Monday, 29 April 2013


 When it comes to bag's, frankly, I'm addicted (I'm also addicted to shoes, clothes beauty products... But we all know that!) and I have soooo many! But after trying to have a wee sort out I realised I didn't have a single beautiful black bag - What?!?! I know. Well one that warn't studded or clutch i.e. a more everyday bag. So I went in search of one... Low and behold, of course I found myself looking at the famous Zara totes, now I've got a zara plaited tote, but it's in brown and as much as I love it, it's seen much better days - so it was time to update!

Of course  looked at their famoud black tote that everyone loves - I mean so do I! But everyone has that bag and I wanted something different. So I looked at the 'Cut Work' bag, but after reasoning I wasn't willing to part with £130 for a bag with holes in, that could get my work or anything wet, I wanted something I could use all the time not just in the fair weather, that comes on days far and few in between in Britain .. Then I found my baby, and it actually wasn't online - I was in Birmingham, somehow managed to find myself strolling in the Zara store and this two toned beauty stood out immensely for me... I was drawn to it. My chap actually said get it but I was trying to be sensible (Though my card was burning a hole in my vintage clutch!) and decided to leave it... But typical me could only wait until the next day to put the order through! 

The Leather Shopper with Envelope Pocket was simply perfect! Simple, stylish, real buffalo leather (You know that means long lasting!) It's a decent size - as though I like a big bag, some of the large totes make a shorty like me look like I'm carrying a suitcase around. It has an inner pocket that keeps your stuff safe an secure with a leather tie and of course the white and black envelope style pocket on the front; which is more than just a pretty face, it's been pretty handy too! There's a shoulder strap which is detachable - which is brill, because many are pretty much sewn on...

I love how it fits perfectly in to my beloved monochrome trend, but also works well for work, uni and just generally shopping ect... It also goes with pretty much everything - and I definitely don't have any buyers remorse for this baby!

One more thing just because it made me smile- it came in the biggest box and inside there was a lovely little fact about the spring/summer equinox - which if you're a huge nerd like me and actually love that sort of fact!
So tell me what you think of my new baby! 
Have you got a Zara bag?
Do you want one?


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Friday, 26 April 2013


Procrastinating with a few photies in the library - hint the Kate Nash rocking in the headphones...
Oh Gosh! Another lippy post! It seems buying three high-end lippys within the last week is having an effect on my blog - as well as my back account! But I simply can't resist! As this is the lipstick I've been after since seeing the shade in April copy of Vogue! But now:

I've Finally got it!

Yes the Lipstick I'd been pining for, (yes pining for!) for ages is finally mine! I tried to get in it Manchester: Out of stock. Tried to get it in both Brummy stores: Out of stock... Then yesterday at my interview; it must've been my lucky day (I'll explain the interview another day) I got the last one in stock! Eeeek!

'Up The Amp' has shown itself popular due to it's lack of availability and the fact since I only got it on Thursday it's became my new handbag staple!

The shade is exactly what I've been after - I'd been wanting a nice blue toned purple lippy to stray away from my surplus of red's pink's and nude's - but not so dark or harsh that it makes me look like a missing member of a Goth band or a bad vampire film - as my pale skin can do me no favours at time! That's why this one was perfect!

This is the M.A.C. Amplified Creme Lipstick in Up The Amp that averagely retails about £14. It's a gorgeous lilac with blue and pink complementing undertones and pigments. Of course these colours aren't for everyone, but if you fancy being brave with a purple, but more Betty rather than Veronica, as I do believe only some ladies can pull off those amazing vamp lips, this would be great for you! It simply flatters most skin tones and is a perfect gateway lipstick to gutsier purple shades.

It's definitely a highly pigmented formula that feels extra creamy, stays comfortably on your lips for hours, and leaves a moisturised sheen. Up the Amp, due to it's moisture quality gives such an easy application and doesn't budge easily - I even had a Nando's and it didn't need re-applying! I find that it's very versatile. On me, applied full force, it looks like straight up vivid purple with gorgeous underlying blue tones. When blotted, the pink tones really come out and it looks like a bright mauvey color. I didn't use a liner, as I didn't think it really needed one - and unfortunately I'm not sure if my lip liner collection has one to match - But I think lined for a night out could certainly give it some oomph!

