Saturday, 2 March 2013

Estée Lauder | Chic to Cheek

I found a make-up soul-mate in Estée Lauder many years ago now, when my mum passed on their secrets to me when I was 14... She gave me her vintage gold compact, which I still cherish like a child to this day. I  then moved through their products like wild-fire; from foundation to nail varnish - I love it all... But what has become a baby of mine was my Chic To Cheek | tone correcting powder that I was blessed with at Christmas...
This sleek lil compact has proven itself time and time again - and; I only got it at Christmas...
This consist of four different powders of different colours; pink, blue, yellow and green. Which, if used separately can tackle the troubles of their own speciality i.e. green for redness, yellow for dark circles ect. But it can be used together on bare skin or over make-up to correct natural skin discolouration and reduce the appearence of an uneven skin tone. Which is something, I personally suffer from!

You can use it as a highlighter once blended together or just using the blue and pink tones over cheek bones and brow bones - which is seriously the best highlighter I've had. It's so important to use a highlighter during make-up application and this, although claims to give a matte finish - gives just the right glow to really live up to the £56 it cost originally... I've been using the yellow over under-eye concealer to hold it in place with a small concealer brush and to assist against my dark circle; I admittedly have and the green over spt concealer to give it a helping hand to reduce redness on those bad days...

I really love this product and have been taking it everywhere - as it's really versatile with it's uses as you can even apply as a face powder to avoid a shiny nose ect during the day... 

Estée Lauder; though can be pricey are of such good quality. Their nail varnish's last for days on end without chipping (My favourite is Temping Melon) their eye shaddows are definitely of better quality than; I hate to say it; my Urban Decay and their perfumes? Well, we all know their fabulous, so need I say more?

Now, I'd been dying to do a post on this since I got it; and I fear I may not have done it, or Estée Lauder, justice - but what's great about this product -which is common throughout the Estée Lauder brand - it's suitable for everyone. They have so many products which  such avability. I just can't wait to see what I'll pick up next! (I'm dying for a Zodiac Compact!!!) 

Have you tried this or any other Estée Lauder products?


  1. Such a gorgeous palette, I need to get my hands on this

    A little bit Unique


  2. Oh my gosh! I love the colouring of this sooooo much! I love Estee lauder, I find they never disappoint me! You have got yourself a new follower

    If you fancy it, feel free to check my blog out xx

  3. This looks like such an interesting product! <3 I may need to try it out hehe! :))


  4. Those compacts are just amazing!! Putting that on my list x

  5. I agree on the quality and its one brand that doesnt make me break out.


  6. Thats interesting, having blue in there, although makes sense as I heard it balances out skin tone.
    I haven't used EL makeup but big fan of their perfume.

  7. nice post! love that make up!!
    following you now

  8. Looks like a very lovely product :)
    I can totally see why you love it so much :)
    Oh that Zodiac compact look amazing :D I especially love that picture since Im a Sagittarius :)

  9. Check my blog :) Theres a post on there for you :D
    Beautiful Blogger Award :D


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