Thursday, 14 February 2013

Worn with LOVE... Valentines OOTD!

Well, to state the blooming obvious, it's Valentines Day!

Now whether you think it's a commercial ploy, or play in to it with pink hearts stuck round your house, it's a fabulous excuse to show off what you're wearing! Every year, no matter what, I make a lil (BIG) deal about St.Valentines - well any holiday really - but on valentines you either get to play the cynic or the desperate romantic...

For Valentines, me and my man have decided to stay in and do a joint effort meal - which, as it's duck takes  longer than it does for me to get ready so I decided to show off my outfits (yes both!) and do a bit of posing in the wait. I have two outfits to show as I was treated to a wee bit of shopping in the day and I LOVE to dress up for a meal in the night... 
Jeans: Next.
Shirt and Blazer: Topshop
Shoes: Debenhams,
Jewellery: Pandora, Rolex and LucyQ
For my shopping I decided to go for a casual shirt-jeans combo. Along with the new shoes I was treated to yesterday as an early Valentines gift. They were such a bargain, as I was fawning round Debenhams Make-up when I got drawn to these babies; they were £36 but I got them for a cracking £4!

London Rebel Flatforms: £10 online
I love them as they're like a pair of Ballet pumps, buuut give lil petite ladies like me a lil' extra height due to them being one of the most AH-MAZING things ever - FLATFORMS - They're a must (in my opinion) for Spring/Summer 2013!

For our preving meal (pre-evening hehe) I decided to dress up a bit and make an effort for my valentine....
Bralet, Blazer and Skirt:Topshop
Tights and Shoes: Newlook
I picked this because it was sophisticated and quirky. The Denim Bralet I'm loving at the moment - as even though my boobies are a bit big I managed to find a lovely size 10 from Topshop that I can wear with double  F's and a lovely supportive bra -bonus. I partnered it with my an item from one of my favourite trends - my peplum skirt and my Black wedges I picked up in the Boxing day sales...

My night is/was pretty complete with the fabulous Duck meal I had ie. Food Babies all around, Champagne, good T.V and cuddles in the onesies with my Man!

I'm certainly having an AH-MAZING Valentines Day, and whether you're single, taken or in the dreaded no-man's land of relationship's, I hope you're having a wonderful loved-up day - even if it's with your bestie or just Hollyoaks (I know I've been there!) - Have a fan-tabulous day!

Now, I blow a kiss to you all (If you're not getting them of anyone, you might as well off me - I have plenty to give ;-P)
- Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Super cute outfits! Happy Valentines Day!


  2. You look gorgeous :) loved the flatforms :')

  3. Love the bralet and the shoes, you look seriously gorgeous!

    A little bit Unique


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  4. You're soooo pretty!! Love the bralet - they whole outfit is so pretty!!

  5. Damn, you look amazing! I love Valentine's Day! Its just an excuse to look nice and show people that you love them.

  6. Love your style and this post :)
    Happy Valentins Day!!

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    I hope you enjoy. :*

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  8. Lovely blog!! Great post and pretty pictures!

    Stop by my blog soon and say hi!!


  9. You look gorgeous!! I love the shoes in the first look :)


  10. Both your outfits are lovely. Xxx

  11. Little cutie! I hope you had a great valentines, you looked amazing!

    Em x


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