I can certainly see the hype around it as being one of M.A.C's best selling and most popular shades and it suits nearly every skin tone and can give a different look to any lady wearing it... What I'm toying with at the moment - after an accidental application over another lippy - is trying out some ombre lips with it due to it's ab fab colours!

So that my new M.A.C lippy and in short - I LOVE it! I'd definitely recommend to any of you lovely ladies wanting to be a gutsier this summer - this shows anyone can wear purple without looking like you're an extra on Lost Boy's as Vampy just isn't for everyone!

So tell me your thoughts! 
Have you got M.A.C Up the Amp? 
Or any other M.A.C lippy's you'd recommend I try?


Monday, 22 April 2013


Forget the Hobbit - this is my unexpected journey of the month! 

Well to me it was just going to be one of those lazy Saturday's where you sit in a onesie, drink tea, read Cosmo and eventually have Cosmo's with the girls - instead at the unholy hour of 8am when I woke, I was bombarded with tweets from the lovely Sophie making me very pleasingly aware there was a space left at the #BrumBloggerMeet - So after a bit of persuasion and rearranging of schedules meant I was on the next train to Birmingham (which was a story in it's own!) off to meet some fabulous bloggers!
Long story cut very short, I had an AH-MAZING day, LOADS of fabulous freebies from John Lewis and Benefit (Which included full size Fake Up, They're Real Mascara and the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Treatment! AMAZING I know!) But I also treated myself to some goodies when I was there - Some new Kiehl's BB Cream, MAC Sheen Supreme Lippy (as 'Up the Amp' was out of stock' and of course my FIRST Illamasqua  Lippy and the new 'Fragile' nail polish from the I'mPerfection Collection...

Sorry about all the pictures, but I simply got so much pleasure from these pieces in the short time I've had them, that looking and experiencing their good quality was like having a Michelin Star cake (And I've actually had that to compare!) So I've formed a lil review on these two items...

Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Fable':
This is a sensational lipstick. It's matte formula gives it a bright look along with incredible staying power - unlike some dupes - It's a bright rose/pink slight coral colour. I find most coral pinks can run quite cool, but this certainly has a warm edge to it and has a sheen that you often don't see in matte lipstick's. I find it's application creamy and resistant, but stilling and rich - it simply oozes quality just applying it when you feel it on your lips! It has a fabulous texture and plenty of pigmentation meaning it doesn't require layering to create an strong opaque look meaning longer lasting as you won't have to use it as often - certainly value for your money!

Illamasqua Nail Polish in 'Fragile':
I fell in LOVE with this the moment I saw the teasers of the I'mPerfection collection! I just want it all - but I restricted myself to just this polish (as green lippy isn't me) The most remarkable thing about this polish was the application; it was s easy and gave the look straight off without much effect of blotting the lil pieces on that I can find in some glitters ect. It was brill after one coat, but perfectly opaque after two - with a dash of top coat of course it's lasted me since the evening I got home, work, bathing, washing, drawing exercising and everything - it's proving itself nicely! The consistency isn’t too thick or too thin, so it flowed evenly and easily across the nail, and there was minimal streaking on that first, initial coat, but a second coat evened everything out. It was opaque in two coats, and the finish is a cross between a traditional cream and a jelly–there’s a squishy-look to the nails. I LOVE it! I want all of them!
So that's my thoughts of my new fabulous Illamasqua products and I'll be honest and say, so far, when they run out I WILL be repurchasing them and I WILL be frequently using them - they're such a high quality, long lasting and simply orgasmic to use - Yes, orgasmic - they're THAT good!

Tell me what you think of my new products! I'm loving them - and trust me, I will be bombarding you with more photo's of my lovely new products!
Have you tried these or can you recommend any new Illamasqua products for me to try?


P.S. I'm really excited to say I've got an interview with the Urban Decay for a sales consultant position on Thursday. So back to Birmingham for me! Fingers crossed - Wish Me Luck!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX | APRIL | 2013

 I think we all know how much I'm OBSESSED with beauty products - I love them! But I love them even more when they're beautifully gift-wrapped and a complete surprise for me! Hint why I'm besotted with this month's Peal Lowe inspired Glossybox!

From the stunningly pretty box with the gorgeous flower design to the AH-MAZING products they've supplied me with I couldn't be a happier little bunny at the moment! That's right this months Glossybox is designed by Pearl Lowe and follows a floral vintage design making it rather optimistically themed, along with the beauty products to help me get all ready for this (hopefully happening) spring season!

