and not just looking out of place...

Next is my take on the Plaid Shirt:
Desert Lily Red Tie Front Check Shirt: Newlook
Enamel Buckle Western Belt: Topshop
MOTO Ecru Flag Denim Jacket: Topshop
WHATEVER Split Wedges: Topshop
MOTO High Waist 50s Hotpants: Topshop
I know, double denim can be tricky, but once I was inspired by the new country 'railroad' trend I couldn't say no to a little american wild west-esk jacket to really make this Nashville acceptable outfit work! Now, I love a good plaid shirt, even paired with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, but I thought I'd try and convince the weather to be better by creating a more summery looking outfit, sticking to the Railroad trend i.e 1950's-esk - which mean these high-waist 50's shorts were perfect, along with a pair of awesome wedges and a gorge belt - you can't go wrong for this plaid shirt. The plaid shirt I picked had the tie front to go along with the trend, and I just liked the more tailored shape than the regular up and down ones....

So that's how I would've styled each item in an outfit - everyone to their own, but personally I couldn't justify a bright yellow bag with a red plaid shirt - It's just a no go for me... Instead of combinding the two I've put together two different outfits, from two different trends - So miss fashionista say bye bye to bad co-ordination and hello to fab outfits... Well, if I must say so myself...

So, tell me what you think of my take on these items...
Have you got any ways you'd style them?


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Thursday, 9 May 2013


Dress: Miss Selfridges
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Newlook
Clutch: Bodyshop
Jewellery: Various
Last night I got my glad-rags on and made this country bumpkin a bit glamorous for my Cheerleading awards evening! It was so fab - I never got a ball at school, so I decided to treat this as one... I bought the dress, the shoes, the bag and of course the tan (Courtesy of Fake Bake) - which looks sooo strange as I'm naturally pale - so I think I look a bit too dark, but I'm enjoying looking a lil less see through than I normally do...

You might think the title 'THE NAKED DRESS' is a bit strange - but it's because last night it was referred to as 'that pretty naked looking dress' because of it's nude/pink colour... SJP did say every lady needed a 'naked dress' well this lil pale number can be mine... It's got the perfect tones for summer seasons and compliments any skin tone - whether your fake baked or ghostly - both of which I've been whilst styling this dress!

The dress itself is from Miss.Selfridges - It was such a buy, because there was one size 10 and a million 6's and a 14 Now, I'm no 6 or 14 but I had a feeling from the online size guide a 10 may have been a squeeze - but, lo and behold, it fitted like a glove - it wasn't too tight on the ol' boobies and fitted a perfect floor length, well in a pair of heels, a shorty like me wasn't getting away with it that easy - but it's a good thing I'd just been treated to some new Zara combination heels!

I partnered the outfit with my blazer - which was a bargain from Primark; this made the dress feel a bit more casual as I didn't want to be too dressed up;and put a lil belt on to pinch my waist in a bit more than the dress gave... I finished the outfit off with some essential statement pieces I'd picked up from Miss. Selfridges, some dreamcast-esk earrings and a triangle pattern statement necklace.... They topped it with a lil up do I'm loving styling at the mo- as it's keeping my hair off my neck in this horrid/lovely sun... Plus I wouldn't be anywhere on a night out without a fabulous lil clutch - so I opted for gold to match my jewellery and shoes...

I love this dress for my body shape at the moment - as it was recommended by a bodyshape stylist - so I'll definitely be trying to rock it for a wedding or two I've been invited to over summer - well I might as well get a few uses!

So this was what I wore to look fancy, girly, pretty and a wee bit glamorous - and I truly love this dress and these heels - so please tell me what you think!
Have you got a fancy maxi planned for the summer season?


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Monday, 6 May 2013


My name's Rachael; and I'm a shoe-aholic - (Insert applause here) - Well we all knew that... And we all know how many pairs of black heels I have - but these babies are B.E.A.UTIFUL (to take the words from Mr.Ventura!) - So different, yet classic, classy, simple and DAMN right sexy; and of course: all mine!

