Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I can't believe February has just rolled on by and the days of Spring should be starting soon - Thank God, may I add as I'm terribly missing the sun and my favey Topshop Gladiators! So to end the month, I thought I'd give you guys a run-down of my favourite items/products of February. Basically things I couldn't have been without this past month!
 These are the ten items I've loved this month and this month it's pretty spread out between hair, face, eyes and lips - so a nice all over for you guys to have a lil' read about... In short I've been pretty much in love with these items - are they repurchases? Well, we'll have to wait and see....

For my face and lips to kick start, I'll be honest, I jumped right on the Apocalips bandwagon - and I know everyone's read this before, but they're brill! I got the Rimmel London Apocalips in Nude Eclipse and Nova. They're just so lovely on, they're not goopy or sticky like I assumed a lipgloss would be, but they stay on nice and I was very impressed with the quality I actually did a FOTD featuring Nova... Next up in my Bare Minerals Original Foundation - I actually got this free when I had a make-over done and couldn't be more chuffed with it. I tend to use it after my normal foundation application, as more of a mineral powder or setting powder rather than a simple foundation, but it gives a nice lasting look. This Creme Blush ran right to the top of my favey blush list after I got it in the sale for like £2!!! Its the Louise Gray Creme Blush Duo in 'Up in the Air' by Topshop (i.e. instantly brilliant!) It blends lovely over my cheeks and gives just the right colour for even plaies like me! Lastly is something I got in my February Glossybox - MeMeMe, Beat the Blues in 'Oyster Gold' face illuminator. This instantly became on of my staples in my beauty routine. I apply this to my cheek and brow bone to give  lovely definition to really set my face off...

Since getting my fringe my eyes have needed serious definition to stop them getting lost under my mop so I've been really loving my two, rather contrasting, eyeliners: L'oreal super liner perfect slim - This was my instant favourite after a previous favey ran out. It's a slim felt-tip but it can create thicker lines if desired - which I love for he versatility of daytime to night out. The MUA Intense Colour Kohl Eyeliner. I use this on the water line to open my eyes and it really does help them pop! Plus it's a lovely lil' cheapie for only £1!!! Lastly is what allows my eyes to go through so much and it's Simple Eye Make-up Remover. It's really effective, even works on the toughest of water-proof and is great if you have wee sensitive eyes like moi!

My hairs gone through A LOT this month due to a few nights out and a cheer comp it's been hair spray and heated styler city! So on my days off it's needed some TLC in the form of a few life save products and my No.1 brush! My trust Tangle Teezer NEVER fails me! It's get's through even my complicated hair - which  frankly says a lot. They're a MUST in my eyes - I may get my friends them after mine has nearly been pinched 3 times... I ran out of my lovely hair serum, but didn't stray too far from the brand: John Freida, Full Repair™ Perfect Ends Deep Infusion this has been fantastic and keeps my, unfortunate split ends in shape. I apply it to wet hair before drying and my dry hair throughout the day. I'ts soo good and not thick and goopy so no residue panic! Lastly it's something, I admit, I pinched when I was home at Christmas: GHD Heat Protect Spray... I bloody love this! It's been saving my hair loads since I've used it properly. Plus it smells lush - unlike some that can be a bit naff (in place of a better word!)

So that's my ten favourite products - there is a couple I'm going to do a full review on, but I thought there was enough of me chattering your ear off in this as it is! I would definitely recommend any of these products to you all - and if you want more info before the full reviews don't hesitate to ask... I'd say they're all a repurchase, as they're all affordable and such good quality!

Every time I do a monthly favourites post it makes me super excited for what the up coming month has to offer me...

Have you tried any of the Products? What's your February Favourites?


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So What Goes With a BLUE CAST?

My title isn't metaphorical for anything, it's literally what's been on my mind these last few days - well since Sunday... 