So let's have a peek what I got:
Mango Smoothie: Dry Skin Body Butter:
RRP £9.95 for 200ml, 50ml £2.95 from Boots
"Energise + awaken the senses while giving your skin a moisture burst with MANGO SMOOTHIE from the new Nip+Fab body butter range!"
I couldn't agree more with this interpretation! I've had a mango body butter in the past and frankly it didn't work! Due to this past experience I was rather skeptical about this product, but it seems Nip + Fab got the formula just right! I put it on after a bath and my skin was still just as soft over 12 hrs later! 
Will I be repurchasing: Yes! 
Nail Laquer in adore-a-ball
It's full size: £7.99
"a sheer soft pink, perfect for a french manicure."
Nailed it (Bah Dum Tsh - sorry had to be done!) This is the perfect little colour for french mnicures - which I adore, or if you hate naked nails like me, it can look like a naked nail, but the nail is safely secure under the colour! It has a supre easy application due to the wide brush and dries fairly quickly!
Would I repurchase? Possibly, the price put's me off, as you can get something similar for less, but it is a very good quality!
Nutritive Vegetal 24H Comfort Nourishing Cream.
RRP: £13.50 for 50ml the box contains 15ml sample.
"Soft, supple and comfortable skin set. The Comfort nourishing cream will immediately nourish your skin for 24 hours. It also decreases skin discomfort and tightness"
This wasn't bad on my skin at all especially as I've been ill lately and my skin get's really dry during colds! It does last a while and smells nice! Not much more to say as it does what it says on the tin, but I still prefer my Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream :-/ 
Will I repurchase? No, but it was nice to try something new and it's good value for money! (Maybe?)
Radiance Face Mask
RRP £18 for 75ml this is 15ml
"A triple-action mask that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and brightens thanks to our bespoke blend of purifying kaolin clay, skin-brightening fruit acid complex, ground walnut shells and a bespoke blend of calming essential oils including rosemary and palma rosa."
I am a fan of the brand Balance Me, due to their natural ingredients, but I'm not so much a fan of their price, so I do love it when magazines give them away as freebies - I tend to then  buy the whole lot! I, like amy other ladies, love to relax in the bath with a skin benefiting face mask, so this one smelling lovely and make my skin feel super soft I'm quite the fan!
Would I repurchase? Possibly - Or wait till Cosmo or Glamour give it away! (I know a bit cheeky!)
Coture Hair: Optimiser Reviving Spary
RRP £19 for 150ml, Box contains 50ml
"Lightweight, non-tacky reviving spray with Wheat Protein and Kukui Oil to refresh and volumise hair between washes without residue or stickiness."
I HATE washing my hair every day and frankly refuse to because it just ruins your hair by taking away the natural oils - so getting given something to help my hair along in those in-between days I won't say no to trying! It was actually really good I tried it the day I got it and my hair was easy to style, didn't look or feel greasy and didn't feel sticky or stuck together from the spray like others can do!
Will I repurchase? Possibly/Probably: I really liked this and though I won't ditch my trust £3 dry shampoo for a £19 spray yet, I might put it on my use rarely list so it'll last me longer and maybe ask my chappy to get me some!

So that's what I got and overall I'm rather pleased with my selections, thought I do think I've been rather lucky with my time at Glossybox as, touch wood, I've never had a rubbish box, so from my opinion for a tenner a month they're worth it! Plus how gorge is this months box? And they're so handy to reuse!

That's my thought's on this months Pearl Lowe designed Glossybox - It certainly is AbFab!
I'd love to know what you all think, and those of you who received yours I'd love to know what you got for a little comparison- Gosh, I'm such a nosy cow! 

So that's my Glossybox - you can get yours at - but if you let me refer you we can both get some glossydots to collect, which can add up to a free box!


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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Defying Gravity: Glinda Oz Urban Decay!

I'm in LOVE with the new Disney Oz film - I love the actors ect. But honestly I was in love with the make-up before the film was even released (Typical me ha!) So I was dying for the new pallets. Now as much as I love Mila Kunis and playing a bad guy on stage - I'm a true good witch at heart and decided the Glinda pallet was more 'me' than the Theodora one - mainly on the fact the colours were bright and smokey rather than darker!