I'd been after a pair of single sole, ankle strap heels since well, 1997 when I first noticed my mum wearing a pair with a fab skirt suit. I used to walk round in them with my velvet 90's dress on. But at 5 they weren't really available to me... Years went on styles changed and now 15 years later; tah dah!

I'd been shopping round for ages! It's not like other stores didn't have them; in fact more do; Topshop, Newlook, Primark... Except; I was actually getting a better bargain on these Zara ones for £29.99 - than in Topshop for £62! Aaaand - what's worse - none of them for more had this fabulous gold heel; which in my opinion just give them extra class and status! The heels seem well structured and come with 3 replacement heels in case you wear the lil buggars down (pardon my french!) The sole appears to be hard but seems to have a nice layer of padding to avoid burning balls (of the feet I mean) and the ankle strap is sturdy to stop any feet slipage!  

After parading round in them they're dead comfortable and go with so many things from my fab jumpsuit, to tailored trews (trousers, if you're not northern), jeans and of course, my fabulous ball gown (yes, I'm going to a fancy night for cheerleading wait and see my OOTD!) They remind me so much of the 90's and of course of my beloved SATC girls and their love for shoes! I'm loving them and their versatility - they seem like a true wardrobe staple for SS13 - how did I wait so long to get some?!

They're just amazing and a fabulous quality - definitely a must have for the summer seasons!

Have you go these or any other single sole sandals?
Tell me what you think - and keep an eye out for the OOTD featuring them!


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Sunday, 5 May 2013


I suppose it is a woman's prerogative to be fashionably late - and I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't slightly lacking with my punctuality - so here it is my late April Favourite's... 

I've fallen in love with so many beauty products this month it was impossibly hard to narrow them down to so that could actually fit on my blog... With the #BrumBloggerMeet to interviews and finishing uni, I've constantly been up and down the Bull Ring of Birmingham and up the high streets of Stoke and have been constantly coming home with more and more fabulous new products! 

One of the most obvious things I LOVE this month has got to be the Urban Decay, Glinda Oz Palette; this is definitely the most amazing pallet I've ever had! I love Urban Decay the quality of their pallets is second to none! These creamy shades go together well, blend well and can really brighten up your day! (I blogged about it HERE) Along with the theme of eyes is something that keeps them in line (Bah Dum Tsh!) My L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster... I liked the thin super liner, but I like to make bold line and some dramatic flicks - so when I heard about the thicker pen I had to have it. It made it so easy to have thicker and bolder lines, meaning I don't ever need to be without my flicks! Now, I may only be 20, but I suffer from dark circles from stress; so when I heard about Fake Up I HAD to have it! It does just what it says on the tin! It doesn't crease at all under your eyes and stays put for hours. Fake Up has a nice creamy hydrating texture; so you can bet I was excited when I received a free on from the #BrumBloggerMeet!

My face doesn't seem to think I have left my teens so I tend to get a couple blackheads and blemishes now and then. So I thought new season, new routine! I'd previously known the benefits of Charcoal on the body, so when Garnier brought out PureActive Intensive Charcoal Scrub I thought I'd give it a try, and it's actually proven well over the last month. No side effects and leave my skin feeling cleansed and smooth! But, like every other lady, I'm always on the look out for the perfect blusher -so when I got this SEVENTEEN Oh So Spring Cheek Stamp Blush free in Boots, you can't help but be skeptical of a free product; but its been a lovely light a delicate product to give me a rosy look for spring. It can be applied and left, but I blend and contour to give fabulous colour and definition - bit gutted it was limited edition now ha!