On Sunday I went to my first Cheerleading Competition- Long story short we didn't win - but that's possibly because all the way through our second routine I was wincing more than a hairy man getting waxed for charity! - That's right, if anyone was going to get injured, of course, sod's law would state it be me...
Three sages of my poor wee ankle! - I normally have rather slim ankles! - Gutted!
We set off at the unholy hour of 4am (yes there is another 4 in the day) and I first performed at 7am. That went actually very well, a lil twist of my ankle but you think nothing of it. Then the dreaded happened I went all weak on that lil' teeny tiny twist and BOOM, I fell into the bleachers and my ankle got caught underneath with a nasty grind... I persevered through routine number 2, but all was for none, we didn't win and I suffered, what I'd originally thought a small chip in the bone and a slight pull in the ligament, but found out today it is that but plus a fracture.... Urrrgh is all I can say because I look a cross between Bambi on Ice and  one of those swinging birds on my crutches... My new nickname was instantly 'Tiny Tim' - But I have to say the blooming frog in the film walks better on crutches than me - ha!
In my wheelchair - still positive!
So now, my biggest dilemma is pairing my outfits around this bright blue cast! - As I'd wanted another colour, but none was available in soft cast - urgh again... I am hoping to be walking better. i.e. off crutches by next week, but for now my OOTD are certainly NOT based around new shoes...

So, at least for this week I'm saying bye-bye to my beautiful heels and hello to the world of converse and UGGS... Gutting, I know - but the things we do for the sports we love!

But on a positive/fun note - how much do I look like those 90's troll dolls with my hair for cheer?
See the resemblance??

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Add some Colour + Beat the Cold!

I know I don't look particularly colourful, compared to most, but by comparison to how I've been feeling, this look is like wearing a rainbow! 
For those of you that haven't read my self-pity on twitter, I'm a wee bit poorly at the moment - sigh... I have Hypoglycemia, which basically means I have low blood sugar - which is pretty obvious because I can't have glucose - so urgh... But I wasn't letting this beat me - I got my arse in gear and added my new favourite Lippy...

And yes, I'm in a onesie - but that's ok, I am ill....
Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, No7 Essentially Natural Foundation,  Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer, Topshop Cheek Duo in Up In The Air By Louise Gray, Estée Lauder Chic To Cheek Tone Correcting Powder.

MUA Eye Primer, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim,  Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara, MUA White Kohl Liner (for waterline)

MUA Brow Kit, Maybelline Master Shape Brow.

Balmi Coconut Lip Balm, SEVENTEEN Lip Liner, Max Factor Lasting Colour in Raisin. 

I know - Attractive right? (Errrm, maybe not??) Well despite my "best" pose, I wanted to show how good this lippy really looks on... It's definitely my favourite of the moment and my mum always said, "Adding a bit of colour to yourself, can make you feel the world better" - and you know what? It did! 
I went for my Urban Decay on the eyes to keep it natural, plus if it's too heavy on the shaddow when I'm ill, I look like something off the Walking Dead... But on the contrary with the eyeliner, without it while I'm ill my eyes will either resemble pin-pricks or Puss In Boots (You know when he has his MASSIVE eyes) - and those mixed with walking dead is NEVER good look - so I glammed up and looking a bit prettier, actually made me feel better!

I love this new lippy is Max Factor Lasting Colour in Raisin, despite the unattractive name is very plumping and such a nice natural, but bright lippy, that is so versatile, as it transfers nicely from day to night - which is highly handy when you have a pretty hectic life like mine... I decided on a lippy FOTD as I seem to have invested in about £25 worth of them at the moment! Ooopsie, I know....

This is such a lovely flattering colours - even for us poorly palies - it's really moisturising on the lips which is great for brightening up the poorly days when the cold gets to your face and your lips get dry. Most Lippy's will cling to dry lips where as this actually smooths over nicely!

So I've brightened up my poorly days, so it can only look up from here!
What do you think of my poorly-but-bot-so-poorly FOTD? 
Are you loving any Lippy's at the moment?

