Sunday, 31 March 2013


Well coming home to Cumbria, I don't usually expect to get some city-style bargains since I live in a teeny tiny town - but I went shopping yesterday with my Mum and I came home with TONNES of thrifty bargains!

So this is Officially my FIRST Thrifty Beauty Haul!
Lauren Luke: My Smokey Classics Pallet
Seventeen: Doll'd Up Mascara
Rimmel London: Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer
Pearl Belly Button Bars
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs
Red Professional Manicure Nails
 Everything I bought was under a tenner per item - the most expensive things being the Belly bars at £3 each! In total I spent roughly £20 on these items (that's rounded up!) so it's definitely beauty on a budget! This is my first truly thrift haul - so this has got me very excited as I'm one of those people that can find bargains  but not as good as the ones I found yesterday!

I did only set out that day to get Miss.Selfridges Barbie print skirt - but that wasn't in stock at my local - so I set out to find some lovely things too cheer me up and beauty product shopping always helps this! So here's what I got:
  • Lauren Luke: My Smokey Classics Pallet: This has a reatail price of £19.45. But I was having a hunt round my local British heart foundation store - as you'll never know what you'll find - and this was one of them moments! I managed to nab this nifty palette for only £2.50 - perfectly in tact and NEVER been used - So I've got a full review planned on this! This is my first truly thrifty buy so I'm incredibly excited by it as I made a £17.95 saving! 
  • Seventeen: Doll'd Up Mascara: I was lucky enough to receive some Boots: Give it a Go vouchers and this was one of my "GIAG" specials - I could purchase this new mascara for only £2 (when it's meant to be £6.49) to try it out and see if I like it! Again I have another full review planned as it seems like a really good mascara!

  • Pearl Belly Button Bars & Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs: These are from a local quirky shop in town, it's very tiny, but stocks the likes of Pilgrim Jewellery and even LucyQ - It was quite awkward to go in when my Stalker worked there - as she'd be rude and sell me the wrong sizes, but without her there I thou roughly enjoyed my shopping and got some lovely Hypo-Allergenic Bath Bombs eeek!
  • Red Professional Manicure Nails: I picked up these in my Local Home Bargains for £1.99 - they're more of a repurchase and living proof you don't need to splash to get lovely long nails as they're a really good quality!
So that's everything I got - it was only a didi haul, but it was all well worth it! I also picked up some Easter Birthday gifts for my guy and family! I think I picked up some bloody good bargains - that I'm très excitée to use - esp. that make-up pallet as it seems incredibly good quality!

So, I'd love to know if any of you have used these products or items (esp the pallet and concealer!) and I can't wait to review these all for you!

Eeek - Tell me your thoughts 
Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

STYLE STEAL: Kate Middleton

A HUGE style icon of mine is Kate Middleton. She really hit the scene with a storm and I fell head over heals with her wardrobe when I first saw her in a fabulous trench, fascinator and the most gorgeous pair of Knee boots! (And of course her famous wedding dress) She just has one of the best classy yet down to earth looks I've ever seen!
Picture 1:  Twill trousers by J Brand, a Smythe blazer, Linda Camm belt and Pied A Terre wedge slingbacks.
Picture 2: A navy Issa bird print with black pumps.
Picture 3: Erdem’s blue lace Cecile dress with nude pumps and nude clutch.
So this post is just the start of a series basically showing you a celeb/star/icon of mine in a few select outfits; then I'll attempt to "copy" these with more high-street names rather than a Royal Budget! (So Hopfully I'll do the stars some justice!)

Outfit 1: 
This is a take on Picture one: Her more down to earth skinnies blazer combo.
Piped Slim Joggers By Boutique: Topshop: £45
Vila White Tombra Ruffle Neck Top: Newlook: £24.99
Ponte Boyfriend Blazer: Topshop: £40
Teens Black Knotted Canvas Wedges: Newlook: £14.99
This is the basic look to the outfit - I would add some statement jewellery to brighten it a bit and to get those gold buttons on the blazer nip to your local market and they're cheap as chips (to quote that never used line!) and then just crack out an needle and thread and get creative - so easy!

