Sunday, 31 March 2013


Well coming home to Cumbria, I don't usually expect to get some city-style bargains since I live in a teeny tiny town - but I went shopping yesterday with my Mum and I came home with TONNES of thrifty bargains!

So this is Officially my FIRST Thrifty Beauty Haul!
Lauren Luke: My Smokey Classics Pallet
Seventeen: Doll'd Up Mascara
Rimmel London: Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer
Pearl Belly Button Bars
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs
Red Professional Manicure Nails
 Everything I bought was under a tenner per item - the most expensive things being the Belly bars at £3 each! In total I spent roughly £20 on these items (that's rounded up!) so it's definitely beauty on a budget! This is my first truly thrift haul - so this has got me very excited as I'm one of those people that can find bargains  but not as good as the ones I found yesterday!

I did only set out that day to get Miss.Selfridges Barbie print skirt - but that wasn't in stock at my local - so I set out to find some lovely things too cheer me up and beauty product shopping always helps this! So here's what I got:
  • Lauren Luke: My Smokey Classics Pallet: This has a reatail price of £19.45. But I was having a hunt round my local British heart foundation store - as you'll never know what you'll find - and this was one of them moments! I managed to nab this nifty palette for only £2.50 - perfectly in tact and NEVER been used - So I've got a full review planned on this! This is my first truly thrifty buy so I'm incredibly excited by it as I made a £17.95 saving! 
  • Seventeen: Doll'd Up Mascara: I was lucky enough to receive some Boots: Give it a Go vouchers and this was one of my "GIAG" specials - I could purchase this new mascara for only £2 (when it's meant to be £6.49) to try it out and see if I like it! Again I have another full review planned as it seems like a really good mascara!

  • Pearl Belly Button Bars & Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs: These are from a local quirky shop in town, it's very tiny, but stocks the likes of Pilgrim Jewellery and even LucyQ - It was quite awkward to go in when my Stalker worked there - as she'd be rude and sell me the wrong sizes, but without her there I thou roughly enjoyed my shopping and got some lovely Hypo-Allergenic Bath Bombs eeek!
  • Red Professional Manicure Nails: I picked up these in my Local Home Bargains for £1.99 - they're more of a repurchase and living proof you don't need to splash to get lovely long nails as they're a really good quality!
So that's everything I got - it was only a didi haul, but it was all well worth it! I also picked up some Easter Birthday gifts for my guy and family! I think I picked up some bloody good bargains - that I'm très excitée to use - esp. that make-up pallet as it seems incredibly good quality!

So, I'd love to know if any of you have used these products or items (esp the pallet and concealer!) and I can't wait to review these all for you!

Eeek - Tell me your thoughts 
Happy Easter!


  1. Amazing haul! Such bargains too!

  2. The palette looks lovely! Such a good price too! xx


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