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Well I've been thoroughly treated this Valentines... It may be a day late but I was pleasantly surprised to see a lovely package for me in the post from -
- Eeeeek!
My man had listened to me on the phone a few weeks earlier when I was talking to my friend from Germany about a type of make-up brushes I find it hard to get my hands on as they're German - You can't really get your hands on them over here, you can online, but that's an effort - so in the past for good brushes I would turn to Real Techniques or Models Own. So when a HUGE amount of these showed up I was more than bloody happy as, to me, Fräulein3°8 are like a European and more cost effective version of RT!
40 Piece Professional make-up brushes!
He'd gotten me a 40 piece Limited Edition Wooden Handle Complete Brush set in a set leather bag - I mean  that just there is awesome, but the brushes themselves certainly do stand up to the likes of Real Technique.  They're soft, manageable and fabulous on my skin!


The set has pretty much EVERY brush you'll ever want or need for a high-standard of make-up application. I love this brand as I was introduced to in when my Friend Tanja, brought over her's during a visit to Costa Del Cumbria, and I instantly fell in love, but since I was unable to find them until recently I'd been a bit gutted. But as always, Robert was my night in shining armour, listened to my needs (wants) and got straight on to the internet for a good ol' browse!

So I feel, as always, like the happiest bunny in the world!

But, I digress! In short, these brushes are amazing - especially the powder brush (the white/black one) you can see above - think of the RT powder brush and I think this is a damn good rival! Fräulein3°8 don't just do brushes and other tools, but make-up and their nail art equipt. is AH-MAZING! So if you fancy a peek you totally should - they're well worth it! Plus, I can say for today the eye make-up brushes are awesome if you're having a bad eye day (??) As they just give some of the best eye make-up application I've seen!

So that's my New Make-Up Brushes - Which, if you couldn't tell, I can happily say I'm head over heals with!

Have you tried (heard of??) Fräulein3°8?
Tell me your thoughts....


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Worn with LOVE... Valentines OOTD!

Well, to state the blooming obvious, it's Valentines Day!

Now whether you think it's a commercial ploy, or play in to it with pink hearts stuck round your house, it's a fabulous excuse to show off what you're wearing! Every year, no matter what, I make a lil (BIG) deal about St.Valentines - well any holiday really - but on valentines you either get to play the cynic or the desperate romantic...

For Valentines, me and my man have decided to stay in and do a joint effort meal - which, as it's duck takes  longer than it does for me to get ready so I decided to show off my outfits (yes both!) and do a bit of posing in the wait. I have two outfits to show as I was treated to a wee bit of shopping in the day and I LOVE to dress up for a meal in the night... 
Jeans: Next.
Shirt and Blazer: Topshop
Shoes: Debenhams,
Jewellery: Pandora, Rolex and LucyQ
For my shopping I decided to go for a casual shirt-jeans combo. Along with the new shoes I was treated to yesterday as an early Valentines gift. They were such a bargain, as I was fawning round Debenhams Make-up when I got drawn to these babies; they were £36 but I got them for a cracking £4!

London Rebel Flatforms: £10 online
I love them as they're like a pair of Ballet pumps, buuut give lil petite ladies like me a lil' extra height due to them being one of the most AH-MAZING things ever - FLATFORMS - They're a must (in my opinion) for Spring/Summer 2013!

For our preving meal (pre-evening hehe) I decided to dress up a bit and make an effort for my valentine....
Bralet, Blazer and Skirt:Topshop
Tights and Shoes: Newlook
I picked this because it was sophisticated and quirky. The Denim Bralet I'm loving at the moment - as even though my boobies are a bit big I managed to find a lovely size 10 from Topshop that I can wear with double  F's and a lovely supportive bra -bonus. I partnered it with my an item from one of my favourite trends - my peplum skirt and my Black wedges I picked up in the Boxing day sales...

My night is/was pretty complete with the fabulous Duck meal I had ie. Food Babies all around, Champagne, good T.V and cuddles in the onesies with my Man!

