Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So What Goes With a BLUE CAST?

My title isn't metaphorical for anything, it's literally what's been on my mind these last few days - well since Sunday... 

On Sunday I went to my first Cheerleading Competition- Long story short we didn't win - but that's possibly because all the way through our second routine I was wincing more than a hairy man getting waxed for charity! - That's right, if anyone was going to get injured, of course, sod's law would state it be me...
Three sages of my poor wee ankle! - I normally have rather slim ankles! - Gutted!
We set off at the unholy hour of 4am (yes there is another 4 in the day) and I first performed at 7am. That went actually very well, a lil twist of my ankle but you think nothing of it. Then the dreaded happened I went all weak on that lil' teeny tiny twist and BOOM, I fell into the bleachers and my ankle got caught underneath with a nasty grind... I persevered through routine number 2, but all was for none, we didn't win and I suffered, what I'd originally thought a small chip in the bone and a slight pull in the ligament, but found out today it is that but plus a fracture.... Urrrgh is all I can say because I look a cross between Bambi on Ice and  one of those swinging birds on my crutches... My new nickname was instantly 'Tiny Tim' - But I have to say the blooming frog in the film walks better on crutches than me - ha!
In my wheelchair - still positive!
So now, my biggest dilemma is pairing my outfits around this bright blue cast! - As I'd wanted another colour, but none was available in soft cast - urgh again... I am hoping to be walking better. i.e. off crutches by next week, but for now my OOTD are certainly NOT based around new shoes...

So, at least for this week I'm saying bye-bye to my beautiful heels and hello to the world of converse and UGGS... Gutting, I know - but the things we do for the sports we love!

But on a positive/fun note - how much do I look like those 90's troll dolls with my hair for cheer?
See the resemblance??


  1. Aww poor you, I hope you feel better soon, and the troll resemblance thing made me laugh!! My nan use to have like a 100 of them xx

  2. Ouch that looks painful! Hope it gets better soon.



  3. Ouch! That looks so painful! Going to the hospital is literally my biggest fear, hope your recovery is speedy! A blue sling for your arm may match the cast?

  4. Feel better soon :( how awful, use it as an opportunity to get everyone to run around after you ;)

    A little bit Unique


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  5. That looks painful hope your doing okay.


  6. Ouch! Hope it heals soon and love the troll look! =P

  7. Arg that looks painful! At least you did it doing something you love and I wish you a speeeeedy recovery <3

    Abbie xox

  8. That sucks! Poor you! I broke my ankle in 2011, had to have an operation to put metal work in and wasn't allowed to walk for 3 months! I feel your pain!



  9. Oh no, you poor thing, I hope it heals soon!

  10. Ouch, hope it's better soon xx


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