Monday, 11 February 2013

My LATE January Favourite's!

Okaaay, I know this is a bit late, but I've been so picky this month and been unable to narrow down my faveys of the month. I've had so many wonderful things I've been using that I've been finding it difficult to be a decision on what to post about - But I've been a big brave girl and narrowed it down to 10!

So that's my ten products/items/thingy's I've chosen as my bestest January Favey's! 

I found it really hard, as I've fallen for so many products this month,but I eventually picked ten and I've even talked (yapped on) about them in my newest Youtube post (Skip to the bottom)..

For my January favourite's I've split them in to different categories - which is, hopefully, easier for all you guys to follow than just usual listing of Products... So I hope you like my new layout...

My lips always get dry in winter so I would never be without a Lipbalm and due to my need for a replacement I turned back to good ol' Balmi. I'd tried the other flavours in the past and pretty much fell in love - except for the mint, we never clicked - But I fell truly, madly, deeply (to quote Savage Garden (Oh no, I'm showing my age)) in love with the coconut flavour! It's fabulous, works for hours and really has improved my lips... One thing about my lips is they lack definition, so I always have a steady and good supply of lip liners! The one I'm loving this month was a cheapie and a beauty Natural Collection Lip Liner in Ruby Rose. What I love about this is it appears to be dark and only suited to one colour, but it's so versatile and actually goes with so many different lippy's... For £1, I couldn't say no!

Only one item here and it may be small but it's AH-MAZING! It's my Eco-Boutique Aloe Leaf & Green Tea Body Lotion. I got it my January Glossybox and it's really been good to me. Actually MORE than good to me - I swear by this stuff now and have ordered the Gift set of the full range - as it's a fairly new company - so if you are interested click HERE or HERE. It's such a delicate and light lotion with a to-die-for scent, I'm so glad it's kind of available - but I do hope they hit the stores!

There's five products I've chosen for face - mainly due to the weather. Firstly theirs my Freederm Gel. I know I said I loved Dr.Spot, but I take it back, this is so much better, it's like something you can get from the GP, so if you're suffering a few blemishes, this'll help, another blemish help for me is/was (It's run out now) my Skinetica Lotion - this is AMAZING! I've been using it for near a month, twice a day and there was basically an immediate improvement. I got this sample when it was free, now it's £1 for 15ml or, as I've repurchased, £9.99 for 100ml - Plus it goes a bloody long way - so worth it! After cleansing, I need serious moisture. Since I've gotten older, and realised I have Combination skin, ie. Oily T-zone, dry elsewhere. I've needed something with intense moisture, but oil balancing so this Simple Clear Skin, Oil Balancing Moisturiser was perfect to help my skin deal with these horrible winter winds. To go along with my new skin care, I needed a light weight, natural glowing (not matte - as I've grown I've realised my need for a perfect matte face is NOT  a necessity, so bye-bye dream matte mousse!)  foundation, this No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation is PERFECT for that and is currently my Holy Grail of foundations as it's perfect to keep this bitter weather off my face! Lastly there's something that helps me with all these babies is Models Own Powder Brush - you think Real Techniques is good? Well, to me I love this even more! It's so soft and delicate and even works well with such thinks as creme or liquid blush!

My item for eyes is something I really wish I would repurchase, but in fact would set me back a further £56 in which to do so. This is my Murad Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture for eyes, Then again you can appreciate the price as 'worth it' as I can vouch it really works! It increases the production of elastin around your eyes which helps firm and awaken them, again this is something I got in my lovely Glossybox, so I'm hoping someone may be nice to me for my anniversary and get me some more, though a little really does go a long way. Next for my Brows is my new MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit. I won't say too much about this as I have got a full review planned, but it truly is fabulous, I've had others in the past, such as HD Brows, but this seems to be a cheap cheap lil rival for it maybe?

So that's my 10 favourite items of January, and just to keep it recent; they're definitely staying in my good books this month too - Let's just say I loved them that much I did a wee vlog on them hehe please have a watch on here or on my Youtube Channel!
(Sorry about any unattractive freeze-frames it stops on!)

Well sorry this is kinda late, but better late than never eh? But I really do love all these products and some are definitely getting a review of their own!

I hope you all liked this, and I'd love to know if you've tried any of these and what you thought - even if you didn't like them, don't we all love a bit o' banter over beauty? I know I do.... I'd also love to know if you like my more flowing version of describing items rather than listing - I always make lists (OCD??) Haha

Well that's my faveys and my next blog, I'll pre-warn you is exactly beauty/fashion related, though it kind of  is - it's complicated - but keep your eyes peeled - I hope you'll find it interesting!

Tell me your thoughts...


  1. You can't rush picking out your favourites! I think this sounds like a wonderful list. I haven't tried any of these products, but I'd sure like to!

  2. Some great products, I really want to try the lip balm and I love the simple

    A little bit Unique


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  3. The brush is pretty, new follower xx

  4. love your blog!
    new follower!

  5. No matter what i use on my spots i always somewhere along the line come back to freederm, Love it :) You use so many products i like :) Loveeee your blog xx

  6. Ooooh I want to try MUA Brows now! Mine are so fair when I draw them on with pencil the colour sometimes isn't right!

    Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

    If so, you can visit my blog here:




  7. I love the MUA brow kit too, and the brush looks really good!:) xx

  8. Hi dear. Thank you for the sweet comment :-) I love your blog name (title)

  9. Hi dear! I love your blog title and thanks for the sweet comment :-)


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