Friday, 26 April 2013


Procrastinating with a few photies in the library - hint the Kate Nash rocking in the headphones...
Oh Gosh! Another lippy post! It seems buying three high-end lippys within the last week is having an effect on my blog - as well as my back account! But I simply can't resist! As this is the lipstick I've been after since seeing the shade in April copy of Vogue! But now:

I've Finally got it!

Yes the Lipstick I'd been pining for, (yes pining for!) for ages is finally mine! I tried to get in it Manchester: Out of stock. Tried to get it in both Brummy stores: Out of stock... Then yesterday at my interview; it must've been my lucky day (I'll explain the interview another day) I got the last one in stock! Eeeek!

'Up The Amp' has shown itself popular due to it's lack of availability and the fact since I only got it on Thursday it's became my new handbag staple!

The shade is exactly what I've been after - I'd been wanting a nice blue toned purple lippy to stray away from my surplus of red's pink's and nude's - but not so dark or harsh that it makes me look like a missing member of a Goth band or a bad vampire film - as my pale skin can do me no favours at time! That's why this one was perfect!

This is the M.A.C. Amplified Creme Lipstick in Up The Amp that averagely retails about £14. It's a gorgeous lilac with blue and pink complementing undertones and pigments. Of course these colours aren't for everyone, but if you fancy being brave with a purple, but more Betty rather than Veronica, as I do believe only some ladies can pull off those amazing vamp lips, this would be great for you! It simply flatters most skin tones and is a perfect gateway lipstick to gutsier purple shades.

It's definitely a highly pigmented formula that feels extra creamy, stays comfortably on your lips for hours, and leaves a moisturised sheen. Up the Amp, due to it's moisture quality gives such an easy application and doesn't budge easily - I even had a Nando's and it didn't need re-applying! I find that it's very versatile. On me, applied full force, it looks like straight up vivid purple with gorgeous underlying blue tones. When blotted, the pink tones really come out and it looks like a bright mauvey color. I didn't use a liner, as I didn't think it really needed one - and unfortunately I'm not sure if my lip liner collection has one to match - But I think lined for a night out could certainly give it some oomph!

I can certainly see the hype around it as being one of M.A.C's best selling and most popular shades and it suits nearly every skin tone and can give a different look to any lady wearing it... What I'm toying with at the moment - after an accidental application over another lippy - is trying out some ombre lips with it due to it's ab fab colours!

So that my new M.A.C lippy and in short - I LOVE it! I'd definitely recommend to any of you lovely ladies wanting to be a gutsier this summer - this shows anyone can wear purple without looking like you're an extra on Lost Boy's as Vampy just isn't for everyone!

So tell me your thoughts! 
Have you got M.A.C Up the Amp? 
Or any other M.A.C lippy's you'd recommend I try?



  1. i've heard so much about this lipstick, its such a gorgeous colour! im definately considering buying this for my first mac purchase!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion beauty & life

  2. You have just made me want this lipstick so much more!!! Looking lovely by the way xx

  3. Wow, that shade looks amazing on you! No wonder it is so popular. I'm glad that you were able to get the last one!

  4. This looks like such a nice shade! I want it so bad now! xxx

  5. This is beautiful, and it looks gorgeous with your lovely skin tone! Amplified Cream lipsticks are my favorite! xx

  6. This looks so pretty on you!! xxx

  7. This lipstick really suits you!

    Kimberley x

  8. Oh wow gorgeous colour! Looks lovely on you!

  9. It suits you! It's my favourite MAC lipstick! I love Please Me, too. It seems to be one of the lesser known pinky-nudes.

    - Sho x

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  11. This looks like such a lovely colour!!
    It suits your skintone so well.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,


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