I'm certainly having an AH-MAZING Valentines Day, and whether you're single, taken or in the dreaded no-man's land of relationship's, I hope you're having a wonderful loved-up day - even if it's with your bestie or just Hollyoaks (I know I've been there!) - Have a fan-tabulous day!

Now, I blow a kiss to you all (If you're not getting them of anyone, you might as well off me - I have plenty to give ;-P)
- Happy Valentines Day!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beauty Aside - Let's Talk Friends!

I love my friends - they really are the best. I know everyone  says they have the 'bestest friends' - but in my case I think it's really true!

They're always there for me, if I'm in a stress mess or really down, they'll always be there for a chat and will help me fix it, or if failing drink it away - If I'm planning a date, we'll always discuss the girly side to it. If I need someone to shop with they're there in a blink. If something happens that sets me back, they're always there with a cuppa - as a cuppa solves everything, évidemment. But most importantly if I'm looking or a being a d*ck - they'll certainly tell me...
In short, they're the best thing a friend can be - HONEST!

This is something I will always value my friends for, is that they'll always be honest with me and if there's someone that isn't, I'll give them a hint - if that fails, they can't be around me. This is partly because I once mentioned that friends can be the biggest help to committing a fashion faux pas... Or in some cases a lot worse.

I've seen it so many times in the past - "does my bum look big in this?" - their answer "Nooo never" - when really a double a decker wouldn't rival you in that! But why do friends do this?

Friends can effect so many things in our lives like fashion, boys and actions... or even just parts of our lives like ego or self-esteem - This is good isn't it? - Well actually not always...

Is this you friend?
I've seen the effects from my own perspective and from an outside view. I've read in another blog a girl say because her friend chose an outfit she likes it doesn't matter how she looks she'll always tell her friends she's gorgeous! - I understand there is simply some people don't want to hurt their friends feelings - but more often than enough they're hindering more than helping. They often don't help their friends in situations or get out of situations in the best way or in the most positive way...

There is just some type of people that see their friends through rose coloured glasses and there is just some that are frankly rather, errrm rude to their friends... There is so many types of people - some that are genuinely your friend, some that aren't - what I aim to do is to get my views out on those that are meant to be your friend, but either lack honesty intentional or inadvertently...

Inadvertent: What I mean by this is those friends that love you no matter what- and end up not being able to see past their love for their friend - lovely I know, but these friends can often end up letting you go out like the fashionista's in my 'Knowing Your Shape' post's or let you do or say daft things, without thinking it through. They're always there for you, but are the ones that put "you look gorge babes" on a picture of you with half your arse showing and you make-up a mess. You know you don't and know it's just kindness, but is it helpful? No, it gives you a false sense of security and you can end up not looking or acting your best - when we all deaves to, all because your friend either couldn't manage to say 'that doesn't suit you' or is like the blogger I mentioned earlier...

Intentional: These are the friends NONE of us need. They're the ones that will let you go out in something that does make your bum look big, because it either makes them feel better about themselves or look better by default.... For example I read a tweet the other day that said "Definitely dieting today after seeing my friends new photo's, I can't believe how much weight she's lost!" - Seems ok doesn't it? Well, yerr, but it seems a back hand compliment with a twinge of insult - to me it screamed, this friend can't stand the fact her friend my be skinnier than her - a bit bitchy?

Both of these seem to have something in common - they will always tell their friend she's "gorge" no matter what, because like most of us ladies it's what we'd LOVE to here. But sometimes it's not what we need. I'm not saying you should be blunt and go "yeah, you look effing awful in that" but shed your concern lightly with kindness - as you can end up seeming bitchy, I know I have in the past - but you learn from it and learn to be a good and truly supportive friend... Personally I would rather be told I don't suit something than end up going out looking a bit - well you know...

Bigging up your besties self-esteem for your benefit or just to make her feel better, may seem like a nicer option at the time, but is it worth it? Is it worth it in the long run? That's what you've got to think about when it comes to those age old questions like "does my bum look big in this?" Also if your the friend that asks, you've just got to make sure you are getting the honest answer, because do you really want a friend that resembles those I spoke of earlier? I know I don't!