So after a bit of "PLEEEEEEEASEEEE!" my chap gave in and it was mine (along with the new Benefit Fake Up - But I have another review planned!) Like I said I went for the Glinda over the Theodora - mainly on the the colours (rather than the characters) the Glinda pallet is definitely more suiting to someone like me with paler skin, but the combo of colours can work for anyone! 

It contains six new eye-shadow's; two of them being the new duo-shades that can be used alone or mixed together to make a beautiful highlighting shade i.e. Aura or a lovely glitter, which is Oz! The set came with these six shades plus a 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Rock Star and a super-saturated high-gloss lip colour in Glinda - which also suits me better than the Theodora as it's not as dark/bright or as harsh on my skin. To top it off it's all presented nicely in a fabulously cute tin and comes with a mini how-to card showing a simple way of getting Glinda's on screen look. 

I simply love the how-to card as I wasn't sure how to pair them at first, but eventually I've become quite brave with my eyes and really used every colour! The shadow's are really creamy and of high-quality - meaning they blend well and have a high staying power. As has the eyeliner and Lippy; which has become a true hand-bag essential of mine!

The look I've gone for is more of a subtle smokey using every shadow:
I used Magic with a touch of Tornado and Aura (mainly for the water line) on the lower eye line and a dash of the Rock Star eye pencil. I used Aura on the brow bone with illusion blended into it and Tornado smudges with South and the eye pencil on the lower lid. I finished it off with blending some Tornado over the outer eye corners to fame my eyes and dashed a bit of Oz on top and voila: a simple yet effective and versatile look!

That's what I love most about this product; besides it's AH-MAZING colours and super high quality, is it's versatility, you really can do so many different looks with just one lil pallet. You can go from a subtle colour for the daytime to smokey princess at night - it truly is Magical! (Sorry it had to be said with the context!)

So that's my baby - The Oz Glinda Pallet by Urban Decay - which I've truly fallen in love with!

Have any of you got this pallet? I'd love to know and see what you all thought! 
Tell me what you think!

Does it 'Defy Gravity' for you?

Friday, 12 April 2013

I'm a Barbie Girl... #OOTD

Well I had really rubbish day at uni the other day and I thought to cheer myself up I'd do a lil retail therapy! I ended up going to Boots, Topshop, Primark, Schu and Miss.Selfridges... Ok it wasn't a 'lil bit' more of, a lot. But it was justified and needed!

One of the things I got out shopping was something I've been admiring since my friend sent me a link stating "THIS IS SO YOU!" and this was the Miss.Selfridges Barbie Girl skirt! Which is part of the I ♥ Barbie collection!
I fell in love with this skirt ever since my eyes fell upon it - but I was in the most awkward place - the middle of the lakes; meaning no Miss.Selfridges that would actually stock this as apparently it was only "city-stocked" (boo) so the moment I hit city soil I went on the outlook and BOOM, It was mine!

So on the miserable day I had to leave the house, I decided to brighten up my mood by brightening up my black shirt and navy blazer! I decided to use these dark colours to really make the skirt stand out - and honestly the fact I paired it with my new teal/turquoise converse was simply a happy accident! I topped the outfit off with my new vintage bag and a few pieces of simple yet statement jewellery (Including the new Sphere of Life - where I have a blog to come!)

I LOVE the print of this skirt, the comic look is very 'in' at the moment as I've been seeing it everywhere! But the print it bright, makes a statement and really does make me feel happy, young and girly in it and to state the obvious it's Barbie print, and Barbie was really one of my childhood faveys - I litterally had HUNDREDS of them and have one or two on a shelf these days! - See, I'm secretly a girly girl at heart!

I'd love to partner it next with a cream or white lacy top or shirt or a cute peplum to make it a bit more formal for a night out...

To be honest I'm loving all the pieces from the new Barbie collection and I'm having trouble choosing which to get next - probably (DEFINITELY) the Bralet and the Dress - they're AH-MAZING! So if you want the skirt you can get it HERE or go in stores (but only city stores - meh!) It really brings me back to the 90's and the days I loved my Barbie clothes!

So I'm sorry I've been AWOL from the blogsphere at the moment, but I feel ultimately swamped by rehearsals, uni, work, articles - pretty much everything - but I shall not slip again!

So tell me what you think of this look and the famous Barbie Skirt!

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world!
(Sorry had to be done!)

