Friday, 8 February 2013

Lips, Face, Hair, Eyes | HAUL

Well I mentioned in my last post I've gone a bit crazy this week, as it's been hectic so I felt I'd deserved a beauty haul - or five...

That's right I've been in and out of Boots more than a pensioner for their pills this week and have come away with a few little gems... - But just to warn you I got A LOT of stuff, so I'll try not to chat your ear off about it... (It's a bit photo heavy so I'll put review up another time!)

So that's what I got - which at the time didn't seem that much, buuut, it turns out if you go a few times it adds up - ooops, oh well the stuff is fabulous!

First up is the stuff I got for my eyes and face:
  • MUA : Undress Mee Too Palette: This seemed as must after being called THE Naked2 dupe. I was skeptical, but I'm after finding a good replacement since mine is nearly gone - this seems rather adequate and for £4 you can't go wrong!
  • Soap & Glory: Kick Ass Concealer: This is simply a repurchase for me as it's the best concealer I've ever had!
  • MUA: Shimmer Kiss Blush: I got this free with my recent MUA purchase so I'm always really excited to try a new blush

Up next is the five, yes FIVE lippy's I've indulged in, and yes, I've hopped on the Apocalips bandwagon (I wore Galaxy in my last post):
  • Rimmel London - Apocalips: I got Galaxy and Nude Eclipse. I was amazed at these on as they're not a sticky gloss (which I hate) so they're even good for fussy cows like me!
  • Rimmel London - Kate Lasting Finish 03: I love nude colours and since I was getting something free how could I say no?
  • Max Factor Lasting Colour - Raisin: This is such a lovely colour on even though it appears dark - shame about the name - I HATE raisins!
  • Max Factor Lasting Liptint - I love the lip stains, but the colours are usually too dark for my pale skin, so this was like striking gold - perfect to avoid those jam-on-face-look you can get with low-quality lippy!
 I've grouped these together because they were rather random:
  • Travelo: I thought I'd treat myself to a new Travelo to match my Jimmy Choo I got for Christmas - so no, I know what they look like, but it isn't!
  • MUA Deep Purple Nail Varnish: I LOVE purple, so for 50p I couldn't go wrong #nailaddict!
  • Freederm: This is another repurchase for me, I loved my Dr.Spot, but Freederm is soooo much better.
  • Bassetts: Soft & Chewy Healthy Balance: I love these vitamins, I've been taking them for near a year, and wow, there is a difference!
  • John Frieda: Frizz Ease: Intense Mask: I love trying new masks this one prove it's place and is a repurchase!

Lastly we have my hair care products. I'm just grouping the mini-conditioners because I have another plan for them but I'll elaborate on the others:
  • John Frieda Full Repair Serum: I've had this three days and can already see the improvement, I LOVE you John Frieda! This WILL get it's own review!7
  • Batiste: Lace: I've updated my new favey dry shampoo scent! This is elegant and girly and how pretty is the tin?
Well that's my rather excessive haul - I also got a a new Tangle Teezer in sparkly purple - which to me was rather exciting, because I truly do love these  - as it really does what it says on the tin - I have complicated hair and it's amazing I can't go a day without it. I also forgot to get a close up on my new mascara, but that's getting it's own review soon too - but to big it up, it's doing damn well in my standards! - But if you do want a peek here they are:

Wow - Yerr, I think I'll hold back on the spending for a bit and just concentrate on reviewing these babies first... Sorry to bombard you with photo's but I simply had to share with you all as I get sooo excited when I buy new beauty products... Plus I kinda had/have reason to celebrate as I've officially got a place working at a local school to gain experience before my MA- eek I feel old. But what an excuse to go shopping? More pencil skirts eh? (Though it is weird I mention it days ago I applied and my stalker is suddenly going to be "volunteering" in a school - fruit looooopy?!)

Look out for reviews as I can definitely say there will be plenty! 
So, what do you all think of my haul?
Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Good haul! You got some great products too. Can't wait for the reviews- especially the lippies! :)

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  2. Great Haul! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! X

  3. Great haul. The MUA palette looks great :)

  4. oooh you got such lovely colours, i love the rimmel kate moss lippy in 03, its one of my favourites!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  5. So jealous - I really want to try apocalips and the new MUA palette!

  6. I am super jealous of your haul! It looks like you've gotten a ton of great products!

  7. Wow great haul, i really want to get the new MUA palette but im on a spending ban this month x

  8. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. I love that rich color of the Rimmel Apocalips Galaxy, definitely checking out more of their products because I've been hearing so much about that brand lately...the neutral tones of that MUA palette are gorgeous as well.


  10. You picked up some great things, I love Max Factor lipsticks and I love rimmel apocalips! I really want to try the dry shampoo and the palette looks so lovely


  11. I looove my Travelo, I think every girl should invest in one! And I recently purchased the Apocalips in Big Bang - loving it :)

  12. I absolutely love MUA products, and I have recently bought the Shimmer Kisses blush too :) I love the colour of the Max Factor Raisin Lipstick xx

    I love your blog and I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award

  13. Great post, thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to try that concealer, I've been using Boiing by Benefit but its just a tad pricey, though that soap and glory looks great!

  14. Have you ever tried a skin cream called Egyptian Magic? The RRP is £33.69 for 118ml but i have found it on for £22.50. I am tempted to try it as it can be used a moisturizer, make up remover or primer or even a hair mask, but i wanted to know what people thought before purchase or if there is a better option. (also sorry the question is unrelated to the post) x


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