Friday, 8 March 2013


Well in all stereotype of the typical British person, the sun comes out and the tops come off - or at least my winter coat is! Plus with my own lack or current creativity in the shoe department, because of a certain cast - I've been feeding my hobby of online browsing and putting stuff in the basket "to look at later" (we've all done it!) Well during this I've been dreaming of a sunny spring; to rephrase good ol' Bing; and I've come up with just one of many spring outfits I've been investing in...

These are a simple array of Topshop, ASOS and of course Zara to make up this pastel perfect spring outfit:

White Structured Blazer - Topshop - £50 
Lace Bardot Crop Top - Topshop - £18
Ottoman Hands Multi Row Hoop Earrings - ASOS - £40
Cupro Soft Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop - £45
POETRY High Heels - ASOS - £42
Metallic Stone Necklace - ASOS - £20
Cut Work Tote Bag - Zara - £129

As you can tell I've jumped on the white-blazer bangwagon - well I actually never got off it from last summer - but in the dank weather and with how pale I am - I've been unable to style mine to give the style the justice it deserves - so I've decided to revive it for the summer - but unlike some, I actually haven't gone for a pop of colour with it, I've gone for something for versatile and more debutante style mixed with the monochrome as I've stuck to light pastels with pops of statement gold pieces and that gorgeous bag....

I've picked these as each piece, though simple and rather classic, gives the right look of versatility, as you can take each piece from a lecture at uni or a day in the office right to a night out with the girls - it's also gives a quirky twist to a standard blazer-trouser look due to the adding of the lace crop top partnered the right way with a pair of wide leg high-waist trousers - giving an almost naughty twist with that teeny bit of skin shown.

The bag itself may be the most expensive piece, but I know from experience that owning a Zara bag is well worth the investment, they look amazing and are such a high-quality... Plus this bag compliments the quirkiness to the outfit and goes well with the pops of gold jewellery... The shoes are simple, yet stylish, the nude colour is fabulous, and if you're still rocking red jeans they go fab with them meaning you don't have to simply stick to your beloved Chelsea boots...

So this is just one of the looks I'm loving for S/S13 and I'm definitely loving the return of the 90's crop - I've had so many additions to my wardrobe it's unreal!

Sorry, I've been missing from the blogsphere- but, truth be told, my beloved laptop took a turn for the worst then between work, uni, and actually having to plan my future, ad making lesson plans then trying to walk normally again, my wee blog seems to have been a wee bit neglected - so I hope you're all loving the new spring looks as much as I am! Because I truly am excited by every piece of clothing and make-up products there is coming out at the moment... (is it sad to be excited about that???)

Anyway, tell me what you think of my picks...
Have you been loving any of these at the moment?


  1. That crop is gorgeous! & I love that Zara bag, it's a nice twist on the classic that you see everywhere nowadays!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattos

  2. I love the little lace top, I've had my eye on that too and I'd definitely be snapping it up if I had the figure! The bracelet is really pretty too. xo

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  4. lovely items you have chosen that bag is gorgeous.
    Hope you get a place at the meet up :).

  5. Love all the pastel colours for spring, that bag is so pretty

    A little bit Unique


  6. Love the blazer! :) A really gorgeous colour for spring!
    Natalie xx

  7. I love pastels for spring the pale pink is so girly and cute! I like the little lace crop top would go lovely with a little skater skirt. P.s I love your blog title i'm 5'1 also and 20 in May!


  8. The crop top and the trousers would look amazing together! You've got great taste X


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