Thursday, 14 March 2013


Meh technology you beguile me! 

I got used to Vista, they bring out 7. I get used to Google Reader and GFC  and they try and get rid of that? Grr.. any way - I've always been a fan of Bloglovin, and it seems this is going to have to be my new windows 7 because apparently they're binning Google Reader on July 1st and perhaps GFC is being sacked off too; so I've been importing all the lovely blogs I follow in to Bloglovin and decided to put it into more action - as I've discovered it's actually really useful for finding and reading all my favourite blogs...

So if you haven't already get yourselves on it and love it - I do... If you fancy taking a peek at mine and perhaps following (cough cough those of you that already follow me) head over to mine:

Join bloglovin and don't forget to leave me your links because I LOVE finding new blogs to read and follow - it makes me so eek happy to read new blogs...

So I'll leave you with this info, hopefully it doesn't go, but if it does, be prepared (to quote Scar from my favey film!) I'll be back with a lovely beauty/fashion related post tomorrow, for now, have a smile - or a pout!


  1. Ill be so gutted if they do actually get rid of GFC! Your make up in photo really makes your eyes pop, you look lovely!

    My bloglovin' if you're interested

    Natalie xx

  2. Im devastated they're getting rid of it! So annoying!

    mine is


  3. I'm now following you at Bloglovin' in preparation of google reader going. Here's my link if your interested xx

  4. Thanks for your link, done!
    It's sad to hear about GFC closing...
    just posted on my blog about my bloglovin x

  5. I don't understand this whole thing at all, it's so annoying :( But you look really pretty in that photo! I love your eye make up

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  6. Being 5ft 1 myself, I agree the most expensive gifts come in small packages.


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