Friends are something we all need - and honesty is something that friends need to have with each other, otherwise whats the point? To you your friend may be "gorge" and chances are she is - we all are!- but honesty will allow her to look and be her best - and that's what a true friends should want for each other... A growing nose is not a good look...

So this was basically my second installment of a new series of post's that are a bit not beauty/fashion oriented. Just about things I think about and think should be voiced - Honesty is the best policy (Most the time ;-P) - Telling your friend she looks brill in something she doesn't isn't helping and saying she looks super skinny in a head shot pic? Well that's another argument for another day... Let's just say, no one needs Pinocchio as a friend....

So what about you and your friends, do they ever need a Jiminy Cricket? I know mine will always be the best and honest to me...

Monday, 11 February 2013

My LATE January Favourite's!

Okaaay, I know this is a bit late, but I've been so picky this month and been unable to narrow down my faveys of the month. I've had so many wonderful things I've been using that I've been finding it difficult to be a decision on what to post about - But I've been a big brave girl and narrowed it down to 10!

So that's my ten products/items/thingy's I've chosen as my bestest January Favey's! 

I found it really hard, as I've fallen for so many products this month,but I eventually picked ten and I've even talked (yapped on) about them in my newest Youtube post (Skip to the bottom)..

For my January favourite's I've split them in to different categories - which is, hopefully, easier for all you guys to follow than just usual listing of Products... So I hope you like my new layout...

My lips always get dry in winter so I would never be without a Lipbalm and due to my need for a replacement I turned back to good ol' Balmi. I'd tried the other flavours in the past and pretty much fell in love - except for the mint, we never clicked - But I fell truly, madly, deeply (to quote Savage Garden (Oh no, I'm showing my age)) in love with the coconut flavour! It's fabulous, works for hours and really has improved my lips... One thing about my lips is they lack definition, so I always have a steady and good supply of lip liners! The one I'm loving this month was a cheapie and a beauty Natural Collection Lip Liner in Ruby Rose. What I love about this is it appears to be dark and only suited to one colour, but it's so versatile and actually goes with so many different lippy's... For £1, I couldn't say no!

Only one item here and it may be small but it's AH-MAZING! It's my Eco-Boutique Aloe Leaf & Green Tea Body Lotion. I got it my January Glossybox and it's really been good to me. Actually MORE than good to me - I swear by this stuff now and have ordered the Gift set of the full range - as it's a fairly new company - so if you are interested click HERE or HERE. It's such a delicate and light lotion with a to-die-for scent, I'm so glad it's kind of available - but I do hope they hit the stores!

There's five products I've chosen for face - mainly due to the weather. Firstly theirs my Freederm Gel. I know I said I loved Dr.Spot, but I take it back, this is so much better, it's like something you can get from the GP, so if you're suffering a few blemishes, this'll help, another blemish help for me is/was (It's run out now) my Skinetica Lotion - this is AMAZING! I've been using it for near a month, twice a day and there was basically an immediate improvement. I got this sample when it was free, now it's £1 for 15ml or, as I've repurchased, £9.99 for 100ml - Plus it goes a bloody long way - so worth it! After cleansing, I need serious moisture. Since I've gotten older, and realised I have Combination skin, ie. Oily T-zone, dry elsewhere. I've needed something with intense moisture, but oil balancing so this Simple Clear Skin, Oil Balancing Moisturiser was perfect to help my skin deal with these horrible winter winds. To go along with my new skin care, I needed a light weight, natural glowing (not matte - as I've grown I've realised my need for a perfect matte face is NOT  a necessity, so bye-bye dream matte mousse!)  foundation, this No.7 Essentially Natural Foundation is PERFECT for that and is currently my Holy Grail of foundations as it's perfect to keep this bitter weather off my face! Lastly there's something that helps me with all these babies is Models Own Powder Brush - you think Real Techniques is good? Well, to me I love this even more! It's so soft and delicate and even works well with such thinks as creme or liquid blush!

