Monday, 22 April 2013


Forget the Hobbit - this is my unexpected journey of the month! 

Well to me it was just going to be one of those lazy Saturday's where you sit in a onesie, drink tea, read Cosmo and eventually have Cosmo's with the girls - instead at the unholy hour of 8am when I woke, I was bombarded with tweets from the lovely Sophie making me very pleasingly aware there was a space left at the #BrumBloggerMeet - So after a bit of persuasion and rearranging of schedules meant I was on the next train to Birmingham (which was a story in it's own!) off to meet some fabulous bloggers!
Long story cut very short, I had an AH-MAZING day, LOADS of fabulous freebies from John Lewis and Benefit (Which included full size Fake Up, They're Real Mascara and the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Treatment! AMAZING I know!) But I also treated myself to some goodies when I was there - Some new Kiehl's BB Cream, MAC Sheen Supreme Lippy (as 'Up the Amp' was out of stock' and of course my FIRST Illamasqua  Lippy and the new 'Fragile' nail polish from the I'mPerfection Collection...

Sorry about all the pictures, but I simply got so much pleasure from these pieces in the short time I've had them, that looking and experiencing their good quality was like having a Michelin Star cake (And I've actually had that to compare!) So I've formed a lil review on these two items...

Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Fable':
This is a sensational lipstick. It's matte formula gives it a bright look along with incredible staying power - unlike some dupes - It's a bright rose/pink slight coral colour. I find most coral pinks can run quite cool, but this certainly has a warm edge to it and has a sheen that you often don't see in matte lipstick's. I find it's application creamy and resistant, but stilling and rich - it simply oozes quality just applying it when you feel it on your lips! It has a fabulous texture and plenty of pigmentation meaning it doesn't require layering to create an strong opaque look meaning longer lasting as you won't have to use it as often - certainly value for your money!

Illamasqua Nail Polish in 'Fragile':
I fell in LOVE with this the moment I saw the teasers of the I'mPerfection collection! I just want it all - but I restricted myself to just this polish (as green lippy isn't me) The most remarkable thing about this polish was the application; it was s easy and gave the look straight off without much effect of blotting the lil pieces on that I can find in some glitters ect. It was brill after one coat, but perfectly opaque after two - with a dash of top coat of course it's lasted me since the evening I got home, work, bathing, washing, drawing exercising and everything - it's proving itself nicely! The consistency isn’t too thick or too thin, so it flowed evenly and easily across the nail, and there was minimal streaking on that first, initial coat, but a second coat evened everything out. It was opaque in two coats, and the finish is a cross between a traditional cream and a jelly–there’s a squishy-look to the nails. I LOVE it! I want all of them!
So that's my thoughts of my new fabulous Illamasqua products and I'll be honest and say, so far, when they run out I WILL be repurchasing them and I WILL be frequently using them - they're such a high quality, long lasting and simply orgasmic to use - Yes, orgasmic - they're THAT good!

Tell me what you think of my new products! I'm loving them - and trust me, I will be bombarding you with more photo's of my lovely new products!
Have you tried these or can you recommend any new Illamasqua products for me to try?


P.S. I'm really excited to say I've got an interview with the Urban Decay for a sales consultant position on Thursday. So back to Birmingham for me! Fingers crossed - Wish Me Luck!


  1. Wow, they look absolutely gorgeous! The nail polish especially, I can't wait to try some Illamasqua products, hopefully my bank balance will allow me to soon! Hope you had a great day, I've got my first blogger meet coming up at the weekend and can't wait!

  2. Love that lipstick shade! Added to the wish list :)

  3. The meet up sounds like so much fun! I love the polish and the lip stick looks so pretty on

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  4. I am yet to try Illamasqua but I think I need to! xx

  5. Very unique nail polish! You have a great blog, what do you think about following each other?

    Much Love,

  6. wonderful post :)
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  7. I'm in love with that nail polish - wanted it for a while now, might have to take the plunge haha! X


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