Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SEVENTEEN: doll'd up

Well as part of my Thrift haul I managed to snag up a super bargain in Boots with this fabulous new SEVENTEEN mascara: Doll'd Up... I was rather happy to snag such a bargain in boots as usually I end up getting carried away and spending the equivalent of my wages in there - before I get them! I simply couldn't resist this after getting a Boots 'Give it a go' vouchers and had one that allowed me to get this new mascara to try (in full - as sometimes it's just samples) for only £2 when the RRP is £6.29!

I'd been dying to try this after seeing the advert - well I'm always on the outlook for a new mascara - I'm like Indy going after the Holy Grail - Except mines not a cup! My initial thoughts were that I really loved the simplistic yet stylish look of the tube gave an expensive chic look. It came in two shades: Blackest Black and Black/Brown . Having naturally dark lashes I went for 'Blackest Black'!

It has a curl and volume clump defying brush - so far this has lived up to it's name as there's no nasty spider legs here. It claims to have 24 hour staying power - and I'll be honest, I was naughty and fell asleep in my make-up (terrible I know!!!!) and woke looking only slightly panda-eyed - so the staying power isn't perfect, but nothing it. It boasts to give you a wide-eyed doll look - well I'll let you be the judge!
After one coat on top.
Two coats on the bottom.
I didn't exactly resemble a Barbie doll, and frankly it didn't give as much volume as it boasted, but it was nice for a more daytime mascara; rather than a going out one. As it didn't quite give the oomph it claimed it would but was certainly better with two coats rather than one - as are most mascara's!
The curved brush allowed for a fabulously easy application and it didn't dry too quickly; meaning I could 'play' with it, if you get my meaning i.e. curling it or adding another coat. The brush itself also wasn't to hard and made it easy to maneuver to get fuller looking lashes!

So that's my thoughts on Seventeen's Doll'd Up Mascara - No, ok, I didn't get the most desired dolly looking eyes in the world, but for £2 I got a nifty lil mascara that does exactly what it says on the tin - ok near enough!

If you want to try it you can get it from Boots online or in store - unfortunately it will  be £6.29  (unless you get the same voucher!) I would recommend people try this as it is rather inexpensive and gives a nice subtle oomph to lashes that isn't to be missed!

I'd love to know if you've tried this or any other Seventeen products as now I'm eager to try some more now!

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  1. i have the voucher too so i might get this! x

  2. I got the voucher so I'm excited to get this and try it out! xx

  3. This looks really pretty!! I've been after a super black one so I may have to give it a try!

    Sophie at xxx


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