My item for eyes is something I really wish I would repurchase, but in fact would set me back a further £56 in which to do so. This is my Murad Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture for eyes, Then again you can appreciate the price as 'worth it' as I can vouch it really works! It increases the production of elastin around your eyes which helps firm and awaken them, again this is something I got in my lovely Glossybox, so I'm hoping someone may be nice to me for my anniversary and get me some more, though a little really does go a long way. Next for my Brows is my new MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit. I won't say too much about this as I have got a full review planned, but it truly is fabulous, I've had others in the past, such as HD Brows, but this seems to be a cheap cheap lil rival for it maybe?

So that's my 10 favourite items of January, and just to keep it recent; they're definitely staying in my good books this month too - Let's just say I loved them that much I did a wee vlog on them hehe please have a watch on here or on my Youtube Channel!
(Sorry about any unattractive freeze-frames it stops on!)

Well sorry this is kinda late, but better late than never eh? But I really do love all these products and some are definitely getting a review of their own!

I hope you all liked this, and I'd love to know if you've tried any of these and what you thought - even if you didn't like them, don't we all love a bit o' banter over beauty? I know I do.... I'd also love to know if you like my more flowing version of describing items rather than listing - I always make lists (OCD??) Haha

Well that's my faveys and my next blog, I'll pre-warn you is exactly beauty/fashion related, though it kind of  is - it's complicated - but keep your eyes peeled - I hope you'll find it interesting!

Tell me your thoughts...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Be My Valentine? | Glossybox | February 2013

I've been rather cheeky this week and managed to get a Valentines Day gift from my guy early...
 We were sat casually relaxing on a Saturday morning when there was a knock at the door, I answered and it was a man holding a Glossybox parcel! I was firstly, excited, then secondly rather confused as I hadn't ordered Glossybox... After Rob tried to take it from me, I eventually cottoned on in my still sleepy state that it was a gift for me. Turns out he's got me a 6 month Glossyboxy subscription as part of my Valentines/Anniversary present (as the dates for both are rather close - we met three years ago on the 12th eeek) - So I'm officially a very happy bunny. He remembered how much I enjoyed getting them for my Birthday that he simply had to get me them again!
Yes, as part of my pressie, I've got more Glossybox. I know some people are rather skeptical about them as you don't know what you're getting, but that's kind of what I like about it - It's a surprise, you know you're going to get 5 high-end products so for £10 a pop that's well good in my opinion, and I've no really had a box I've disliked - as for this one I love ALL of it!
I thought I'd just give you a quick rundown of what I got in the box and my initial views on each product... In short I pretty much loved them all and plan to use them all - and maybe repurchase a few...
This is pretty much what I got - a range of fairly high-end fabulous products and even a cutie little heart-shaped lolly pop - which I'm gutted I can't eat because of allergies - but Rob will surely love it in his card  does that count as re-gifting? (#awks)
What I got:
  • Docteur Renaud Raspeberry Soft Cream (50ml £25, box contained 30ml) - This was fabulous - especially on my hands which I originally thought it was for and slathered it over - but it is for your face, and feels lovely and refreshing on. I'm not sure if it quite beats my current one, but I'm certainly using it up! You can get it at M&S or on the weblink...
  • MeMeMe Cosmetics: Oyster Gold (Full size £5.50) - This is lovely on I've used it as more of a shimmery highlighter on it's own using a soft brush to blend rather than mixing it with my foundation as it says - it's a bit similar to the Benefits "High-beam"
  • Helen E Cosmetics moisturise lipstick in Coral (£8) - This wasn't a normal pinky/reddy coral as it seems a lovely nude lippy to me. It's lovely on and it's made it straight to my hand bag which says a lot to me, as I'm a right fussy cow with lippy's...
  • L'eau Narciso Ridriguez for her - (From £46 (for 50ml) at Selfridges) I'm always skeptical about new scents but I actually love this one straight off - meaning I'm now currently hinting at Robert getting me the full size. You can get it a Selfridges so I think a trip to the Bull Ring is on the Cards for me...
  • Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder (full size £34.95) - This I was pleasantly surprised with as my initial thoughts on it was "Add to a giveaway - it's too dark" but with the right blending I've grown attached! It's rather nice on - I'd say more of a night-out-blush if you get me?
This is just a quick peek at what they look like on the skin - expect the fragrance for the évidemment reasons! The cream I put on to show it's rather thick and a lil bit goes a long way. Also, to show how dark he blush looks before blending ect...