Nails are something I love, but since having treatment for the Cancerous tumour I had in my thumb, my cuticles and nail beds are ridiculous (Which got pointed out by a fellow blogger harshly, that's why I explained now!) so I'm always looking for something to help. The Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle and Nail Refiner has been doing just that. I apply it twice a week on bare nails and it helps smooth out the nails - without filing and helps calm cuticles that are a bit unruly! Again, I love nails, and I'm a sucker for a good nail varnish - but as soon as I saw this Illamasqua I'mperfection Nail Polish in Fragile it HAD to be mine! This speckle blue nail polish is now a sure favourite of mine that I WILL be repurchasing! (Read my review HERE) Lastly on nails is something that hit a blast from the past for me; Models Own Fruit Pastel Nail Polish in Blueberry Muffin is AH-MAZING. It smells so edible! I bought this and two other's, but this has been a sure favourite by far! It reminded me of my favourite 90's smelly gel pens that everyone had and it certainly does make me think of simpler days - plus it has fabulous application, drying and staying power!

I'd been trying to get hold of this lippy forever - So when I finally got it, I made it my own! MAC Up The Amp is a fabulous creamy purple lipstick with such fabulous blue and pink undertones that screams modern and bright! I won't go on about it as I have reviewed it HERE - but it's definitely the favourite of this months favourite's!

So that's my late April favourites - again sorry it's been a bit late, between deadlines and job interviews I have't had time to think - but I promise not to lack again - especially on fabulous beauty products!

These are the products I've loved this spring, how about you guys? What're you lovin'? 
Tell me what you think...


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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Well, I had planned to do a lil' beauty post to kick start May, but recently I've found I simply couldn't avoid doing something - Running the Race For Life!

I've been so busy, I haven't had time to think - but with uni finished that's all I have done and it's about time I done something to help kick Cancer's arse!

Cancer is something that's affected me directly in life, I've beaten it and lost so many people I love to it... But I don't want to lose any more... No one wants to lose anyone, but more than ever I want to give cancer a kick up the ass!

So on June 11th 2013, I will be running the Race For Life, in the Trentham Estate in Stoke-on-Trent... Wanna know why?

When I was a child I lost my best friend to cancer - my Granddad, Da' - He was amazing, but in January 1997, he died.... Then in 2003, my Irish gem of a Granda' died of cancer... I don't have any Grandad's left, and they can't and haven't been able to see me grow into an adult.... But this year Cancer is trying to take away a man, I call Granddad - ok, he isn't my Granddad, he's my FiancĂ©'s, but we're close and I've never called him anything but and cancer has decided to creep up on him... and I won't have it!
Then there's my Mam, (Not mum because I'm northern!) she's got a small version of skin Cancer - but she's so strong! She's always been my best friend, but more importantly - She's my mother and I get married next year.... A girl needs her Mother at her Wedding, and I won't have something like a deasise, that can be cured stop this - Every little girl should have her mum at her wedding...

So I'm running, not just for me, and my relatives, but for all the little girls who deserve their mum's at their wedding and for all Grandparents who wish they could see their kids and grandchildren grow in to adults - like mine couldn't...

Yes, I'm running the Race For Life 5K in Stoke - I did fancy 10k but there was non in a close area... hopefully next year... So I'm exercising more, getting my gear ready and I'm ready to say "Cancer, watch out, cos' I'm coming for you!" - I'm running and my target is so little at £100, but every penny makes a dent! So please, go to my PAGE and please donate, a pound is all I'm asking, it's all to help kick cancers arse - because it well and truly deserves it!

My tag line is "Pull a pose to show support" because us bloggers are obsessed with posing for #FOTD ect, so every time I pull a pose for my blog I'm putting 20p in a tin to go towards the cause - this would be amazing if you all could do the same!

So please - this isn't about pitying my story - this is about giving cancer the kick up the arse it deserves for everyone else out there - go to 'My Page' and show some support - £100 is such a small amount in the long run, but every £1 makes a difference for all those kids, women, men, elderly out there!

Sponsor me HERE or join in yourself HERE - I'm getting my running shoes on - Cancer we're coming for you!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back tomorrow with beauty/fashion goodness - let's do this though...


P.S. Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!