Outfit 2: 
This is my simplistic take on picture two - and man it was hell to find that dress!
Bird Print Tea Dress: Select: £14
Navy bird print chiffon dress: Polyvore/Dorothy Perkins: £18
Oval Face Pendant: Topshop: £8.50
Kelly Brook Black Suedette Platform Court Shoes: Newlook: £24.99
I gave two options for the dress as the dress Kate is wearing is Navy, but rather dark, so I thought I'd show a black option. Also the necklace she's wearing is rather tiny. so I just went for something that was still classy, but has a bit more oomph!

Outfit 3:
A take on her simple yet elegant lace dress with her leg elongating  nude pumps with matching nude clutch (my personal favourite as I can't resist a cue clutch!)
Black & Pink Lace Sweetheart Dress: Quiz: £24.99
Covered Stud Clutch: Topshop: £38
Nude Suedette Court Shoes: Newlook: £19.99
Round Hoop Earrings: Topshop: £7.50
Hexagon Bolt Cuff: Topshop: £15

The dress is fabulous for value and would go well with the nude pumps and studded clutch bag; which I picked to "jazz" up the outfit, along with the gold jewellery - as I thought it needed a bit more sparkle for a fab night.

Well that's the last of my Kate Middleton outfit steals - but of course, without stating the obvious a Kate Middleton day-to-day look wouldn't be complete without a gray, blue or cream midi as a staple (they have some fabulous ones in Topshop at the mo!) a Green/Khaki trench dress coat and a fabulous pair of knee high boots! (Barratts is the place to go for these babies!)

I know some people have done the likes of Millie Mackintosh, Lady Gaga, Una Healy and even some Hollyoaks characters - but I just wanted to show my only love of the Royals through Mrs. Wales! I mean don't even get me started on her hair - I think I'm basing my wedding hair on her's!

So that's my take on a few outfits by one of my favourite style icons. Have you got and style icons or a love for Kate like me? Kate is fabulous and classy - but next I think it's time to steal the style of some one a bit crazier??

Tell me what you think...


Sunday, 24 March 2013

River Island | Circa 2011 | RETAKE

Blazer: Topshop
Croptop: Primark
Trousers: Rivers Island
Shoes: Debenhams
These trousers mean A LOT to me! 

That sounds really strange for a pair of trousers to mean a lot to someone. They're not extraordinary - and they're certainly nothing like those travelling pants; they're just a pair of 2011 Spring/Summer River Island pants in size 10! But I got them as a pressie for passing my driving test - then I walked round London (and Harrods!) in them along with wearing them for a professional photo-shoot (no joke!) - So me and these birdy print trousers have been through a lot together...

But recently I've neglected them as being more summery/spring trousers I've packed them away - But I'm rebelling the snow; yes I'm ignoring it's existence (despite the fact it's freezing cold) and I've cracked them out - along with a more this season crop top!

I decided to make them a day-time look - that's, obviously, easily transferable to nighttime. Though I picked a lace crop top to partner them with for a daytime look; this went well as their high waist... (Not to be a prude, but I don't think my boss would appreciate seeing my belly button!) For night-time, I'd normally whip on a pair of high wedges and set off, but for day I went with my trusty statement flatforms... I topped it all off with a Topshop Tailored blazer - and I can't help mention - that (if I must say so myself) I'm definitely rocking this high-pony with the look for daytime... As normally for night I'd let my natural curls loose!

I stuck with some simple pieces as I tend to reserve statement pieces for nights-out - but I went "crazy" with some bright lippy - just to keep it interesting!

I thought it was simply about time I resurrected these trousers; as I personally think they're rather flattering for my body shape and a few others such as heart, boy and maybe pear or apple (I'm sorry I can't resist a 'Knowing Your Shape'... ) But I must say, what I truly love about these trousers is I saw them on a girl that bullied me and I was happy to confirm, I personally (and so did a few others) thought I pulled them off slightly better that she did... But it is one of those not-too-bitchy-but-bitchy girl moments, where you're glad you're rocking something better! (We can't help it!)