The lolly pop is just a lovely addition to the box, which is fab and I was cheery at how quickly it got here and   I was cheeky at how quickly I got it off my guy - I think I deserved it and he agreed for getting a PGCE work experience (eeeek) - so I'm indulging in my early gift this week.

What do you think of my Valentines Glossybox? I know some people are a bit disappointed at the lack of "valentines-esk" (eg. pink/red lovey-dovey) gifts. But I like the contrast as it's stuff I can use all year round and not just this week!

Do you get Glossybox?
Tell me your thoughts...

Friday, 8 February 2013

Lips, Face, Hair, Eyes | HAUL

Well I mentioned in my last post I've gone a bit crazy this week, as it's been hectic so I felt I'd deserved a beauty haul - or five...

That's right I've been in and out of Boots more than a pensioner for their pills this week and have come away with a few little gems... - But just to warn you I got A LOT of stuff, so I'll try not to chat your ear off about it... (It's a bit photo heavy so I'll put review up another time!)

So that's what I got - which at the time didn't seem that much, buuut, it turns out if you go a few times it adds up - ooops, oh well the stuff is fabulous!

First up is the stuff I got for my eyes and face:
  • MUA : Undress Mee Too Palette: This seemed as must after being called THE Naked2 dupe. I was skeptical, but I'm after finding a good replacement since mine is nearly gone - this seems rather adequate and for £4 you can't go wrong!
  • Soap & Glory: Kick Ass Concealer: This is simply a repurchase for me as it's the best concealer I've ever had!
  • MUA: Shimmer Kiss Blush: I got this free with my recent MUA purchase so I'm always really excited to try a new blush

Up next is the five, yes FIVE lippy's I've indulged in, and yes, I've hopped on the Apocalips bandwagon (I wore Galaxy in my last post):
  • Rimmel London - Apocalips: I got Galaxy and Nude Eclipse. I was amazed at these on as they're not a sticky gloss (which I hate) so they're even good for fussy cows like me!
  • Rimmel London - Kate Lasting Finish 03: I love nude colours and since I was getting something free how could I say no?
  • Max Factor Lasting Colour - Raisin: This is such a lovely colour on even though it appears dark - shame about the name - I HATE raisins!
  • Max Factor Lasting Liptint - I love the lip stains, but the colours are usually too dark for my pale skin, so this was like striking gold - perfect to avoid those jam-on-face-look you can get with low-quality lippy!
 I've grouped these together because they were rather random:
  • Travelo: I thought I'd treat myself to a new Travelo to match my Jimmy Choo I got for Christmas - so no, I know what they look like, but it isn't!
  • MUA Deep Purple Nail Varnish: I LOVE purple, so for 50p I couldn't go wrong #nailaddict!
  • Freederm: This is another repurchase for me, I loved my Dr.Spot, but Freederm is soooo much better.
  • Bassetts: Soft & Chewy Healthy Balance: I love these vitamins, I've been taking them for near a year, and wow, there is a difference!
  • John Frieda: Frizz Ease: Intense Mask: I love trying new masks this one prove it's place and is a repurchase!

