Friday, 22 March 2013


MUA: Undress Me Too,
Barry M Khol Pencil Liner in Royal Blue,
Max Factor
Clump Defy Mascara,
MUA Brow Kit.
Nivea Hydration Primer,
Essentially Natural Foundation,
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer.
Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant
 (Jewel Collection - Post review to come!)
Sorry to bombard you all with pictures of my wee face, but I've had a moment of self-shock with my sudden love of bright eyes - well bright for me.... Subtly (of course!)

I'm usually a lover of all things nude and natural and saving my bright eyes for those fabulous nights out. But I've been inspired by Cosmo and Glamour - and strangely enough by something my boss was sporting - and that's blue eyeliner/eye shadow!

I actually haven't sported this look since 2006 when blue eyes were really 'in' and every girl in school have to have blue eye shadow, eye liner, mascara - it was huge. I was inspired by this recall in the look and went on the outlook for something other than black/dark eyeliners... Like I said, I never stray too far away from my UD Naked 2 pallet so this splash of colour has had me feeling brighter and more summery - yes even in this hideous weather!

Story aside, (as if you couldn't tell I tend to ramble a bit!) - bur the main feature is my experimentation was this Barry M Khol Liner in Royal Blue... I literally dragged my mum around Boots for an hour before we decided on the perfect one, and this was it! Its shown very effective as it gives a smooth straight and bright line with just one go- which is often hard to do with most pencil liners; as normally I got for pen or liquid. It has a lovely creamy and soft consistency (Meaning no digging into your sensitive lil eyes) but it's high-quality and lasted the whole day; definitely bringing out the blue in my eyes - if I must say so myself!

I thought blue would be a nice 'flash from the past' and a lovely change to standard black - Since this brand has proven itself I fancy going back for their purple (as it is my favey colour!) - I also picked up a 'Scadaleyes' Rimmel cream/beige to line my eyes - it is worn in the pic, but it's not shown well - so that will get it's own post!

So I've been trying to brighten up in this lovely summery weather - (hear's hoping the sarcasm is not lost haha) and get excited for Easter - which I can't wait to Rock in my lovely little home town - as per!

So have you tried any brights - subtle or not?
Tell me your thoughts...


P.S Who else noticed in the pictures I'm sporting a pony-tail up-do - how rare for me??

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  1. Gorgeous look! :)

  2. Your eyes look seriously gorgeous here, love your make up

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  3. Nice make-up and I love the colour of your eyes ;)

  4. Love the eyeliner, and your eyes look stunning here :)

  5. You have the nicest eyes. :) The blue liner really goes with them, it looks gorgeous. :)
    Mia x

    1. Thank you - I was hoping it would help them stand out they can look rather small at times ha x

  6. I love the look and your hair!!

    1. Thank you my hair is always very simple - natural curls with a bit of taming ect then it was just clipped haha thanks x

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments - they're amazing! xxx


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