Unfortunately these trousers haven't been in stock for nearly two years - so I couldn't tell you all to try them - but it you find some similar, go for it - and give me a shout about them too!

So what do you all think of my #OOTD? Are you rocking anything similar?
Tell me your thoughts!

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Friday, 22 March 2013


MUA: Undress Me Too,
Barry M Khol Pencil Liner in Royal Blue,
Max Factor
Clump Defy Mascara,
MUA Brow Kit.
Nivea Hydration Primer,
Essentially Natural Foundation,
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer.
Elizabeth Arden: Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant
 (Jewel Collection - Post review to come!)
Sorry to bombard you all with pictures of my wee face, but I've had a moment of self-shock with my sudden love of bright eyes - well bright for me.... Subtly (of course!)

I'm usually a lover of all things nude and natural and saving my bright eyes for those fabulous nights out. But I've been inspired by Cosmo and Glamour - and strangely enough by something my boss was sporting - and that's blue eyeliner/eye shadow!

I actually haven't sported this look since 2006 when blue eyes were really 'in' and every girl in school have to have blue eye shadow, eye liner, mascara - it was huge. I was inspired by this recall in the look and went on the outlook for something other than black/dark eyeliners... Like I said, I never stray too far away from my UD Naked 2 pallet so this splash of colour has had me feeling brighter and more summery - yes even in this hideous weather!

Story aside, (as if you couldn't tell I tend to ramble a bit!) - bur the main feature is my experimentation was this Barry M Khol Liner in Royal Blue... I literally dragged my mum around Boots for an hour before we decided on the perfect one, and this was it! Its shown very effective as it gives a smooth straight and bright line with just one go- which is often hard to do with most pencil liners; as normally I got for pen or liquid. It has a lovely creamy and soft consistency (Meaning no digging into your sensitive lil eyes) but it's high-quality and lasted the whole day; definitely bringing out the blue in my eyes - if I must say so myself!

I thought blue would be a nice 'flash from the past' and a lovely change to standard black - Since this brand has proven itself I fancy going back for their purple (as it is my favey colour!) - I also picked up a 'Scadaleyes' Rimmel cream/beige to line my eyes - it is worn in the pic, but it's not shown well - so that will get it's own post!

So I've been trying to brighten up in this lovely summery weather - (hear's hoping the sarcasm is not lost haha) and get excited for Easter - which I can't wait to Rock in my lovely little home town - as per!

So have you tried any brights - subtle or not?
Tell me your thoughts...


P.S Who else noticed in the pictures I'm sporting a pony-tail up-do - how rare for me??

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Saturday, 16 March 2013


 Urban Decay
Naked 2,
 L’Oréal Infallible The Super Slim,
Max Factor
No Clumps Mascara
Revlon Photo perfect Primer,
 No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation,
MeMeMe Beat The Blues in Oyster Gold,
pretty in pink Blush.
Jelly Pong Pong
in Marshmallow Pink
I've fallen in love with girly pinks at the moment - which is most unlike myself! It was ever since I got this months Glossybox and it came with the fabulous Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush - which I haven't seem to have been able to put down since I got it - so my #FOTD is featuring exactly that!

It's such a soft and gentle pink, that gives a nice feminine glow.... I'd never heard of this brand, admittedly, before I got this months box, and I have to say after checking it out, I'm incredibly eager in which to try more products... The Lip Blush I was sent was in Marshmallow Pink. Again not something I would've picked for myself, but since first use I've fillen head over heels!

I went for a kind of English-Rose look, with slight pink blush cheeks, and natural/neutral eye make-up, to keep focus of this delicate lippy... The lippy itself comes in two shades and made with beeswax and ceresin wax for a sheer, smooth application. It hydrates your lips like a balm, but has the staying power of a lip tint. It's also lovely how light-weight it is as with this current ever-changing weather I can't risk wearing a heavy lippy due to the risk of cakey or flaky lips (as that's ewww!) So the fact this melts on and stays I can't brag about it enough!

So I've been feeling PRETTY IN PINK and this lippt has certainly helped brighten my hopes of Spring/Summer even in this snowy-one-day-sunny-the-next climate! 