Lastly we have my hair care products. I'm just grouping the mini-conditioners because I have another plan for them but I'll elaborate on the others:
  • John Frieda Full Repair Serum: I've had this three days and can already see the improvement, I LOVE you John Frieda! This WILL get it's own review!7
  • Batiste: Lace: I've updated my new favey dry shampoo scent! This is elegant and girly and how pretty is the tin?
Well that's my rather excessive haul - I also got a a new Tangle Teezer in sparkly purple - which to me was rather exciting, because I truly do love these  - as it really does what it says on the tin - I have complicated hair and it's amazing I can't go a day without it. I also forgot to get a close up on my new mascara, but that's getting it's own review soon too - but to big it up, it's doing damn well in my standards! - But if you do want a peek here they are:

Wow - Yerr, I think I'll hold back on the spending for a bit and just concentrate on reviewing these babies first... Sorry to bombard you with photo's but I simply had to share with you all as I get sooo excited when I buy new beauty products... Plus I kinda had/have reason to celebrate as I've officially got a place working at a local school to gain experience before my MA- eek I feel old. But what an excuse to go shopping? More pencil skirts eh? (Though it is weird I mention it days ago I applied and my stalker is suddenly going to be "volunteering" in a school - fruit looooopy?!)

Look out for reviews as I can definitely say there will be plenty! 
So, what do you all think of my haul?
Tell me your thoughts!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Work Sophisticated to Couch Casual! - FOTD + OOTD

Well my week has been pretty hectic - To be honest it's getting to be a busy time of year for me now January is over, yes it's gone - flew in. I can hardly believe it! So, I did plan to share my haul's I've had this week with you all, but with the amount of stuff I got I haven't really had time to sit and review it all - let's just say, I gave in and got some more Apocalips - eeek... Yes, I've hopped on that bandwagon - and that's me! - The fussies cow when it comes to lippy's!

So instead I've posed for five minutes and decided to show off a few things I've been sporting this week - showing I can be sophisticated and grown-up as well as down to earth, fun and a bit charitable...
(This may be a bit long but it's FOTD + OOTD in one!)

From my professional self to rocking the charity again!
How cute is the Cross detail?
I just thought I'd show the contrast between my usual onesie wearing self and how I dress to impress!

Work Outfit:
For work I always like to look fashionable and professional. I picked a dip-hem dress I got from River Island in the sales, which is a size ten, but I needed a bit more definition and added a little cross detail thin belt from Primark I got for Christmas. I love this dip-hem for work because it's pretty and stylish, but the longer back prevents any booty flashing moments to the co-workers. I partnered it all with a little blue Topshop cardi and a pair of Primark Wedges, it made a perfect work outfit, even in this weather!

To contrast my work and professional self I'd been feeling my fun self mixed with my love of charitable style and The Beatles - that's right the Stella McCartney's Comic Relief t-shirts are back and I LOVE them!

Casual Outfit:
I'm rocking on of my favourite bands ever on the charity t-shirts... I LOVE doing stuff for Charity, or at least doing my bit. Plus I got these T-shirts when they first did the Stella range years ago and the t-shirt is still good now four years later so for a tenner they're a bargain and going to a good cause. To top it off I couldn't resist getting a nose - or all three, I'm sporting Triceytops  in this photo (I will post many more!) To get any Click HERE...

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, No7 Essentially Natural Foundation,  Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer, Topshop Cheek Duo in Up In The Air By Louise Gray, Estée Lauder Chic To Cheek Tone Correcting Powder.
MUA Eye Primer, MUA Artister Collection, MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil (For the waterline)  L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim, Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara
MUA Brow Kit, Maybelline Master Shape Brow.
Balmi Coconut Lip Balm, SEVENTEEN Lip Liner, Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy. 

After writing all that it actually seems a lot to wear at once, but I value everything!  But I've especially fallen in love with the new Max Factor mascara - like every other woman I'm a fussy cow and always on the out look for the 'Holy Grail' of mascara's and currently, this one seems pretty good - definitely lives up to it's name with no clumps! I'm also loving the lippy and the brow kit - but I shall not speak much on them as I've got a whole review planned on them!

So what do you think of my outfit's that go from Sophisticated to Casual and my facey to match? 
Are you jumping on many fashion beauty bandwagons of 2013?
Tell me your thoughts...