Sunday, 10 February 2013

Be My Valentine? | Glossybox | February 2013

I've been rather cheeky this week and managed to get a Valentines Day gift from my guy early...
 We were sat casually relaxing on a Saturday morning when there was a knock at the door, I answered and it was a man holding a Glossybox parcel! I was firstly, excited, then secondly rather confused as I hadn't ordered Glossybox... After Rob tried to take it from me, I eventually cottoned on in my still sleepy state that it was a gift for me. Turns out he's got me a 6 month Glossyboxy subscription as part of my Valentines/Anniversary present (as the dates for both are rather close - we met three years ago on the 12th eeek) - So I'm officially a very happy bunny. He remembered how much I enjoyed getting them for my Birthday that he simply had to get me them again!
Yes, as part of my pressie, I've got more Glossybox. I know some people are rather skeptical about them as you don't know what you're getting, but that's kind of what I like about it - It's a surprise, you know you're going to get 5 high-end products so for £10 a pop that's well good in my opinion, and I've no really had a box I've disliked - as for this one I love ALL of it!
I thought I'd just give you a quick rundown of what I got in the box and my initial views on each product... In short I pretty much loved them all and plan to use them all - and maybe repurchase a few...
This is pretty much what I got - a range of fairly high-end fabulous products and even a cutie little heart-shaped lolly pop - which I'm gutted I can't eat because of allergies - but Rob will surely love it in his card  does that count as re-gifting? (#awks)
What I got:
  • Docteur Renaud Raspeberry Soft Cream (50ml £25, box contained 30ml) - This was fabulous - especially on my hands which I originally thought it was for and slathered it over - but it is for your face, and feels lovely and refreshing on. I'm not sure if it quite beats my current one, but I'm certainly using it up! You can get it at M&S or on the weblink...
  • MeMeMe Cosmetics: Oyster Gold (Full size £5.50) - This is lovely on I've used it as more of a shimmery highlighter on it's own using a soft brush to blend rather than mixing it with my foundation as it says - it's a bit similar to the Benefits "High-beam"
  • Helen E Cosmetics moisturise lipstick in Coral (£8) - This wasn't a normal pinky/reddy coral as it seems a lovely nude lippy to me. It's lovely on and it's made it straight to my hand bag which says a lot to me, as I'm a right fussy cow with lippy's...
  • L'eau Narciso Ridriguez for her - (From £46 (for 50ml) at Selfridges) I'm always skeptical about new scents but I actually love this one straight off - meaning I'm now currently hinting at Robert getting me the full size. You can get it a Selfridges so I think a trip to the Bull Ring is on the Cards for me...
  • Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder (full size £34.95) - This I was pleasantly surprised with as my initial thoughts on it was "Add to a giveaway - it's too dark" but with the right blending I've grown attached! It's rather nice on - I'd say more of a night-out-blush if you get me?
This is just a quick peek at what they look like on the skin - expect the fragrance for the évidemment reasons! The cream I put on to show it's rather thick and a lil bit goes a long way. Also, to show how dark he blush looks before blending ect...

The lolly pop is just a lovely addition to the box, which is fab and I was cheery at how quickly it got here and   I was cheeky at how quickly I got it off my guy - I think I deserved it and he agreed for getting a PGCE work experience (eeeek) - so I'm indulging in my early gift this week.

What do you think of my Valentines Glossybox? I know some people are a bit disappointed at the lack of "valentines-esk" (eg. pink/red lovey-dovey) gifts. But I like the contrast as it's stuff I can use all year round and not just this week!

Do you get Glossybox?
Tell me your thoughts...


  1. Oooh you got yours early! I'm really looking forward to mine now, hope it's as lovely as yours. Also, what a lovely gift (as it keeps giving haha) I'd never really thought of Glossybox as a gift before.

  2. You're so lucky with the nice shade of lipstick, my GlossyBox included a shimmery pink which is my idea of hell!
    Sophie xx

  3. The lipstick looks lovely : ) and the lolly is such a cute extra gift! x

  4. Just thought I'd let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award (even though you've got more than 200 followers, I just wanted to tag you anyway!), go to to find out more :)

  5. I want to subscribe but I no I would get stuff I didn't like xx

  6. I think you've just persuaded me to subscribe! Looks like a great mini haul!

  7. Boooooo!!! I wish I'd got this colour lipstick instead of my dark Halloween shade :( This looks like a really good box, I love seeing all the variations of boxes (until I see one that's better than mine haha) xx

  8. Gosh, your box was really different to mine! It seems like you're pleased with your products - I was happy with mine too. Please have a look :)

    I hope you enjoy using your bits and pieces :)

  9. Oh I wish I'd got the gold highlighter instead of pink! That perfume is lovely but I got a body spray. You can't beat the surprise of what's in the Glossybox every month ;) xx


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