I'd love to know if you're feeling pinks too this season? Also if you have any Jelly Pong Pong Suggestions you all need to send them my way!


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Thursday, 14 March 2013


Meh technology you beguile me! 

I got used to Vista, they bring out 7. I get used to Google Reader and GFC  and they try and get rid of that? Grr.. any way - I've always been a fan of Bloglovin, and it seems this is going to have to be my new windows 7 because apparently they're binning Google Reader on July 1st and perhaps GFC is being sacked off too; so I've been importing all the lovely blogs I follow in to Bloglovin and decided to put it into more action - as I've discovered it's actually really useful for finding and reading all my favourite blogs...

So if you haven't already get yourselves on it and love it - I do... If you fancy taking a peek at mine and perhaps following (cough cough those of you that already follow me) head over to mine:

Join bloglovin and don't forget to leave me your links because I LOVE finding new blogs to read and follow - it makes me so eek happy to read new blogs...

So I'll leave you with this info, hopefully it doesn't go, but if it does, be prepared (to quote Scar from my favey film!) I'll be back with a lovely beauty/fashion related post tomorrow, for now, have a smile - or a pout!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Surprise in Spring! | GLOSSYBOX | March 2013

Spring hasn't been so 'springy' lately, as if you haven't been affected, you're lucky, but in my end of the woods we've even had snow - AGAIN! So, I'm not best pleased - though I suppose nothing could cheer me up like getting new beauty products to fawn and drool over - so thank you Miss.Glossybox for cheering me up...
Other bloggers that I've seen review this box have shockingly been sooo similar or exactly the same - which I originally was a bit grumbly-bumbly (Yes, that may be a made-up word...) about that, but I it was all put into a lovely perspective as I've loved being able to compare thoughts on the products...
What I got: 
  • Nails Inc - in St James - (RRP £11) I love this sexy red, though the sample is small, but it is a lovely lasting colour that makes a nice pop of colour impact on a more monochrome or, in need of a better word, plainer outfit. 
  • Tres Semme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray - (RRP £3.13) This actually came at the most perfect time as I  LOVE  Tres Semme hair spray and due to my overuse at my Cheer Comp I was in dire need of some more - so this is a definite use and keep in my book.
  • Juicy Couture Couture La La perfume sample - (RRP (from) £34.50) I'm always skeptical about getting perfume samples - and I'll be honest, I'd been instantly put off even trying this when I first saw it because it lacked taste and class in looks - yes I know I shouldn't judge a book ect, and I did and BOY was I wrong, this is a gorgeous young feminine and floral fragrance that was actually complimented on!
  • Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush - in Marshmallow Pink - (RRP £12) I actually thought this was going to be too pink girly for my taste but I instantly loved this soft pink colour and it has such a smooth application that doesn't go crusty or fade plus it's so lightweight. It's definitely made it to my handbag and I shall do a full review.
  • Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream - (RRP £25) Now, I've already had this so I actually know what it's like and I love it - so this fabulously hydrating cream is a handy to keep in my handbag to take with me for super long days!
I wont say I was 'wowwed' with this box, but I'm very damn pleased with it! It's definitely full of stuff that I'll use and most of it I'd recommend to others... Though I have had perfume samples twice in a row, so maybe next time something different Miss.Glossybox?
There was also a cute little 'Travel Book' full of cute little facts and stickers and no-one can say no to stickers!!! BONUS!

So have you had your Glossybox? 
Have you tried any of these products?

Friday, 8 March 2013


Well in all stereotype of the typical British person, the sun comes out and the tops come off - or at least my winter coat is! Plus with my own lack or current creativity in the shoe department, because of a certain cast - I've been feeding my hobby of online browsing and putting stuff in the basket "to look at later" (we've all done it!) Well during this I've been dreaming of a sunny spring; to rephrase good ol' Bing; and I've come up with just one of many spring outfits I've been investing in...

