Tuesday, 29 January 2013

That 90's Show: Nails + Look

I thought I'd do a quick OOTD and NOTD post as both of these aspects of my day were, unintentionally, a bit 90's themed!

I'll start with the outfit:

Today I had a meeting with our awesome director (Who I must name-drop and say is Debbie McAndrews - who if you don't know was on T.V for years on Corrie (As Angie) and many other things - Plus is a huge script-writing hero/idol/inspiration of mine) so I like to look presentable - so I make an effort. I gave my hair a quick one-two with the straightness - then didn't like the pristine of of curls, as I actually wanted a more rugged 90's look for he hair, and decided to brush it out to natural - Though I had to add the pic of me in my pj's and my hair done pristine as I would wear them for uni/work any day if it was socially acceptable, because they're damn comfy!

I wore my Topshop black pinafore and my Primark Boy-shirt which was unintentionally resembling an outfit from Clueless... I paired all of this with a pair of thick 90's-esk tights (to fight off the winter cold) and finished it off with a pair of 90's chunky heel ankle boots from Topshop - As they really are amazing for this stuff at the moment!

As for my nails:

Why these were 90's style was because I used the MUA Fur Effect Nails in "Fluffy Bobbin" which made it like a purple/blue velvety feel - which reminded me greatly of the 90's style velvet dresses (one which I actually realised I invested in years ago - so I can't wait for a post on it eeek) - I'm in LOVE with the furry nails and have managed to be the complete owner of all the different colours - yes, I'm a bit of a nail addict , if you couldn't already tell, so I'll also inform you I've managed to get my hands on more nail transfers to replace my used up ones, so I'm really excited to have nails with pictures of my own little dogs on...

So, I'm loving a bit of the 90's looks at the moment! Maybe I'm trying to re-live my childhood, or maybe I'm simply playing to what the fashion designers want - either way, as long as they modernise it a lil' bit I'm happy to replay a bit of Clueless fashion!

So, I can probably (definitely) promise you all that there will be more 90's style post's and hopefully loads more NOTD post's this week after having my nails done and manicured! I'm going to get my moneys worth of them, especially after the slight chemical burn I gave myself on one of my lil' fingers when a solvent I bought to remove nail varnish started to burn me when it reacted with my fleece snuggly! Ouch! So, more nails to come... eeek!

Are you all loving the 90's style at the moment? Or simply loving the nail styles of the times?
Tell me what you think of my look and of my furry nails?


  1. Ooh! Those nails are actually amazing! I must invest in these fur nails! Apparently the 90's are making a bit of a comeback! I myself may start sporting the side side pony :] Love this look anyway!

    Love Abbi xo


  2. your hair looks lovely, and wow your nails are gorgeous!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life


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