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Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX | APRIL | 2013

 I think we all know how much I'm OBSESSED with beauty products - I love them! But I love them even more when they're beautifully gift-wrapped and a complete surprise for me! Hint why I'm besotted with this month's Peal Lowe inspired Glossybox!

From the stunningly pretty box with the gorgeous flower design to the AH-MAZING products they've supplied me with I couldn't be a happier little bunny at the moment! That's right this months Glossybox is designed by Pearl Lowe and follows a floral vintage design making it rather optimistically themed, along with the beauty products to help me get all ready for this (hopefully happening) spring season!

So let's have a peek what I got:
Mango Smoothie: Dry Skin Body Butter:
RRP £9.95 for 200ml, 50ml £2.95 from Boots
"Energise + awaken the senses while giving your skin a moisture burst with MANGO SMOOTHIE from the new Nip+Fab body butter range!"
I couldn't agree more with this interpretation! I've had a mango body butter in the past and frankly it didn't work! Due to this past experience I was rather skeptical about this product, but it seems Nip + Fab got the formula just right! I put it on after a bath and my skin was still just as soft over 12 hrs later! 
Will I be repurchasing: Yes! 
Nail Laquer in adore-a-ball
It's full size: £7.99
"a sheer soft pink, perfect for a french manicure."
Nailed it (Bah Dum Tsh - sorry had to be done!) This is the perfect little colour for french mnicures - which I adore, or if you hate naked nails like me, it can look like a naked nail, but the nail is safely secure under the colour! It has a supre easy application due to the wide brush and dries fairly quickly!
Would I repurchase? Possibly, the price put's me off, as you can get something similar for less, but it is a very good quality!
Nutritive Vegetal 24H Comfort Nourishing Cream.
RRP: £13.50 for 50ml the box contains 15ml sample.
"Soft, supple and comfortable skin set. The Comfort nourishing cream will immediately nourish your skin for 24 hours. It also decreases skin discomfort and tightness"
This wasn't bad on my skin at all especially as I've been ill lately and my skin get's really dry during colds! It does last a while and smells nice! Not much more to say as it does what it says on the tin, but I still prefer my Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream :-/ 
Will I repurchase? No, but it was nice to try something new and it's good value for money! (Maybe?)
Radiance Face Mask
RRP £18 for 75ml this is 15ml
"A triple-action mask that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and brightens thanks to our bespoke blend of purifying kaolin clay, skin-brightening fruit acid complex, ground walnut shells and a bespoke blend of calming essential oils including rosemary and palma rosa."
I am a fan of the brand Balance Me, due to their natural ingredients, but I'm not so much a fan of their price, so I do love it when magazines give them away as freebies - I tend to then  buy the whole lot! I, like amy other ladies, love to relax in the bath with a skin benefiting face mask, so this one smelling lovely and make my skin feel super soft I'm quite the fan!
Would I repurchase? Possibly - Or wait till Cosmo or Glamour give it away! (I know a bit cheeky!)
Coture Hair: Optimiser Reviving Spary
RRP £19 for 150ml, Box contains 50ml
"Lightweight, non-tacky reviving spray with Wheat Protein and Kukui Oil to refresh and volumise hair between washes without residue or stickiness."
I HATE washing my hair every day and frankly refuse to because it just ruins your hair by taking away the natural oils - so getting given something to help my hair along in those in-between days I won't say no to trying! It was actually really good I tried it the day I got it and my hair was easy to style, didn't look or feel greasy and didn't feel sticky or stuck together from the spray like others can do!
Will I repurchase? Possibly/Probably: I really liked this and though I won't ditch my trust £3 dry shampoo for a £19 spray yet, I might put it on my use rarely list so it'll last me longer and maybe ask my chappy to get me some!

So that's what I got and overall I'm rather pleased with my selections, thought I do think I've been rather lucky with my time at Glossybox as, touch wood, I've never had a rubbish box, so from my opinion for a tenner a month they're worth it! Plus how gorge is this months box? And they're so handy to reuse!

That's my thought's on this months Pearl Lowe designed Glossybox - It certainly is AbFab!
I'd love to know what you all think, and those of you who received yours I'd love to know what you got for a little comparison- Gosh, I'm such a nosy cow! 

So that's my Glossybox - you can get yours at - but if you let me refer you we can both get some glossydots to collect, which can add up to a free box!


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  1. This is definitely the best Glossybox I've seen! It's so pretty and filled with some gems, especially the essie polish and the nip+fab body butter

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    1. They're definitely my favourite things. But the Yves Rocher cream is such a lil gem xxx


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