Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I can't believe February has just rolled on by and the days of Spring should be starting soon - Thank God, may I add as I'm terribly missing the sun and my favey Topshop Gladiators! So to end the month, I thought I'd give you guys a run-down of my favourite items/products of February. Basically things I couldn't have been without this past month!
 These are the ten items I've loved this month and this month it's pretty spread out between hair, face, eyes and lips - so a nice all over for you guys to have a lil' read about... In short I've been pretty much in love with these items - are they repurchases? Well, we'll have to wait and see....

For my face and lips to kick start, I'll be honest, I jumped right on the Apocalips bandwagon - and I know everyone's read this before, but they're brill! I got the Rimmel London Apocalips in Nude Eclipse and Nova. They're just so lovely on, they're not goopy or sticky like I assumed a lipgloss would be, but they stay on nice and I was very impressed with the quality I actually did a FOTD featuring Nova... Next up in my Bare Minerals Original Foundation - I actually got this free when I had a make-over done and couldn't be more chuffed with it. I tend to use it after my normal foundation application, as more of a mineral powder or setting powder rather than a simple foundation, but it gives a nice lasting look. This Creme Blush ran right to the top of my favey blush list after I got it in the sale for like £2!!! Its the Louise Gray Creme Blush Duo in 'Up in the Air' by Topshop (i.e. instantly brilliant!) It blends lovely over my cheeks and gives just the right colour for even plaies like me! Lastly is something I got in my February Glossybox - MeMeMe, Beat the Blues in 'Oyster Gold' face illuminator. This instantly became on of my staples in my beauty routine. I apply this to my cheek and brow bone to give  lovely definition to really set my face off...

Since getting my fringe my eyes have needed serious definition to stop them getting lost under my mop so I've been really loving my two, rather contrasting, eyeliners: L'oreal super liner perfect slim - This was my instant favourite after a previous favey ran out. It's a slim felt-tip but it can create thicker lines if desired - which I love for he versatility of daytime to night out. The MUA Intense Colour Kohl Eyeliner. I use this on the water line to open my eyes and it really does help them pop! Plus it's a lovely lil' cheapie for only £1!!! Lastly is what allows my eyes to go through so much and it's Simple Eye Make-up Remover. It's really effective, even works on the toughest of water-proof and is great if you have wee sensitive eyes like moi!

My hairs gone through A LOT this month due to a few nights out and a cheer comp it's been hair spray and heated styler city! So on my days off it's needed some TLC in the form of a few life save products and my No.1 brush! My trust Tangle Teezer NEVER fails me! It's get's through even my complicated hair - which  frankly says a lot. They're a MUST in my eyes - I may get my friends them after mine has nearly been pinched 3 times... I ran out of my lovely hair serum, but didn't stray too far from the brand: John Freida, Full Repair™ Perfect Ends Deep Infusion this has been fantastic and keeps my, unfortunate split ends in shape. I apply it to wet hair before drying and my dry hair throughout the day. I'ts soo good and not thick and goopy so no residue panic! Lastly it's something, I admit, I pinched when I was home at Christmas: GHD Heat Protect Spray... I bloody love this! It's been saving my hair loads since I've used it properly. Plus it smells lush - unlike some that can be a bit naff (in place of a better word!)

So that's my ten favourite products - there is a couple I'm going to do a full review on, but I thought there was enough of me chattering your ear off in this as it is! I would definitely recommend any of these products to you all - and if you want more info before the full reviews don't hesitate to ask... I'd say they're all a repurchase, as they're all affordable and such good quality!

Every time I do a monthly favourites post it makes me super excited for what the up coming month has to offer me...

Have you tried any of the Products? What's your February Favourites?



  1. I think we'll be seeing a lot of Apocalips on this months favourites, I know they'll be on mine! I really want to try the full repair range too. xo

  2. such a lovely blog post :)
    i really want to try the apocalips! might have to purchase a couple of them soon :)

  3. Love apocalips and the simple makeup remover as well

    A little bit Unique


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  4. I need to do one of these posts soon otherwise it won't be february anymore, wow, time flies. - maybe you could check my giveaway out :D x

  5. oooh the beloved tangle teezer! totally amazing invention. Mines pink :D xx

  6. Lovely blog :) I'm desperate to try nude eclipse! xx

  7. I love the apocolips collection I was so surprised at how good quality they are!
    I also am in need of a tangle teezer xx

  8. Love this post. I really need to get a tangle teezer! x

  9. I really want a TT! I love me,me,me its way cheaper than benefit and just as good! xx


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