Also it's now my blog's 1st Birthday so happy Birthday to The New 6'2! 

Monday, 8 April 2013


After a long week I decided I'd pose for a few photies in an outfit or two, but when I was picking up my neW Cheer kit it occurred to me that I'd never shown or talked that much about Cheerleading except the fact I do it... 

Cheerleading is basically what I do for a hobby besides blogging - which we don't seem to mention much on blogs... So I thought I would!

Doing a few standard cheer poses!
I'd never really done cheer before uni - more just gym and dance and I've always been pretty flexible - but when I joined my uni I've LOVED it - well until I fractured my ankle at comp and can't now compete till next year! (Urgh I'm accident prone!) I love cheerleading, but I hate the fact everyone thinks we run round with pom-pom's like idiots at football games; which we do some times - But we are hard-core athletes. 

We compete in competitions like FuterCheer, BCA and Nationals and compete at different levels. I only compete at level 1 and 2 - But I have a friend who competes at level 3 ad 4 - then 5/6 is where it get's super cringey to watch! It's helped me teach myself to be more flexible again after an accident meaning I can get back into the splits and show off my funny bending leg in a heel stretch!
Heel Stretches and the Splits! - and yes my leg does bend on a funny angle!
But as it is a kind of #OOTD post I won't skip on talking about how cute this outfit is! Though the skirt is rather short and the compay over estimated my 34FF's as the top's a wee bit big! But you can't expect perfection! The classic look is always the standard over top and skirt with your Under-Armour (A fancy word for a top and a pair of black spanx!) underneath. Add a pair of white trainers and a bow to top it all off  - and obviously a splash of bright red lippy (I'm wearing MAC: Lady in Red -it's amazing you MUST try it!) and I end up looking like one of Barbie's lil sister's and like a Staffordshire Scarlette! But it's fun and I love it!

So that's a wee brief on a lil hobby and me showing off a few moves - as I love to do! 

Tell me what you think and if any of you Cheer, Dance or generally if you just have other Hobbies besides blogging - I'd love to know!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SEVENTEEN: doll'd up

Well as part of my Thrift haul I managed to snag up a super bargain in Boots with this fabulous new SEVENTEEN mascara: Doll'd Up... I was rather happy to snag such a bargain in boots as usually I end up getting carried away and spending the equivalent of my wages in there - before I get them! I simply couldn't resist this after getting a Boots 'Give it a go' vouchers and had one that allowed me to get this new mascara to try (in full - as sometimes it's just samples) for only £2 when the RRP is £6.29!

I'd been dying to try this after seeing the advert - well I'm always on the outlook for a new mascara - I'm like Indy going after the Holy Grail - Except mines not a cup! My initial thoughts were that I really loved the simplistic yet stylish look of the tube gave an expensive chic look. It came in two shades: Blackest Black and Black/Brown . Having naturally dark lashes I went for 'Blackest Black'!

It has a curl and volume clump defying brush - so far this has lived up to it's name as there's no nasty spider legs here. It claims to have 24 hour staying power - and I'll be honest, I was naughty and fell asleep in my make-up (terrible I know!!!!) and woke looking only slightly panda-eyed - so the staying power isn't perfect, but nothing it. It boasts to give you a wide-eyed doll look - well I'll let you be the judge!
After one coat on top.
Two coats on the bottom.
I didn't exactly resemble a Barbie doll, and frankly it didn't give as much volume as it boasted, but it was nice for a more daytime mascara; rather than a going out one. As it didn't quite give the oomph it claimed it would but was certainly better with two coats rather than one - as are most mascara's!
The curved brush allowed for a fabulously easy application and it didn't dry too quickly; meaning I could 'play' with it, if you get my meaning i.e. curling it or adding another coat. The brush itself also wasn't to hard and made it easy to maneuver to get fuller looking lashes!

So that's my thoughts on Seventeen's Doll'd Up Mascara - No, ok, I didn't get the most desired dolly looking eyes in the world, but for £2 I got a nifty lil mascara that does exactly what it says on the tin - ok near enough!

If you want to try it you can get it from Boots online or in store - unfortunately it will  be £6.29  (unless you get the same voucher!) I would recommend people try this as it is rather inexpensive and gives a nice subtle oomph to lashes that isn't to be missed!

I'd love to know if you've tried this or any other Seventeen products as now I'm eager to try some more now!

Tell me your thoughts...