These are a simple array of Topshop, ASOS and of course Zara to make up this pastel perfect spring outfit:

White Structured Blazer - Topshop - £50 
Lace Bardot Crop Top - Topshop - £18
Ottoman Hands Multi Row Hoop Earrings - ASOS - £40
Cupro Soft Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop - £45
POETRY High Heels - ASOS - £42
Metallic Stone Necklace - ASOS - £20
Cut Work Tote Bag - Zara - £129

As you can tell I've jumped on the white-blazer bangwagon - well I actually never got off it from last summer - but in the dank weather and with how pale I am - I've been unable to style mine to give the style the justice it deserves - so I've decided to revive it for the summer - but unlike some, I actually haven't gone for a pop of colour with it, I've gone for something for versatile and more debutante style mixed with the monochrome as I've stuck to light pastels with pops of statement gold pieces and that gorgeous bag....

I've picked these as each piece, though simple and rather classic, gives the right look of versatility, as you can take each piece from a lecture at uni or a day in the office right to a night out with the girls - it's also gives a quirky twist to a standard blazer-trouser look due to the adding of the lace crop top partnered the right way with a pair of wide leg high-waist trousers - giving an almost naughty twist with that teeny bit of skin shown.

The bag itself may be the most expensive piece, but I know from experience that owning a Zara bag is well worth the investment, they look amazing and are such a high-quality... Plus this bag compliments the quirkiness to the outfit and goes well with the pops of gold jewellery... The shoes are simple, yet stylish, the nude colour is fabulous, and if you're still rocking red jeans they go fab with them meaning you don't have to simply stick to your beloved Chelsea boots...

So this is just one of the looks I'm loving for S/S13 and I'm definitely loving the return of the 90's crop - I've had so many additions to my wardrobe it's unreal!

Sorry, I've been missing from the blogsphere- but, truth be told, my beloved laptop took a turn for the worst then between work, uni, and actually having to plan my future, ad making lesson plans then trying to walk normally again, my wee blog seems to have been a wee bit neglected - so I hope you're all loving the new spring looks as much as I am! Because I truly am excited by every piece of clothing and make-up products there is coming out at the moment... (is it sad to be excited about that???)

Anyway, tell me what you think of my picks...
Have you been loving any of these at the moment?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Estée Lauder | Chic to Cheek

I found a make-up soul-mate in Estée Lauder many years ago now, when my mum passed on their secrets to me when I was 14... She gave me her vintage gold compact, which I still cherish like a child to this day. I  then moved through their products like wild-fire; from foundation to nail varnish - I love it all... But what has become a baby of mine was my Chic To Cheek | tone correcting powder that I was blessed with at Christmas...
This sleek lil compact has proven itself time and time again - and; I only got it at Christmas...
This consist of four different powders of different colours; pink, blue, yellow and green. Which, if used separately can tackle the troubles of their own speciality i.e. green for redness, yellow for dark circles ect. But it can be used together on bare skin or over make-up to correct natural skin discolouration and reduce the appearence of an uneven skin tone. Which is something, I personally suffer from!

You can use it as a highlighter once blended together or just using the blue and pink tones over cheek bones and brow bones - which is seriously the best highlighter I've had. It's so important to use a highlighter during make-up application and this, although claims to give a matte finish - gives just the right glow to really live up to the £56 it cost originally... I've been using the yellow over under-eye concealer to hold it in place with a small concealer brush and to assist against my dark circle; I admittedly have and the green over spt concealer to give it a helping hand to reduce redness on those bad days...

I really love this product and have been taking it everywhere - as it's really versatile with it's uses as you can even apply as a face powder to avoid a shiny nose ect during the day... 

Estée Lauder; though can be pricey are of such good quality. Their nail varnish's last for days on end without chipping (My favourite is Temping Melon) their eye shaddows are definitely of better quality than; I hate to say it; my Urban Decay and their perfumes? Well, we all know their fabulous, so need I say more?

Now, I'd been dying to do a post on this since I got it; and I fear I may not have done it, or Estée Lauder, justice - but what's great about this product -which is common throughout the Estée Lauder brand - it's suitable for everyone. They have so many products which  such avability. I just can't wait to see what I'll pick up next! (I'm dying for a Zodiac Compact!!!) 

Have you tried this or any other Estée Lauder products?