Monday, 8 April 2013


After a long week I decided I'd pose for a few photies in an outfit or two, but when I was picking up my neW Cheer kit it occurred to me that I'd never shown or talked that much about Cheerleading except the fact I do it... 

Cheerleading is basically what I do for a hobby besides blogging - which we don't seem to mention much on blogs... So I thought I would!

Doing a few standard cheer poses!
I'd never really done cheer before uni - more just gym and dance and I've always been pretty flexible - but when I joined my uni I've LOVED it - well until I fractured my ankle at comp and can't now compete till next year! (Urgh I'm accident prone!) I love cheerleading, but I hate the fact everyone thinks we run round with pom-pom's like idiots at football games; which we do some times - But we are hard-core athletes. 

We compete in competitions like FuterCheer, BCA and Nationals and compete at different levels. I only compete at level 1 and 2 - But I have a friend who competes at level 3 ad 4 - then 5/6 is where it get's super cringey to watch! It's helped me teach myself to be more flexible again after an accident meaning I can get back into the splits and show off my funny bending leg in a heel stretch!
Heel Stretches and the Splits! - and yes my leg does bend on a funny angle!
But as it is a kind of #OOTD post I won't skip on talking about how cute this outfit is! Though the skirt is rather short and the compay over estimated my 34FF's as the top's a wee bit big! But you can't expect perfection! The classic look is always the standard over top and skirt with your Under-Armour (A fancy word for a top and a pair of black spanx!) underneath. Add a pair of white trainers and a bow to top it all off  - and obviously a splash of bright red lippy (I'm wearing MAC: Lady in Red -it's amazing you MUST try it!) and I end up looking like one of Barbie's lil sister's and like a Staffordshire Scarlette! But it's fun and I love it!

So that's a wee brief on a lil hobby and me showing off a few moves - as I love to do! 

Tell me what you think and if any of you Cheer, Dance or generally if you just have other Hobbies besides blogging - I'd love to know!



  1. Aww, you look really pretty! I done cheerleading back in my first 1st year of high school but never really enjoyed it in all honesty. I don't really have a hobby that I do often :(

  2. Love this! I cheered for 6 years and absolutely loved it xx

  3. I was a cheerleader in highschool and loved it! you look so cute!!

  4. Thats so cool! I always wanted to get into cheerleading but sadly I have the coordination and flexibility of hippo. And that outfit is so cute! Definitely suits you!

  5. Hey rachel, I love your blog and completely agree with what you say about cheerleading, you are an athelete as a cheerleader. I have nominated you for a liebster award. Check out the post at

  6. Ahh so lovely to meet another blogger who cheers :D i cheer with my University!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  7. Aw, you're so adorable in this outfit :) always admired cheerleading, but it's not so known in my country.
    My hobbies? I guess, poetry, reading books, watching movies, I love me some fitness, cooking and baking some healthy foods ;)
    X Deja

    Deja Zu

  8. Make sure you don't bend your wrists in a high V (big deduction) and your lower leg should NEVER be bent in a heel stretch.


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