Monday, 29 April 2013


 When it comes to bag's, frankly, I'm addicted (I'm also addicted to shoes, clothes beauty products... But we all know that!) and I have soooo many! But after trying to have a wee sort out I realised I didn't have a single beautiful black bag - What?!?! I know. Well one that warn't studded or clutch i.e. a more everyday bag. So I went in search of one... Low and behold, of course I found myself looking at the famous Zara totes, now I've got a zara plaited tote, but it's in brown and as much as I love it, it's seen much better days - so it was time to update!

Of course  looked at their famoud black tote that everyone loves - I mean so do I! But everyone has that bag and I wanted something different. So I looked at the 'Cut Work' bag, but after reasoning I wasn't willing to part with £130 for a bag with holes in, that could get my work or anything wet, I wanted something I could use all the time not just in the fair weather, that comes on days far and few in between in Britain .. Then I found my baby, and it actually wasn't online - I was in Birmingham, somehow managed to find myself strolling in the Zara store and this two toned beauty stood out immensely for me... I was drawn to it. My chap actually said get it but I was trying to be sensible (Though my card was burning a hole in my vintage clutch!) and decided to leave it... But typical me could only wait until the next day to put the order through! 

The Leather Shopper with Envelope Pocket was simply perfect! Simple, stylish, real buffalo leather (You know that means long lasting!) It's a decent size - as though I like a big bag, some of the large totes make a shorty like me look like I'm carrying a suitcase around. It has an inner pocket that keeps your stuff safe an secure with a leather tie and of course the white and black envelope style pocket on the front; which is more than just a pretty face, it's been pretty handy too! There's a shoulder strap which is detachable - which is brill, because many are pretty much sewn on...

I love how it fits perfectly in to my beloved monochrome trend, but also works well for work, uni and just generally shopping ect... It also goes with pretty much everything - and I definitely don't have any buyers remorse for this baby!

One more thing just because it made me smile- it came in the biggest box and inside there was a lovely little fact about the spring/summer equinox - which if you're a huge nerd like me and actually love that sort of fact!
So tell me what you think of my new baby! 
Have you got a Zara bag?
Do you want one?


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  1. I am definitely addicted too. It's so hard to say no! I love that bag though - definitely a great buy.

  2. think i'm actually in love! i need this bag in my life, i've got to ask how much did it cost? :) x

  3. Ohhhh so beautiful! I need a new handbag, so I might need to invest ;)

  4. Zara is lile my fav!
    Love the bag!


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