Monday, 4 February 2013

Meeting for Afternoon Tea!

On Sunday I went to my FIRST #bbloggers meet up - eeeeeeek!
Just a few photo's from the day!
It was, I have to say amazing, and the place in which it was was quaint, quirky, cute and simply fabulous! I met so many AH-MAZING people. It was in Leek - which is about 20 minutes from where I live so It was brilliant and loads of fun to put glamorous faces to fabulous names!

It was organised by AGirlIknow in an extravagant yet homely cafe called the Spout Coffee Shop which also incorporated things of a beauty bloggers dream a Hair Dressers and a Beauticians! Wonderful I know! I met so many bloggers that completely made my day - though I may have talked their ears off! The day consisted of amazing tea and cakes along with a beauty workshop - where I MUST add they used ALL natural make-up ect (So no testing on animals for those of you interested) - this was in the PamperPit where she experimented with the daring blacks and played with a lovely smokey eye look and a hair workshop which had the model rocking a glamorous curly do!

After more chatting there was an afternoon tea which was very quaint which had tea, sanwhiches, scones, caked and mini-pavlovas - which despite my allergies I WAS going to eat because EVERYTHING at this cafe was soooo goooood!
A few close-up's of the afternoon tea and my FOTD- natural and subtle...
The banter was good and I certainly came home with a few beauty and fashion tips and tricks I won't forget and can't wait to put in to practice!

The day ended with  me and  two other Bloggers, Terri and Charl having a bargain hunt through Home Bargains and actually getting a few gems! - So all in all a fantabulous day!

So, I went home having met some AH-MAING bloggers, had a wonderful and HIGH-LARIOUS brilliant time, picked up some valuable tips and tricks, a few bargains and lovely goodies bag filled with chocolates, a necklace, a £35 gift card for Barratts Shoes, lovely discounts, and sooo much more...
A collective of things in the goody bag!
There was some lovely choccy's, teapigs tea, an 'I <3 Blogging' biccy and a Mint Hot Choc on a stick - how Novel!
How cute is everything!
There was a fabulous wooden greetings block which has found itself pride placed in my room that had a 20% for Coulson Macleod attached to it - double eek!
It's so unique for a discount card!
Then there was a fabulous lil' collection of beauty and fashion items such as temporary tattoos, eye tat's and a quirky necklace...
I love the fact it's very 'I love Britain' theme Tattoos...  
 Then lastly you have the thing that was just the sweetest of all...

A gorgeous hand-made 'thank you' card from our lovely Host! Well, all I have to say is Thank you for hosting it!

So that was my first blogger meet up - and frankly after the experience I had, I CAN'T wait for the next one, meeting fellow bloggers and trading tip's and tricks of the trade was fabulous! So thank you to all the bloggers I met, and sorry if I chatted your ear off - I'm a talker - hint why I blog - ha!

What do you think of my blogger's meet up? Have you been to one? If not you totally should!



  1. hey i just came across your blog it's adorable.. just followed!

    cute posts

    check mine if you like

  2. It was such a great afternoon! I can't believe how quickly it went!

  3. This is so cute!


  4. Hi i also just come across your blog and i agreed with Triffancy, its adorable.
    Mmm you can't beat Afternoon tea :)

  5. Completely agree with Vic, the day just flew! Thanks for coming along and I'm glad you enjoyed the day. It's always nice to meet another local blogger. Catch up soon. xx


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